Haardter Duke Nils Liefländer and wine princess Amelie Kempter

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Nils Liefländer has been Duke of Haardter since 2021. The 19-year-old, who is due to complete his training as a surveyor this summer and then train as a paramedic, spends his free time with the voluntary fire brigade and likes to go to the gym. His task as Haardter Duke is to represent the wine village of Haardt together with Haardter wine princess Amelie Kempter. They go to the openings of wine festivals, are invited to wine tastings and public events. They also participate in many coronations of other winemakers. 18-year-old Amelie Kempter passed her Abitur exam this year and would like to study. In her spare time, she enjoys going to the gym and hanging out with friends.

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