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Adi Hütter? To forget. Filip Kostics strike? It does not mean anything. Did you miss the Champions League last year? A key moment. Eintracht Frankfurt is at peace with itself and fate after winning the title. Oliver Glasner becomes a philosopher.

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Night celebrations in Frankfurt: Unbridled cheers from Eintracht fans

Eintracht fans celebrate their team's victory in the Europa League in central Frankfurt

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Probably the most famous goal in the recent history of Eintracht Frankfurt was a long-term goal. In the 2018 Cup final, Mijat Gacinovic ran over 70 meters towards an empty FC Bayern goal and then into eternity. The seconds of that sprint felt like minutes, days or weeks. Do not stumble, do not hesitate, just keep going. Eventually, when Gacinovic pushed the ball over the line, all emotions broke out – and Eintracht won the trophy. Hesse escalated.

Almost four years later, Eintracht experienced such a moment again. For the triumph on Wednesday in the Europa League against Glasgow Rangers, this first European title in 42 years, was a triumph with a long start. The starting shot sounded almost exactly a year ago.

Glasner: The reason for the victory is failure

“Do you know what caused today’s title? Last year’s failure to qualify,” coach Oliver Glasner explained at the press conference after the 5-4 victory on penalty kick. “It would not have been possible today without it then.”

At that time, in the last phase of last season, Eintracht missed out on participating in the Premier League for the first time and tore themselves apart despite a promising position and after an underground final stage in the Bundesliga. The then coach Adi Hütter initially announced where he was in Frankfurt and then did the exact opposite. The then sports director Fredi Bobic fled to the supposed big city club Hertha BSC, leaving his successors with a lot of work and an unfinished squad. Eintracht briefly resembled chaos.

Goalkeeper Trapp: I talked a lot about karma

“I talked a lot about karma,” goalkeeper Kevin Trapp said at the moment with the greatest success in the club’s history. “Last year we were all very disappointed that we did not make it. A year later we come to the Champions League with an international title.” In May 2021 on earth, in May 2022 in seventh football heaven. Do not hesitate, do not quarrel, never give up. Eintracht has internalized exactly this mentality.

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Fischer: We give this trophy to our fans

Peter Fischer with the Europa League trophy

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“There are setbacks in life. But then it shows if you’re a big one,” said Coach Glasner, a part-time secret philosopher who sums up Eintracht’s recent years. There are teams that are disintegrating and acknowledging defeat. And there are teams coming back. Continue. “You can fail, but what matters is what you make of it,” Glasner said. “And our boys did the best they could.” Fate. It just has to be that way.

Kostic is the king of this team

In the flaming furnace of Seville closed not only a large circle for Eintracht on Wednesday night, but also several small ones at the same time. The parting with the bony extra Hütter, who according to his own statement “just changed colors” last summer, has been forgotten. His successor Glasner, who also came to seem a bit dry at first, has meanwhile completely arrived at the club and in town. That he came to the award ceremony with a diver on his stomach suits both him and Eintracht.

That Filip Kostic, who wanted to strike in Lazio Rome and on the slightly larger football scene in the summer, used the Europa League stage for several gala appearances and on Wednesday after the final whistle celebrated with the fans for several minutes alone. in front of the basket, also fits into the picture. Kostic is the king of this team, always on his way to a top team, but who could stay after all. “I do not think it was his last fight,” Glasner revealed. “We were just talking on the court.”

Bobic, Hütter and Silva are forgotten

Anger over Kostic: forgotten. Anger over Hütter: forgotten. The fact that Eintracht did not adequately absorb the departure of top striker André Silva this summer: forgotten. There is now Rafael Borré, who is not a center striker, but still scored against Barcelona, ​​West Ham and Glasgow Rangers. That Bobic is now in Hertha and fighting relegation: forgotten. That much would have collapsed in the event of a defeat: forgotten and irrelevant. “We can all be very happy with how things went,” Trapp said.

Eintracht settled all outstanding accounts in just one game and is now facing a bright future. In August, the Hessians can compete in the European Super Cup and compete with either Real Madrid or Liverpool FC. Then the premiere approaches in the premier class, the Champions League anthem will actually be played at Frankfurt Stadium. But it also took a long time.

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