Berlin is currently the hottest team, tearful farewell from Günther and Pleiss with Efes in the final

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Moving, tear-soaked goodbye to Per Günther with the 500th BBL in the 79:97 defeat against Ludwigsburg. Günther was a little annoyed by so many applause: “I thought it was unworthy of the crowd and the team this year. I’m glad we did not give up completely in the second half!” The MHP giants marched on to the semifinals with an even 3-0 in the quarter-final series. There awaits the German champions ALBA Berlin, who also won in Bamberg with 103: 70. Berlin’s Maodo Lo was surprised by his own strength and looks with respect at the first semi-final against Ludwigsburg, which is scheduled for May 27: “Ludwigsburg is always tough. I think we lost twice to them this season. It’s a tough semi-final. -Final. ” Bamberg’s Christian Sengfelder praised ALBA: “Berlin is currently the hottest team in Germany, maybe even in Europe. Now they have won 14 matches in a row.” For a German, the second EuroLeague victory on Saturday could come true: Tibor Pleiss won with Anadolu Efes Istanbul against Piraeus 77:74 at the last second. The final can be seen for free on MagentaSport on Saturday from 18.45.

Below are the main playoff votes in BBL Round 3 – if used, please name the source MagentaSport. The final of Europe’s basketball crown (from 18.45) and the match for third place (from 15.45) is available free of charge on Saturday at MagentaSport. Friday in BBL’s quarterfinal round 3, Hamburg play Bonn and Chemnitz play FC Bayern. Highlights from the BBL playoffs so far – see with:

ratiopharm Ulm – MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg 79:97 – Serie: 0: 3

Ludwigsburg marches into the playoff semifinals and the reigning champions from Berlin await. For Ulmer, the end also means saying goodbye to Per Günther, who ends his career with his 500th BBL game. The fans and teams also said goodbye to Ademola Okulaja and honored him with a minute of silence before the match. Sportingly, the Ludwigsburg team did not allow extra time this time. The performance of John Patrick’s team was too dominant when they went into the break with a lead of 23 points (35:58), and even after that they can afford to be a little on guard for Per Günther

John Patrick, coach Ludwigsburg: “I’m very proud. We wanted to end the series today so we could take a break. It was an honor to train against Per.”

“Too bad we lost”

Per Günther, in his last match for Ulm, with tears in his eyes after the match about his feelings: “I thought I would get through well, but it hit me once or twice. I had planned that if I cried, so would my eyes come through well. are watery but my corners do not tremble so much. I do not know if I managed to do it … I thought it was a shame that we lost. I thought it was the audience and the team this year unworthy. I’m glad we did not go all the way down in the second half, even though we never made a serious run. “

About his future, as he also leaves Ulm privately: “I will definitely come by. I thought, the closer to saying goodbye from Ulm, the sadder it will be. But it’s actually a little different. I like to leave. I hope to preserve some of the emotions that have built up over the years … I can not wait to show my kids everything and they make fun of dad peeing in his eyes and some crazy people wearing his shirt.

Per Günther, in his 500th BBL match for Ulm, before the match: “After we lost the 2nd match against Ludwigsburg, I got a lot of messages about whether there could still be tickets. I had the feeling that Faith in my immediate personal environment was not so big.Today the first game is do-or-die and the possibility that it will be my last.There will be a lot happening for me personally today.I hope I can have fun during match, I have the feeling that I can use the few minutes I play properly. “

Link: Per Günther – A Career:

“We wanted to give him a better goodbye!”

Jaka Lakovic, coach Ulm: “We did not start properly. We gave Ludwigsburg many open shots. They also took advantage of them. Then they get their confidence. From that moment on, it was very difficult for us to come back mentally and physically. We have tried everything “and the boys fought. But today it was not possible. Ludwigsburg was the better team. It is the end of the season today, but we are back next year.”

This is how Ulm will be without Per Günther: “We will miss a leader. A leader in the locker room and on the pitch. A guy who could talk to the team, who gathered the team and gave everything. We wanted him a better one Goodbye. We wish him all the best for the future. “

Brose Bamberg – ALBA Berlin 70: 103 – Serie: 0: 3

ALBA is in the semifinals and does not give Bamberg a chance in game 3. Even without Luke Sikma and Johannes Thiemann, the albatrosses show their quality. At half time, the Berliners are already in the lead with 25 points. Bamberg, who said goodbye to their former player Ademola Okulaja with a minute of silence before the match, is going on summer vacation after an unresolved season.

Oren Amiel, coach Bamberg: “Berlin is great. It’s not just their quality, it’s the way they play. I do not really want to talk about this game or the series. First I want to say that I have a great staff behind me. “Before I say anything else, I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. It’s important that we build something here … It was an honor and a pleasure to coach the team … I’m very happy for the upcoming season.”

Christian Sengfelder, 10 points Bamberg: “I think Berlin is currently the hottest team in Germany, maybe even in Europe. They have now won 14 games in a row. They are very strong and any mistake is punished. We tried to increase the level of intensity match, which went better in the 2nd match, but today it was not good. The disappointment is quite big. “

Maodo Lo, 15 points ALBA: “Today we had a lot of rhythm, it clicked extremely well offensively. We were also strong defensively. It was unforeseen that we would deliver such a match here in Bamberg. It is very difficult to play here, Although Bamberg had difficulties in the game, the fans were there and supported them. “

About the upcoming opponents Ludwigsburg: “Ludwigsburg are always tough. I think we have lost to them twice this season. It’s a tough semi-final.”

Israel Gonzalez, coach Berlin: “We played very well. Very good on defense and excellent on offense. I’m very happy.”

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