Alba Berlin wants to end the series in Bamberg: with many question marks in “hostile territory” – sports

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Julian Graeber

After two clear victories in Berlin, Alba has a match point to advance to the semifinals in Bamberg on Thursday. But the personal situation is difficult.

Things can change quickly in basketball, and it’s not just about gameplay. One week ago, Alba Berlin’s coach Israel Gonzalez was a little annoyed that there was a three-day break between game two and three in the quarter-final series against Bamberg. His team is used to playing at a short pace and can handle it better than many of its competitors, the Spaniard said. Well, before the third match in Best of fiveseries Thursday (19.00, Magentasport and Sport1) in Bamberg, Gonzalez would like to have a few more days off. “We are going to Bamberg as healthy as possible, but there are really a lot of question marks,” the Berlin coach said.

Alba clearly won the two home games against the former league champions and leads 2-0. But in the last duel on Sunday, the Berliners had to cope with a few problems. With Marcus Eriksson, Ben Lammers and Luke Sikma, three players were missing due to health reasons. Tim Schneider was back in the squad for the first time after his meniscus surgery, but has yet to play.

The Swedish triangular specialist Eriksson has been missing for three and a half months, but is intensifying his training more and more. At Marcus’s we see lights at the end of the tunnel, Gonzalez said, whether that will be enough to make a comeback this season, but is still uncertain. It looks much better with Lammers. The center missed the first two matches against Bamberg due to a minor muscle injury and was given a ten-day break by the doctors. It’s getting closesaid Gonzalez about the chances of action Thursday.

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Sikma and Louis Olinde, on the other hand, got an infection. While Olinde could still play on Sunday, the captain was absent and still did not feel so well on Tuesday. Johannes Thiemann did not train fully with the team either. The knee squeezes a little, said the international. A total of six out of 14 professionals have either been injured, abused or just recovered. There are better starting positions before a playoff game.

Alba nonetheless takes to the Franks with a lot of confidence. The Berliners have won the last 13 matches, and if they keep the series on Thursday, the jump to the semi-finals would be perfect. This would save the team a longer stay in Bamberg until match four on Sunday.

However, Gonzalez does not really like to decide the series quickly. WWe must not put ourselves under too much pressure, “demands the coach. “Whether we win 3-0, 3-1 or 3-2 What matters is that we get through. ” Especially since it is very possible that his team will have to wait a long time for the next opponent after a quick series of quarterfinals. For between Ulm and Ludwigsburg the roles are not as clearly distributed as between Alba and Bamberg. “When If you then have maybe ten days off, you never know if it can actually be bad for the team.

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The two previous matches against Bamberg were very different, although the outcome was the same. In the first duel, offensive Bamberg Alba ran into open knives, on Sunday they defended much more intensely and sometimes very hard. Coach Gonzalez and his player Oscar da Silva do not expect anything to change in this aggressive streak. They will do their best not to be knocked out of the playoffs with a score of 3-0said the center.

In front of an opposite audience, the task certainly does not get any easier. When playing in Bamberg, it may happen that the referees allow more toughnesssaid Silva. This is enemy territory and it can quickly run against you.

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