With MANDU against muscle atrophy

LINZ. From the age of 30, each person loses one percent of muscle mass per year, with 60 years and older, statistically speaking, it is even two percent according to international studies on “sarcopenia” (muscle wasting). It can be counteracted with muscle training and personal coaching from MANDU, reveals MANDU’s CEO Christian Mayrleb.

Mr. Mayrleb, why is MANDU EMS training a preventative health option against muscle atrophy?

Christian Mayrleb: This works because of the EMS technology used. EMS is the abbreviation for “electrical muscle stimulation”, is widely used in sports medicine and is one of the most effective training programs worldwide. According to the motto “maximum effect, minimum time consumption” MANDU customers only train their muscles once a week for 15 minutes. The current does not stimulate the body superficially, but in depth and is therefore suitable for anyone who wants to become healthier and more vital. And with the InBody scale with high precision, we can measure the progress of muscle building with each workout and know where to start with the workout.

The demographic development and modern medicine means that people are getting older and therefore retiring longer. Are the muscles prepared for it?

Mayrleb: No, without continuous training, the muscles are broken down, as I experienced after my active football career. The consequences for older people are often a hunchbacked back or a walking stick because the muscles no longer support the body. From the age of 30, each person loses one percent of muscle mass per year, statistically it is at 60 years and older even two percent. It says international studies on “sarcopenia”, also known as muscle atrophy. In short, a 70-year-old can lose up to 50 percent of their total muscle mass. Our muscle training with miha bodytec II medical equipment is the perfect solution to counteract muscle atrophy.

What is the difference from the traditional gym?

Mayrleb: EMS training is 6 to 18 times more effective than muscle training in the gym because our training specifically targets the deep muscles and the whole body. Unlike conventional fitness studios, no weights are lifted, but instead trained with your own weight and it is therefore particularly easy for joints and back. MANDU means personal coaching at the highest level, the customer is not left in the lurch with his exercises, but the coach guides, shows and corrects any.

What are the characteristics of a MANDU Personal and Premium Coach?

Mayrleb: Our coaches are extraordinarily motivated and committed employees who perform personal coaching, provide intensive support to our members, advise on our offerings and also provide assistance in nutrition issues. In addition, together with the e-learning platform Wirtschaftsimpulse, we have implemented both digital and on-site training in the store to ensure that our coaches also receive special training and can always work at the forefront. Our motto is “Do what you enjoy”, ie fitness, work with people, customer contact, modern, innovative training and you get paid for it – is there anything nicer?

The store in the old town (Linz Mitte) is the MANDU flagship store. What sets this apart?

Mayrleb: For all fans of the historic district in the old town, MANDU is the only fitness center that has become an integral part of the cityscape. The client trains in the heart of Linz, in a district that has been booming for years. I enjoy working in an almost village-like atmosphere with a varied range of activities, from fitness to gastronomy, everything is available here. Based in Linz, more than 50 locations have now been opened, and from the old town it has also been possible to take the plunge across the dam to the USA.

MANDU is looking for personal trainers

Anyone who is communicative and looking for a new challenge, is really fit and has a lot of energy, loves sports and fitness, should do what he enjoys and become a MANDU Personal Coach. More information at www.machwasdirspassmacht.at

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