U23 coach Heiko Vogel is gone, Eugen Polanski takes over

successor is determined
Borussia differs from U23 coach Vogel

Borussia Mönchengladbach’s U23s will also get a new head coach. As the club has now confirmed, the collaboration with Heiko Vogel will not continue. In the hunt for a replacement, the club is dependent on an internal solution.

The U23s from Borussia Mönchengladbach just avoided the horror scenario last weekend. 0-0 against Fortuna Düsseldorf’s U23s on the last day was enough to ensure that they stayed up after coach Heiko Vogel’s team had not scored the necessary points in the previous weeks to escape the relegation match early in the Regionalliga West.

Borussia Mönchengladbach have now drawn the consequences of a season of 19 defeats in 38 games and released coach Vogel a year before his contract expired. That was confirmed by the club on Wednesday after we exclusively reported on it.

“Unfortunately, we were not able to live up to our own expectations last season, so the course was certainly not satisfactory for any of us. During the talks, it also became clear that Heiko Vogel and the club had different views on the direction of the U23s, says Borussia’s youth director Mirko Sandmöller in a statement from the club. “So we both came to the unanimous decision that it’s best to go our separate ways.”

Vogel arrived in the summer of 2020 after completing his coaching commitment at KFC Uerdingen in 2019. Since then, he has coached Borussia in 78 competitive matches, but only scored 1.26 points on average. After Vogel and his team finished the 2020/21 season in eleventh place, the decline followed in uncertain table regions this year.

It was a complicated season for Vogel and his team, where they lost seven in a row. The team lacked one top scorer in particular, Steffen Meuer scored the most goals with nine goals, followed by Torben Müsel with eight, but Vogel was no longer available in the second half of the season due to his loan to KAS Eupen. In general, the professional reinforcements that Vogel could fall back on last season were rare.

This winter, Joshua Holtby was signed as a leader who was good for Borussia’s U23s right away, but there are not enough of them on the team overall. In the middle of the relegation battle, Borussia also had to deal with the tragic death of their teammate Jordi Bongard in a car accident in February. “It was a complex and exhausting season with a lot of unmanageable things,” Vogel said.

It is already clear who will succeed him: Eugen Polanski, who took over the U17s last autumn and had just been promoted to U19 coach for the coming season, will be in charge of the U23s with immediate effect. Polanski has in a short time risen from coach for the transition between youth and professional level to U23 head coach. A step that is not particularly surprising, as sports director Roland Virkus likes Polanski a lot.

“He is obsessed in a good way and totally ambitious. He wants to achieve something. He is a great coaching talent, a driver. He is close to the boys and has even worked under the best coaches: Thomas Tuchel, Julian Nagelsmann, Marco Rose and Adi Hütter. It will not get better than that, “Virkus said in an interview with our editorial staff in December 2021.

Polanski himself recently made no secret of the fact that he strives to get to the top as quickly as possible. “I’m a very impatient person, I know that. Three years ago I would probably have said I wanted to see what happens. Coaching is now exactly what I want,” Polanski said. in March, but also added: “I know I still have a lot to learn.” The 36-year-old now gets the platform for it in the regional. league.

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