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The skylines would like to play in a hall at Kaiserlei. turkali arkitekter © Turkali Architects

Gunnar Wöbke sees a policy to prevent imperialism in the leadership of the Frankfurt SPD. Planning Manager Mike Josef is preparing a referee proposal for the stadium location. In Hattersheim, there are, among other things, concerns about the traffic development for the project “The Dome”.

Gunnar Wöbke held back for years. Managing partner for basketball The Bundesliga club Frankfurt Skyliners has expressed his dissatisfaction because there has been no progress with a multifunctional hall in the city for years, but he has never blamed individuals. In an interview with “FAZ”, Wöbke has now attacked the SPD’s parliamentary group leadership, namely Ursula Busch and Holger Tschierschke. “Unfortunately, the SPD’s parliamentary group has this policy of preventing Kaiserlei. We have the impression that the ‘Kaiserlei’ option is blocked solely by the SPD’s parliamentary group leadership,” Wöbke said.

In addition, the offer to build an arena at the Kaiserlei was boycotted. By that he meant the SPD’s veto in February 2021 against the transfer of the area to the Kaiserlei Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft mbh von Wöbke. This would have made it possible to perform the necessary tests, such as an environmental report that. The then coalition partners Green and CDU were in favor.

Ursula Busch declined to comment on Wöbke’s statements. “The skylines are also in a difficult situation,” said the SPD’s parliamentary group leader in Römer. The basketball players have been relegated, but can hope for a wild card, for which they would have to pay 700,000 euros if they got it from the Basketball Bundesliga (BBL). “I would not put every word on the gold scale,” said Busch, who has previously spoken out in favor of the “The Dome” project at the airport.

Now that the airport has been dealt with, they apparently want to realize their project between Sindlingen and Hattersheim. A hall for 23,000 people, one for 4,500 people and a hotel. However, a construction area in the Hattersheim district is not planned for such a project in the regional land use plan, nor is it clarified how the traffic is to be developed. “There would be no direct access from the highway to the planned location,” the Hattersheim SPD sees as a problem. Apart from a request, there were no concrete discussions with the city, as Mayor Klaus Schindling (CDU) reported.

Appeal to the coalition

Julia Frank, president of Frankfurt Greens, considers the idea of ​​a hall in Hattersheim absurd. Even the ball sports hall in Unterliederbach is too far out. “The large halls that have been built in Germany in recent years are built centrally in the cities,” says Frank. Therefore, the Greens also prefer Kaiserlei, but also think that the stadium is a good location. “We are currently discussing this in our specialist groups and will then need to discuss with the head of the planning department what points need to be checked,” she said. Among other things, the afforestation of the Isenburger Schneise sees the Greens and the SPD as issues that need to be clarified.

Planning Manager Mike Josef (SPD) is in the process of presenting a referee proposal for the stadium location, which should be ready in a few weeks. Then the Roman coalition of SPD, Greens, FDP and Volt is in demand. “We will fully support the efforts to build the arena at the stadium, we only ask that the necessary structural studies at Kaiserlei finally be started as Plan B and that the promised installation decision be implemented,” said Gunnar Wöbke. These studies are in any case necessary for any kind of use on the Kaiserlei, “because we can not afford to lose several years if the stadium for some reason does not work anyway”.

However, it is doubtful whether the coalition will support this. Holger Tschierschke told the “Allgemeine Zeitung Mainz”: “Assuming all questions have to be clarified in Hattersheim, and an exact date for the pioneer to actually be put there at some point, the half-project in Frankfurt is practically dead.” Deputy of the SPD faction. only from the statements of his own party in Hattersheim know that one is far from it. And the fact that Frankfurt’s local politicians make such statements when their own head of the planning department has shown a more than promising alternative is strange and should raise a few issues in their own party and coalition. Gunnar Wöbke’s impression is obviously not entirely wrong.

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