Schmiedeberg: Only one goalkeeper is missing

Schmiedeberg: Only one goalkeeper is missing

After Corona, SG Stahl Schmiedeberg has more football members than before – and a women’s football team that now also participates in points games.

The new B-youth by SG Stahl Schmiedeberg during training: 16 football-enthusiastic girls are gathered.
© Karl-Ludwig Oberthür

Dana Seng does not have to make long calculations: she came to football 16 years ago. The starting pistol was fired at the Schmiedeberger Sports Days. “I placed a penalty kick in the goal with my one-year-old in my arms,” ​​she says.

Now she is one of the good souls in SG Stahl Schmiedeberg’s B-Jugend – the women’s football team for 15 and 16-year-olds, which Henry Gocht trains twice a week. Together with longtime teammate Antje Büchner, she prepared a day of girls’ soccer at Gießerei Sportpark Schmiedeberg in the Corona years 2020 and 2021. “The two took care of it all, sought support from DFB and made the day known in the schools,” says Lutz Jokisch, leader of the football department at SG Stahl Schmiedeberg.

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Girls’ soccer days were a resounding success

With resounding success: “Women’s football has actually been here for as long as I can remember,” says Dana Seng. “But it used to be a mixed team that played more like a popular sport.” In the time of Corona lockdowns, where on the one hand the domestic stress of the players increased and on the other hand often it was not possible to train, there were only two players left from the old team.

But the two days of girls’ soccer were a complete success: “I had seen the ad at my school,” says Rebecca, who is in an 8th grade class. After the trial training, the desire for football just came. Pauline, on the other hand, has been playing since she was six: “First in Hartmannsdorf, but then I didn’t feel like the boys anymore.”

The playing season begins in September

Up to the B-Juniors, who are between 15 and 16 years old, girls and boys can play together on teams according to DFB’s guidelines. “I would still need a team for all women soon,” said 15-year-old Pauline.

They are now available again at SG Stahl Schmiedeberg. They have been able to train regularly in the new 16-girl line-up since around the beginning of the year, says coach Henry Gocht. From September, there will even be league matches – for the first time in the club’s history in women’s football.

Until then, the girls need a goalkeeper. Bianca is still there, but she no longer fits into the B-Junior age: “I came here as the mother of one of the girls,” she says with a laugh – a little later she is completely breathless from holding the girls’ training balls. “It would be great if we got someone else there,” says Dana Seng.

Membership fee much cheaper than in the gym

About 80 children and young people coach in the football department of SG Stahl Schmiedeberg, “starting at the age of six,” says Jockisch. Theoretically, they can stay in the club until retirement age – the “old” ones are training right now in parallel with the girls on the other playground.

“First and foremost, it’s about having fun, getting moving and sometimes having a beer together,” says Lutz Jockisch. Creating a good offer for leisure sports he finds at least as important as climbing the table. The fees for the club – between 40 euros a year for juniors and 80 euros for active players – are significantly cheaper than in the gym.

Kreissportbund lists many new football players

The 156 members before Corona in the Schmiedeberg football section have now become 178. This means that the club is in line with the trend: the district sports association for Saxon Switzerland and the eastern Ore Mountains has registered a marked increase in football “after the decline in 2020 with 466 new – primarily younger – members, “writes sports. association spokesman Stephan Klingbeil.

Overall, the number of members of the East Saxon sports clubs fell from 43,167 to 41,023 members during the Corona period in 2020 and 2021. The majority of 1,045 exits are in rehabilitation sports – perhaps not so strange given corona restrictions. On the other hand, there are other trend sports besides football. In its current online statistics, the District Sports Association counts 97 new members in indoor cycling, 63 in athletics and 58 in table tennis.

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