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In the Europa League final, Eintracht Frankfurt is not just about the title. A triumph would also mean entry into the Champions League. The result: fresh money, reputation – and maybe one or the other will be a player.

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The historic finale of the Eintracht

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Eight corners, a marble base, 15 kg silver – the venerable Uefa Cup, designed by Swiss artist Alex Diggelmann in 1972, is beautiful. However, its material value can only be estimated. 15 kilos of silver currently costs almost 12,000 euros, that much can be said. But of course it is not about the material value if Eintracht Frankfurt were to stretch the cup into Sevilla’s night sky on Wednesday night. It’s about the ideal.

But the silver cup would also be worth gold financially. And it already is. Uefa rewards participation in the group stage with 3.63 million euros. A win in the group stage is worth 630,000 euros, a draw 210,000 euros. As group winners, Eintracht also raised 1.1 million euros plus 1.2 million euros to reach the round of 16. Earns 8.45 million euros for the group stage, without income from the three home matches.

22 to 25 million euros gross turnover

Eintracht received 1.8 million euros to reach the quarter-finals, 2.8 million euros to reach the semi-finals and 4.6 million euros to reach the final. Earns an additional 9.2 million euros, again without income from home matches. There is also revenue from the market pool. Kicker quotes Eintracht board member Axel Hellmann as saying that Eintracht has already generated gross sales of 22 to 25 million euros.

If the title is added, there is an additional four million euros in prize money, as well as an entry bonus of 3.5 million euros for the game of the European Super Cup against the winner of the Champions Legaue. But that’s not the end of it. The ticket to the Champions League associated with the final victory would be worth 15.64 million euros in starting bonus, for a victory in the group stage there would be 2.8 million euros, for a draw 930,000 euros. In addition, there would be revenue from the market pool and three home games that are sure to be sold out. And any other bonuses if you make progress. A victory in the Europa League would give Eintracht an additional almost 30 million euros.

A perspective for the stars

It’s still a long way off, but it shows: The Silver Cup may be a golden ticket for Eintracht into a rosy future. Aside from the increased reputation, players like Filip Kostic, Evan N’dicka, Djibril Sow or Daichi Kamada would be easier to keep up with the perspective of the best class. There would also be a little change for interesting newcomers. Without a trophy, it is also clear that the Hessians lacked both, although Eintracht certainly earned a lot in the Europa League season 2021/22.

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Live Wednesday (21.00): Eintracht vs Glasgow in the Europa League final

Collage: The coats of arms of Eintracht Frankfurt and Glasgow Rangers, Filip Kostic on the ball and the letters

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And then Wednesday night it’s about 15 kilos of silver, but much more. Although with all the money at stake, the ideal value is of course still the greatest, Eintracht Frankfurt should stretch the cup into the night sky in Seville on Wednesday night.

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Eintracht’s road to the final: Whether by bus or train

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