Cost traps in everyday life – for these habits you pay 800 euros a year

A cup of coffee on the go, lunch in the canteen or an unused gym contract is often associated with small amounts. In reality, however, consumers can save a thick bundle of gel if they do without it and switch to cheaper alternatives.

Coffee in a thermo mug instead of coffee on the go

Depending on the location, coffee-to-go costs between two and five euros. Anyone who indulges in coffee three times a week on the way to work pays between 40 and 75 euros a month. In one year, coffee on the go costs between 312 euros and 780 euros.

Calculated over five years, the additional cost of coffee-to-go is 3,600 euros. If you had invested the monthly 60 euros for coffee-to-go in a financial investment, you would have proudly saved 3,884 euros within five years with a return of three percent.

  • Alternative to coffee-to-go: TBuy a thermo mug, make your dream coffee at home and take it to work.

Sandwich from the baker or sandwich from home?

If you treat yourself to a sandwich from the baker every day in addition to your coffee, you pay around three euros a day. With a five-day week, it’s 60 euros a month. Calculated over the year, the additional costs amount to 720 euros.

A sandwich from home will cost you significantly less. An average of 40 cents a day. The savings are therefore 52 euros a month or 624 euros a year!

Prepare larger portions and save the canteen

If the employees in the canteen go to lunch every day, they must expect expenses of up to five euros per day. Calculated per. month, this entails expenses of 100 euros. In one year the additional costs are 1,200 euros and after five years 6,000 euros.

If you had invested the 100 euros a month in an investment with a four percent return, you would have a credit balance of 11,297 euros after eight years.

  • Alternative to the canteen: Bring breakfast from home. Simply prepare larger portions, pack the food in plastic boxes or bags and take it to work.

The gym is only worth it if you actually use it

If you only get to the gym twice a month, you should think twice if a membership is worth it at all. With a monthly tuition fee of 35 euros, you have paid 420 euros after one year.

If you now invest 35 euros a month in a financial investment, after two years you have saved around 885 euros and a return of five percent.

  • Alternative to gym: Running, cycling, outdoor sports or fitness exercises via the app or at home. Appropriate offers

Cancel unnecessary subscriptions and memberships

Consumers should check existing memberships and subscriptions, prioritize them and note the notice periods. This helps to terminate unnecessary subscription contracts in good time.

Such subscriptions to magazines, streaming services, language courses or apps are often particularly cheap or even free in the first few months, but over time, multiple subscriptions or memberships can result in high costs.

If you have three subscriptions, each costing you 17 euros a month, you pay over 3,000 euros in five years!

Find a cheap mobile subscription

Mobile phone tariffs have become cheaper compared to the previous year. This is the result of an evaluation by the Federal Statistical Office.

Consumers should therefore always look for a cheaper tariff every year. Alternatively, you can also terminate the old contract well in advance of the end of the contract period. As a starting point, the provider then comes to you with a cheaper offer.

With a change of provider and a tariff that is 15 euros cheaper, the annual saving is 180 euros.

A couple can save twice as much!

The couple pays for a fixed rate on the entire network (internet with ten gigabytes, fixed telephone rate for all networks and fixed SMS rate) in a 12-month contract

  • at the most expensive rate every 36.04 euros per month – a total of 72.08 euros
  • at the cheapest rate 17.30 euros per month – a total of 34.60 euros.

The monthly savings for the couple is 24.60 euros. Calculated throughout the year, it is 295.20 euros less.

Terminate unnecessary insurance!

Policies that only cover minor damages are often redundant. Mobile phone, glasses or luggage insurance are superfluous money guzzlers.

With annual insurance costs of 200 euros, you have thrown 1,000 euros out the window in five years. If you invest 85 euros a month, you can save almost 5,650 euros at the same time with a return of four percent.

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