Compensation for terminated gas and electricity contract

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Since December 2021, many cheap electricity and gas providers have terminated their contracts. The reason was too much price pressure in the energy market. Energy prices have risen enormously and some of the low-cost providers no longer want to meet their contractual obligations. In the opinion of the consumer lawyers, however, the dismissals were incorrect and at the expense of the consumers. Therefore, the Consumer Advice Center in Hesse called for participation in the declaratory model action.

As the person in question, you can of course go to court with your own lawyer or agree with the Consumer Advice’s complaint. But in the end, you do not know if you will win and when that point will be. Sometimes you wait for years for the compensation that may be awarded to you in the process. And you may urgently need the money in the current crisis. Because even though you save up in everyday life, many of you have more than struggling with the rising gas and food prices.

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RightNow will compensate immediately

The solution is called RightNow. The provider would like to help and take a joint effort against Stromio, Grünwelt Energie, and Co. However, the company does not wait to pay compensation until the class action has been upheld in court. RightNow goes ahead and buys your right to compensation, giving you instant compensation for higher energy prices.

How does it work?

First of all, do you need to answer the most important questions about your termination? Among other things, you will be asked which low-cost provider has terminated you. Additionally, you need to gather some paperwork and send it to RightNow.

The company will then check your claim based on the submitted documents. Within eight to ten weeks, you will be informed of the compensation that RightNow can offer you. You will be sent a non-binding offer to buy your claim.

You then decide if you want to accept the offer. If you do this, you will receive a transfer declaration by post, which you must sign and return. Upon receipt of the transfer declaration, the compensation will be paid to you within two to four weeks. You then have nothing to do with law enforcement against the electricity or gas supplier.

You will receive the money in about 15 weeks. And that regardless of whether RightNow is ultimately upheld in the class action lawsuit in court. Even if you lose, you keep the money.

How much does RightNow’s service cost?

The company’s service is free for you. You do not invest anything here than time to gather the documents. Now you might be wondering how it pays for RightNow? It’s pretty easy. The company is trying to get more out of the court than it paid you. But no matter how the process ends – even if it’s a lower payment if the low cost providers can not pay or RightNow loses the process – then you take no risks yourself.

Which electricity and gas providers does RightNow help with?

The first to be considered are the providers of electricity and gas, which since December 2021 have terminated their customers’ contracts prematurely. The most prominent examples are Stromio GmbH, Grünwelt Energie and

By filling out the form on the RightNow website, you can immediately see if you may be eligible for compensation.

What information should you provide?

In order for the legal technology company to calculate your claim correctly, you must send the following documents to the company:

  • Letter of termination from your previous provider
  • Delivery confirmation from your previous provider from the conclusion of the contract
  • if available: annual statement from the year 2021 including the new price conditions
  • if available: new price terms with the substitute supplier or in the new electricity or gas contract

How much is the compensation?

We can not say that specifically at this time. The reason: The compensation payment depends on several factors. Your right is basically calculated based on the difference between your previous contractual relationship and your new energy prices. In addition, the remaining term of the previous contract, your location and the annual consumption are included in the calculation.

Do not panic if you have switched from a basic supplier to a cheaper supplier after the low-cost provider has terminated your contract. If there is also a difference between the old and the new provider, you may also be entitled to compensation.

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