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Bad Zwischenahn – Interview with Benjamin Dau, CEO of Mayer & Dau Immobilien GmbH and Sophie Engelskircher, Office Manager of the Berlin office

Part I – Interview with Sophie Engelskircher

Mrs Engelskircher, to what extent can you compare your daily work with that of your colleagues from the Netflix series “Selling Sunset”, and what are the differences?

Sophie Engelskircher: It starts with the property. Although Berlin is well located in the luxury segment, high-end 8-bedroom waterfront pool villas, their own cinema and gym do not come to my table quite often. In addition, everyday work is much more bureaucratic than it is portrayed in the series. Well, and even though I’m very careful about my appearance and only leave the house in well-coordinated business outfits in the morning, the ladies’ LA-selling Sunset Look would definitely be a bit on the high side for the German real estate agent. market. Here is seriousness with big if you want to be taken seriously. And last but not least, with Mayer & Dau we happily save ourselves from the “bitch terror” and the intrigues, which of course make up the bulk of the entertainment factor in the series.

You also have contact with premium customers, such as business people or celebrities. How do you feel about dealing with you, are they “more strenuous” than the so-called “Otto-Normal” customers?

Sophie Engelskircher: For me, of course, all my customers are premium customers!

But if you specifically mean public figures, then I can only say that there are such and such. Some are very down to earth and also much more relaxed than you think and only a few are secluded and let the starry sky flash. Some place great emphasis on discretion or are even a little shy in appearance and appear very different in normal life than in the limelight.

At “Selling Sunset” you learn that real estate agents in LA carry out an incredible number of business deals in the evenings or on the weekends. What about you? Besides seeing customers, where and when do you most often meet your customers?

Sophie Engelskircher: Business agreements and active networking are super important to me as a broker! I prefer to plan lunch appointments and take advantage of the culinary variety that Kurfürstendamm has to offer. Of course, I also like to invite customers directly to our smart office at Ku’damm. I like to dedicate the evening hours to my spouse. Since he is an entrepreneur himself, we often go to sporting events, restaurant openings or other interesting events together.

II. Del – Interview Benjamin Dau

In the “Selling Sunset” series, it becomes clear that Jason Oppenheim, CEO of Oppenheim Group, is primarily responsible for marketing, branding and expanding the company. What does it look like for you as CEO of Mayer & Dau Immobilien GmbH?

B. Dau: Also in my company, my employees are the main players in the contact with our customers. However, thanks to sophisticated reporting, I get ongoing feedback from my employees, so I can also be as close to the customer as possible and at the same time coordinate my marketing strategies perfectly to reach out and satisfy the customers. Also, I mainly deal with the expansion of the company and process optimization in order to successfully bring additional locations to the market and to further develop the company in general. In this respect, my day – to – day business can be compared to that of Mr Oppenheim.

Are there other comparable characteristics between Oppenheim Group and your company?

B. Dau: We also place great emphasis on the high quality presentation of all properties offered to us for marketing. So I expanded our team two years ago with my own editor and just over a year ago with my own photographer / videographer. In this regard, we would like to set industry standards as well as offer our clients, for whom buying a property is probably the biggest investment of their lives, a high-end presentation, even before they actually see it. These extra miles that we go and ensure by engaging these specialists in their field set us apart. At the same time, this high-quality presentation is the crucial criterion for many to buy their property through Mayer & Dau Immobilien.

In the series, there are regular so-called “open house” tours, which are almost reminiscent of a party. Do you also have such exclusive viewing events?

B. Dau: As a premium broker and real estate advertising agency, as we see it, such “events” are of course also on our agenda. Perfectly organized, suitable properties are advertised in advance across all channels in advance. To perfectly present the properties that are already or are not yet inhabited, they are professionally “staged” in advance, we set up displays and deliver high quality brochures, arrange finger food and cool drinks. A relaxed, comfortable “event atmosphere” with exciting views is also pre-programmed with us. You may then feel like you’re on “Selling Sunset” for a day …

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