Basketball Bundesliga: BG Göttingen trembles for the use of captain Akeem Vargas

The next heavy part from the top four of the BBL table is on Sunday for BG Göttingen on the basketball Bundesliga schedule: The Violets travel to Bonn, where Telekom Baskets, their surprise team for the season and leaders of the table, host. Tipoff of the game is at. 15.00


BG head coach Roel Moors does not relax in any way before the away game, and it has less to do with the home victory of 90-81 in the first game, as the teams have developed and changed since then. The reasons lie in our experiences throughout the season: “We had a chance to win 80 percent of the matches,” says the Belgian. “I am convinced that if we reach our level, a victory is also possible in Bonn.”

Success was also possible against the German champions and current number two in the table, Alba Berlin, but towards the end of the match the albatrosses began to overtake and so the victory did not let go. “Against Alba, the score was 86:86 with 3:30 minutes left. In the final minutes we scored no more, but we had good shots. At least the game was good for confidence, ”says Moors.

Moors: “Incredibly high level in first half”

The Veilchen head coach believes that his team is on the right track, and this is due to the performance in recent matches: “The match against Frankfurt was still difficult, but we already played very well against Hamburg. We had ups and downs against Bamberg, and we played at an incredibly high level against Alba in the first half. ”

Newcomer Jeremiah Martin, who is a good replacement for Kamar Baldwin, was instrumental in this. “He’s a lot better than I expected,” Moors says. “He is doing incredibly well and you can not see that he has only been here a few weeks. It speaks for him, but it also speaks for the team, which selflessly accepts him as leader, which is not to be taken for granted. . ”

A handicap for the violins is the injury to captain Akeem Vargas, who twisted his ankle in training and probably can not play in Bonn. “We’ll have to wait and see, but I think it’s going to be very difficult,” Moors said. A decision can be made on Saturday or even Sunday.

Jake Toolson, who is still suffering from his concussion from the Braunschweig match, has still not trained. “We have an incredible amount of rotation in the team and we have to see how we handle it,” Moors emphasizes, but at the same time emphasizes that other teams feel the same way.

Bonn can also sing a song about injury problems, but has won the last nine matches. “They have great individual quality and are difficult to assess,” says Moors, citing the guards as an example. With Javontae Hawkins re-enrolled this winter, an “extra to the game” was signed in the post-up and in the three-man position.

Moors credits Bonn or Ludwigsburg with the title

“It is not impossible that there will be a surprise this season and that Bonn or Ludwigsburg, for example, will become champions,” says Moors about the title race and Telekom Baskets’ chances. His reasoning: “Alba wins, but is not as convincing as last year. A lot depends on Eriksson coming back. Munich have incredibly tough matches internationally, which can affect the play-offs. These are not the best circumstances for FC Bayern.”

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