Ansgar Knauff’s crazy six months are culminating in Sevilla

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  • The storm of Frankfurt Eintracht through the Europa League is closely associated with the name Ansgar Knauff.
  • In the first half of the season, the 20-year-old tried in vain to get more playing time at Borussia Dortmund.
  • BVB let Knauff go – and since then he has successfully taken on the great caliber of football. Also because he listens to his counselor.

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Anyone who sees Ansgar Knauff play in the Frankfurt Eintracht jersey will not think that the 20-year-old has only played for Hessen since January 2022. And given how Knauff plays – especially in the Europa League – the astonishment becomes a matter of Borussia Dortmund: Why does BVB have no need for such a talented player?

The loan contract that Dortmund and Frankfurt signed due to Knauff is valid until the end of the 2022/23 season. And if Knauff continues to be as successful at Eintracht as he is at the moment, there is no reason for him to return to the black-yellows.

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While Knauff’s long-term goal of making it 1-0 in the first match of the Europa League quarter-final against the hugely favored FC Barcelona was already the well-known hammer, Knauff topped this performance in the second match at the Camp Nou.

There was no herb against this great shot from Frankfurter Ansgar Knauff on April 7, 2022 in the Europa League duel against FC Barcelona. After a 1-1 draw in the first match, things are going even better for Knauff and Eintracht in the second match at the Camp Nou. After a lead of 3: 0 in the meantime, it is 3: 2 to the guests. The semi-final against West Ham United has been reached.

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Ansgar Knauff worries FC Barcelona’s stars

Knauff was fully aware of his strengths and showed no signs of nervousness, and he kept spinning around in the ranks of the Catalans. But he acted anything but stubbornly. Above all, when in the second half he defended against Ousmane Dembélé, who also played in Dortmund, on the right side, he drove the top-class player from France to despair again and again with his perseverance in a duel. Not once did the visibly nervous Dembélé resort to unfair measures against Knauff. Upside down, somehow, like the end result: Barcelona out, Frankfurt in the semi-finals.

In an interview with the newspaper “Bild”, Knauff revealed that Frankfurt’s coach Oliver Glasner taught him “how to approach this rail position on the outside. Both offensively and defensively. I have developed markedly tactically and am getting better and better in this regard. “

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And more and more dangerous. Who was there when West Ham United played the first minute of the first match of the Europa League semi-final in London? knob. With a header to 1-0, Eintracht’s new turbo began their later triumph over the English and advanced to the final against Glasgow Rangers in Sevilla.

With the pistol Arjen Robbens

There he will again try, like Arjen Robben, to tear up the opponent’s coverage. “My counselor, who is usually present at the games, recommended it to me,” Knauff explained in “The Picture.” Knauff brings the necessary speed and safety to the ball to act with the former Bayern star’s well-known weapon.

Knauff’s adviser “said I have to be variable too. Sometimes I get over right, sometimes to the middle. Because if I pull in with speed, I’m hard to stop, or in that case by mistake. And that’s so in a dangerous area. I just have to work on my left foot. It’s much better, but it can still be improved. “

Ansgar Knauff: “I am glad to have taken the step to Frankfurt”

Knauff is working on himself, but what’s happened since the beginning of the year is enough to not understand it: “I certainly thought I was capable of it. But of course it’s an incredible road. I’m just happy and very happy to have taken the step here, “he explained to the newspaper” Bild “. According to the “” portal, the native Göttingen had already improved its market value from three to five million euros by the end of March. But that was before the duels with Barcelona and West Ham.

Now they are played and Knauff is an expression in football Germany and on everyone’s lips. Above all, the U-21 national player, who was recently recruited in the 3rd division, may soon become a Europa League winner. And when the 2022/23 season starts, the World Cup in Qatar will soon be on the agenda.

For Knauff, there seems to be no limit on the way up at the moment. Above all, he climbs the career ladder just as fast as he walks past amazed opponents on the field. “Ansgar fits in very well with our team with his pace and his understanding of the game and would like to take the next step in the development here,” said Frankfurt’s sporting director Markus Krösche when the loan deal, which cost Eintracht 400,000 euros, was signed. “He’s able to help us right away on the flanks.”

Ansgar Knauff, Eintracht Frankfurt, FC Barcelona, ​​goals, cheers, Europa League, quarter finals, 2021/22
His goal of making it 1-0 against FC Barcelona in the first match of the Europa League quarter-finals on April 7, 2022 sent Ansgar Knauff into ecstasy, as did Eintracht Frankfurt. Final result: 1: 1. After a 3-2 victory in the second match, Hessians surprisingly came in the semi-final against West Ham United.

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Ansgar Knauff has dismissed Danny da Costa and Timothy Chandler

Third Division Force Knauff brought nine Bundesliga matches for reference. And said flank was already very well occupied in Frankfurt with club greats like Danny da Costa and Timothy Chandler. But Knauff is better, more complete than its competitors. He pushed her out of the starting lineup. A venture that seemed impossible to him after the first half of the 2021/22 season at Dortmund.

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How it will continue for him in the summer of 2023 is still a long way off for Knauff. “I’m not thinking about that yet.” He will see and listen to what BVB then has to offer him in the future. From today’s perspective, it can not be assumed that Eintracht will give him up again with a light heart.

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Since the Europa League replaced the Uefa Cup in 2009, no German club has been on the list of winners. Eintracht Frankfurt will change that in the final on 18 May 2022 against Glasgow Rangers. For motivation, she can remember her triumph in 1980 – or that of Schalke’s “Euro Fighter” in 1997.

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