Wolfpack from Mönchengladbach got the season off to a good start

Good start to the season for Gladbach’s footballers
Wolfpack’s successful dance with the devil

The Gladbach footballers beat the favored Devils from Gelsenkirchen and after two matches took the lead in the Verbandsligaen. There is also a lot going on in the club off the field.

The division of the Gelsenkirchen Devils in the Verbandsligaen NRW West had already aroused some anger among the competitors. Before the pandemic, the football team from the Ruhr area was still in the regional league, but pulled its team out there due to staff departures and is now starting two divisions lower in the association league in the new season. “It’s unusual for a club to be relegated to two leagues by the league, and not everyone in our league liked it,” said Volker Boos, spokesman for ASMG (American Sports Mönchengladbach), to which Wolfpack belongs. Therefore, the Gelsenkirchen team started the season as a big favorite, at least on paper.

    The Wolfpack in the game against the Devils

The Wolfpack in the game against the Devils
Photo: Joss Wehrman

Exclamation marks set by Wolfpack last Saturday are so much the greater. The Gladbachers beat the Devils 38: 7 (9: 0; 22: 0, 7: 0, 0: 7) in the home game in Odenkirchen-Süd and are now the only undefeated team in first place in the table. “The Devils never got into our half in the first half. The defense was great and a lot of work in the offense,” Boos said, adding. their game. But of course we are happy that we started the season so well and that there was such a good atmosphere at this year’s first home game with 400 spectators. ”

The Wolfpack women also won their opening match in the 2nd Bundesliga against SG Solingen / Wuppertal Assassins 16: 6. The U19s lost 40 seconds before the end of the Krefeld Ravens with 24:27. The seniors continue on May 28 against Wesseling Blackvenom. On May 22, the women will head to the favorites Cologne Falcons, which feature former Bundesliga players. The U19s meet the Vampires / Riders / Gladiators syndicate on 28 May.

In addition to the football players’ optimal sporting start, there is currently a lot of movement throughout ASMG. The club welcomes a steady increase in members: there are currently 350, around 230 are part of the football department. Then there are cheerleaders, cheerdancers, baseball players and bowlers. And the football department wants to keep growing. Phil Scales, head coach of the football players, and many other volunteers make a great effort for this. To bring the typical American sports even closer to the young, Scales and parts of the coaching staff go to schools and teach sports there. This is how many students experience football for the first time and prefer to come to Wolfpack for trial training a little later. The club also wants to do justice to its social responsibility in the city: “Unfortunately, we see what is going on in the streets of Gladbach. We want to counteract this and offer children and young people a sporting and social perspective. That way, at best, they do not slip into the criminal profession, “Scales explains.” We always find a position for everyone on the team, whether as a player, manager or photographer, “the head coach continues. In the coming months tryouts – that is, introductory courses – will be held again to try the sport from the USA at Wolfpack.

The situation on the site remains problematic: Although Wolfpack has now found a permanent home on Kölner Strasse in Odenkirchen-Süd, there is a lack of movement in some of the inquiries made to the town regarding the site. “Especially the small courts would be suitable for a small artificial turf field without markings, so we could move school sports here. It also takes too long to convert the old ash field to an artificial turf field. If the weather is bad, the turf will be closed for training and games. Alternative locations are offered, but all the material must be transported there for two or three hours and then back again, ”Scales lists the circumstances.

From the club’s point of view, the support in Odenkirchen is gratifying – also in terms of the financial help from companies. In this way, the clubs can also increasingly take on youth work and help children from difficult financial circumstances.

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