Training in the heat: 7 tips to not fade out in the sun

Are you looking forward to playing sports in a short outfit in the summer and at the same time being able to sunbathe? Me, yes! But I also know that heat puts a lot of strain on the circuit and that a regular workout in the sun is not an option. But no sport is a solution either. So in this article I will show you how Sports in the heat succeed without risking heat stroke or sunstroke.

All about sports in the heat

Heat puts a strain on the body

Hot summer days that make the concrete sparkle are one enormous strain on our skin, our heart and also our lungs. Because as soon as the thermometer breaks the 30 degree mark, our body needs to spend a lot of energy on that to maintain the usual body temperature of 37 degrees.

What does that mean behind the scenes? Lots of sweat. Because it cools us down and avoids overheating. At the same time, our heart rate rises to better transport our blood through our body.

Sport is important and healthy at all times of the year.

Is it advisable to exercise in the heat?

Primarily By 2020, our body will have a lot to doto cool us down, for scientists predict: Summer 2020 will be the warmest since 1890! That Now also to drive the pulse up through the sportseems completely insane to you?

It certainly went wrong. But the fact is: Only those who exercise regularly can benefit from the health benefits, as a strengthened cardiovascular system. For better or worse, that means even in the heat, sports on the daily schedule must stand. You can read here why you should also exercise regularly.

Skipping rope
In these cases, you better stay away from training in the heat …

In these cases, you should avoid exercising when it is hot

Between 11.00 and 19.00 they are Ozone levels that impair lung function and promote lung disease can, especially high. Especially older people and people with previous illnesses should protect themselves from excessive exertion in the open air during this time window and take the signs of the body seriously.

But even those who are fit as a violin should, above all humid hot days without wind and high humidity back with its cardio unit. It is precisely these conditions that lead to a low moisture gradient quickly cause the body to overheat.

Equally dangerous is training in the scorching sun, which can quickly cause sunburn. Signs of sunburn are:

  • muscle cramps
  • weak pulse
  • general feeling of weakness
  • headache
  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • disturbances of consciousness

How to train effectively in the heat

Exercising in the heat can be dangerous. But not if you do behave responsibly. Spoiler: Practicing HIIT cardio in the scorching midday sun is the wrong way to go. Here’s how you do it:

Mrs. Plank
Instead of fast and high-intensity intervals, lower your workout.

Tip 1: Start slowly

Our body is adaptable. This is how it will calm down two weeks after the first really hot day got used to the heat. Until then, you should take it easy than usual.

A moderate workout may then seem like you prefer slower intervals of a LIIT workout over high intensity intervals. You can increase the intensity over timealways with an eye on what your body is telling you.

Tip 2: Adjust your training times

Are you currently training during your lunch break or early afternoon? Once the heatwave has reached Germany, it’s time change in exercise habits.

Because both UV radiation and ground-level ozone pollution are huge at this point. Better to exercise morning exercise or postpone your workout to evening. But beware: If you exercise too late, you risk falling asleep.

Tip 3: Pay attention to your environment

Those with allergies are better off in the city with an early workout and those in the countryside with a late workout. At these times, the pollen count is much lower. should also ozone limit values ​​are always observed.

Up to a value of 180 micrograms ozone per cubic meter safe outdoor training is possible. People with respiratory problems should adjust their training if the values ​​are exceeded. From a value of 360 by the way, there should be no fools outside anymore.

Tip 4: Be prepared!

Even when there are thick clouds in the sky, there is still UV radiation. So never forget to apply lotion. It is best to use a waterproof lotion that cannot be washed away by sweat.

Natural sunscreens are also free of harmful nanoparticles. Anyone who is in the habit of often wiping the sweat off their foreheads Rather pack a pack to be able to apply more cream.

Also set up airy functional clothingwhich gives off heat and cools your body as well as on one hat and sunglassesto avoid headaches in hot weather.

Tip 5: Choose shady places

choose shady and windy stretches, if you just need to learn to jog. Here you can experience more of a runners high. Other workouts should also be performed in places with little sun and allow frequent breaks.

Tip 6: Do not forget your water

If you play sports in the heat, you should never start without taking a big sip first. During this time you should too continue to take small sips. The motto is: No water bottle, no training. The maxim when it comes to fluid intake is that you should always drink as much as you sweat.

Tip 7: Shower lukewarm

Rapid temperature changes stress the body and overwhelm the circulation, which can not keep up very quickly. Unfortunately, we must disappoint anyone who already afterwards dreams of an ice storm: It would be poison to the overheated body. A lukewarm shower is better.

Sports in the heat
Sport must serve your health, not just your aesthetics. Remember this if you want to train in the heat.

Sports should not be stressful, it should be fun

This is exactly what we should not forget when we diligently train our abdominal muscle training to cut a good figure by the lake. If you still like to go over the top at 30 degrees and then sit in the corner with dizziness, you should reconsider his fitness motivation. Sports can quickly become a sports addiction. Always remember that health is more important than aesthetics.

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