Tennis weekend at Burgkunstadter Baur SV

First men celebrate opening victory in Landesliga 2 – women still undefeated

In the second weekend of the season, 8 Baur SV teams were in action. The first men secured a home win at the start of the season in Landesliga 2, and the women were also able to build on the success of the previous week. There were narrow defeats to the Kleinfeld team and 3rd man. The men’s 75 in Landesliga 1 and Bambini, on the other hand, had no chance this week.

Men’s 75 national league 1: Baur SV – 1. FC Nürnberg II 0: 6

The men 75 saw no land in their opening match against the guests from Nuremberg. Erwin Fischer, Otto Kießling, Theodor Seiler and Heinz Thon were clearly inferior to their opponents in both singles and doubles and had to relinquish all matches to the opponents’ players.

Results: Fischer – Hecht 1: 6, 2: 6; Kiessling-Bohm 1: 6, 2: 6; Sailor – Drapal 4: 6, 6: 7; Thon-Welzel 1: 6, 0: 6; Fischer / Seiler – Hecht / Böhm 4: 6, 3: 6; Kiessling / Thon – Drapal / Welzl 2: 6, 2: 6.

Boys 15 North League 2: TC Lerchenbühl BT – Baur SV 6: 0

The boys had no chance in the second game of the season against the hosts from Bayreuth. Nicolas Winter, Jakub Fischer, Serkan Bijikli and Jan Einbecker were clearly beaten by their opponents in all matches.

Kleinfeld U9 Nordliga 1: Coburg Turnerschaft – Baur SV 11:10

In a close battle, the small field team had to admit defeat. Emil Beuerle and Leon Dietz could win both sets in singles, Elias Stasiuk could clearly win the second set after a narrow loss in the first set, Marie Krappmann lost in both sets. In doubles, both pairs could get one point each, but the hosts were motor superior and thus secured the victory over the Baur SV team.

Mixed 18 North League 1: TC Lichtenfels – Baur SV 2: 4

The mixed team was happy for an away win in the first match. Colin Heinisch and Lia Meindlschmidt secured victory in two sets in singles, while Furkan Biyikli narrowly lost in the tie break of the match, and Jasmin Gäbelein had to admit defeat in the tie break of the match. In the doubles, the Burgkunstadts did not let anything take away the victory and took both matches home.

Bambini 12 North League 3: TC WR Coburg III – Baur SV 6: 0

After the clear victory in the previous week, the Bambinis had little to gain this week. John Heinisch had the chance to get the honor point in the single, but had to admit defeat in the tie-break of the match, Luis Dötschel, Vincent Koch and Vincent Hümmer each clearly lost. The hosts were also clearly superior in the doubles.

Men’s North League 5: Baur SV III – TC Rothenkirchen 2: 4

In the first match, unfortunately, it was not enough for the third men to win. In the single, Max Schwarzmeier and Colin Heinisch scored two points, while Johann Fischer and Christian Pitteroff had to admit defeat to their opponents. In the doubles, Baur SVler could not bring the victory home and gave up both doubles.

Men’s National League 2: Baur SV – TC Hof 6: 3

The young talent Julian Winter was with his superb individual success and the clear victory in doubles together with team captain Stefan Kornitzky a crucial variable in the home success of the first men gives the guests in TC Hof.

At the start of the national league season, the men secured a clear home victory. In the first round, captain Stefan Kornitzky struggled with his opponent’s defensive style of play in the first set, and after winning the second set, as with Dorian Uhlein and Pascal Mennel, the decision had to be made in a match tiebreak. Here Stefan Kornitzky and Dorian Uhlein won, benefiting from the large number of opponents, while Pascal Mennel had to admit defeat. David Mrazek at position 1, Kevin Montag and Julian Winter had no problems in the second round and led 5: 1 after the singles with superb victories. In the subsequent doubles, the triple double with Stefan Kornitzky / Julian Winter the guests were clearly superior, David Mrazek / Pascal Mennel lost in doubles after a close match in two sets and Kevin Month / Dorian Uhlein also had to give up. after problems with the style of play give up the opponent.

The results: Mrazek – Miskovsky 6: 4, 6: 3; Kornitzky-Raithel 4: 6, 6: 2, 10: 2; Month – Desert 6: 2, 6: 3, Uhlein – Novikov 4: 6, 6: 3, 10: 1; Winter – Herrmann 6-0, 6-0; Mennel – Miklas 4: 6, 6: 2, 4:10; Mrazek / Mennel — Miskovsky / Voskanyan 6: 7, 5: 7; Month / Uhlein – Raithel / Wüst 5: 7, 2: 6; Kornitzky / Winter – Novikov / Herrmann 6: 1, 6: 2.

Damer Northern League 2: TC Münchberg – Baur SV 7: 2

After the previous week’s opening success, the women were also able to get a clear victory in the second match. Julia Wimmer in position 1 gave his opponent no chance and did not give up a match. Lia Meindlschmidt, Annika Petterich and Lisa Frisch also won over their opponents in two sets. Elisabeth Dinkel in second place lost after a close game in two sets and Julia Fischer also had to admit defeat in the tiebreak of the match. In the doubles matches, Baur SVlerinnen did not let anything get in the way and decided all three matches clearly in their favor.

The results: Bergmann – Wimmer 0: 6, 0: 6; Bergmann N. – Dinkel 6: 3, 6: 4; Schmidt-Meindlschmidt 2: 6, 2: 6; Albrecht-Petrich 5: 7, 3: 6; Böhmer-Fischer 6: 3, 3: 6, 10: 7; Ackermann – Healthy 2: 6, 1: 6; Bergmann N./Meister – Dinkel / Meindlschmidt 3: 6, 3: 6; Albrecht / Schmidt – Wimmer / Petterich 0: 6, 1: 6; Bähmer / Ackermann – Fischer / Frisch 4: 6, 2: 6.


The Kleinfeld team welcomes you on Friday, May 20th. from kl. 17.00 TC Weiß-Rot-Coburg at the home facility. Saturday the 21st of May Bambini plays at home against TC Sonnefeld from 9.00. On Sunday, there is tennis worth watching again with the joint performance of 1. and 2nd men’s team at home: From kl. 10.00 the 1st men serve against TC Rot-Weiss Bayreuth and hope to be able to build on the success of the previous week. The second men welcome TC Zeil in Nordliga 1 in the first match of the season. The spectators are as always welcome to support the teams in their matches.

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