TC Bad Driburg starts with a clear victory

Westphalian League Men 60: SG Vorhalle – TC Warburg 7: 2 “As expected, it was a tough fight, but we did not have a chance,” reported Thomas König, who did not have to fight for his point because his opponent gave up due to an injury. Peter Gronemeyer scored the second point in the tiebreak of the match. Walter Knillmann and Georg Wilmes got better and better in games after losing the first set, but it was not quite enough in the end. The doubles were fought for, but lost in the line-ups König / Gronemeyer, Wilmes / Carmisciano and Knillmann / Ludwig.

OWL Men’s League 30: TC GW Paderborn – TC Bad Driburg 8: 1 Paderborn lived up to their role as favorites. Bastian Sommer received the honor of Bad Driburg. Still, there were still chances, for Mirco Geilfuss and Marcel Hartweg, as well as the doubles Sommer / Lehmann lost only in the tiebreak of the match.

Successful: Höxteran top player Christine Menz scores in singles and doubles Photo: Inge Stegnjajic

OWL league women 40: TC Bad Driburg – TG source 9: 0 It was a tailor-made start. The women from the seaside resort showed strong performances and also won the close matches. The debut of Heidrun Holzinger and Dagmar Winzig from Gehrden was excellent. Jessica Nolte, Nicola Kleefeld-Lippert, Claudia Niebuhr and Ute Künemund also scored. Annette Giefers and Kirstin Schmitz-Jurczyk also played in doubles. “We’re all in a good mood and it was really fun,” Jessica Nolte says contentedly.

OWL league women 40: TV Höxter – TP Bielefeld 4: 5 The women of the district town struggled for more than seven hours, but in the end they did not have much luck. After the singles, 3: 3 was noted. Christine Menz, Martina Schuster and Nina Thöne scored. Susi Spiegelberg lost in the tiebreak of the match. The doubles were set up tactically to bring in the missing two points. The accident had Mary Hoeptner in the first double, who had to give up due to an injury. The chances in the second and third doubles were there. While Christine Menz and Kerstin Henning won, Spiegelberg / Thöne had to admit defeat 7:10 in extra time, and the disappointment was great.

Men’s OWL League 60: TV Friesen Milse – TC Bad Driburg 7: 2 Ralf Steinig and Christoph Brinkmöller, both in their sixties, scored points for TC Blau-Weiß. Unlucky was Hans-Josef Böwingloh, who lost in the tiebreak of the match.

Women’s District League: Gütersloher TC – TC Bad Driburg 8: 1 The top player from Driburg, Frauke Kamphues, won the honor point.

Men’s District 65: TC Luchtringen – TC Leteln 6: 0 The Luchtringer seniors started the season successfully and won with Elmar Schwiete, Günther Stukenbrock, Diethelm Schneider and Ingo Schröder in singles and Schwiete / Schröder and Pittelkow / Breithaupt in doubles.

District class women: TC Borlinghausen – SV Germania Esbeck 5: 4 With the victories of Christin Nagels, Karoline Fischers and Hanna Berende, a 3: 3 intermediate result was achieved. Chantal Krause missed his chances in the tiebreak of the match. In doubles, Christin Nagel and Pamela Büttner as well as Karoline Fischer and Anna-Maria Schwidessen played successfully and secured the overall victory.

Men’s District Class 30: TV Höxter II – TC Langeneicke 5: 4 The Rot-Weiss players recorded their first victory. They scored with Florian-Müller-Stauch, Lukas Alteköster-Luttmann and Björn Christ in singles and with Müller-Stauch / Alteköster-Luttmann and Pötzke / Davulcu in doubles.

Men’s District Class 30: TC Daseburg – TC BW Halle 5: 4 In the individual match, Fritz Ludwig, Klaus Redeker, Rainer Faupel and Niklas Brinkmann took the lead 4: 2. It was tight in doubles, because only third doubles with Ruben Emme and Jörg Pommerenke won in match tiebreak.

Men’s District Class 40: TC Willebadessen – VfL Thüle 5: 4 With victories by Michael Stamm, Boris Sprock and Ulrich Stamm, 3: 3 was achieved. In doubles, Michael Stamm and Boris Sprock as well as Mirko Jochheim and Ulrich Stamm won the missing victory points in doubles.

District Class Women 40 4s: TC Gehrden – TC Marienloh 3: 3 In the exciting meeting, the girls from Gehrden lacked a bit of luck to win. While Martina Brenneke and Tanja Gaidzik won their singles, Brenneke / Thielemeyer equalized with their victory. Three matches were lost in the tiebreak of the match.


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