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Indoor sports, such as in the gym or in sports clubs, have declined sharply during the pandemic. Almost no one wants to visit her again this year. Walking, cycling and exercising at home are still among the most popular activities these days. The latter is conducted online more often than before Corona: While only nine percent regularly completed virtual guided home training before the pandemic, it is currently 14 percent. These are the results of the representative “Fitness 2022” survey conducted by pronova BKK, which in a total of 1,000 people aged 18 and over was surveyed in January 2022.

Every second German currently walks or bikes regularly – making these by far the most popular options for staying in shape. Before the pandemic, it was only one in three. In second place is fitness training in your own four walls without digital instructions – 34 percent do so at the moment, before Corona only 19 percent. 29 percent currently practice regular outdoor sports such as jogging, compared to 26 percent before the pandemic. However, the presence in gyms has dropped markedly: While 25 percent were still active in the gym before 2020, the number dropped to six percent in the Corona months and is currently only ten percent. No increase is expected for the current year. Sports clubs with indoor offerings are threatened by a similar decline in members: The number of active members has halved from 24 percent to twelve percent today.

“It is not important where you play sports, but that you get up at all. From a medical point of view, it is especially recommended to exercise in the fresh air,” says Dr. Gerd Herold, consulting doctor at pronova BKK.

Bom the hula hoops

Anyone who motivates themselves to train at home alone needs at least basic equipment. Almost six out of ten Germans now own a gymnastics or yoga mat. 14 percent bought them new during the pandemic. The number of dumbbells in one’s own household has also increased by ten percentage points – 47 percent now own them. Hula hoops are experiencing a special boom: Before the pandemic, 15 percent of Germans owned one of these devices, but the number has now almost doubled to 28 percent. 35 percent of women and even 44 percent of those under 30 have a hula hoop at home.

Online sports: trend especially among those under 40s

To compensate for the lack of use of clubs or studios, the Germans themselves have discovered online sports offers. In total, nearly one in five people have taken part in guided home training via YouTube or a fitness app for the first time since the pandemic, and one in eight people have taken online courses from qualified providers. Especially those under 40s who started doing this during the pandemic continue to stay in shape with supervised home training and online sports. Regular participation in online courses from studios, health insurance companies and clubs is also very popular, especially among those under 40: 22 percent of 30-39 year olds and still 16 percent of 18-29 year olds say they use the offers. .

“When the time with the high number of infections is over, the Germans will train more in groups or outside in the summer. But especially those who have a job and a family, like many in their 30s, will no longer do without the benefits. Of time and site-independent online offers “, says Dr. bebuder. “It remains important to pay attention to a qualified offer so that no problems arise due to incorrect execution of the exercises.”

64 percent of online sports enthusiasts pay particular attention to a comprehensive and detailed description of the exercises, 61 percent find it important to know that certain exercises are not allowed for certain complaints. They also find freedom, freedom from advertising and the teachers’ documented qualifications relevant. 25 percent of Germans who describe themselves as fit prefer courses of well-known influencers. Among the rather unsportsmanlike respondents, only six percent appreciate it.

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The “Fitness 2022” survey was conducted in January 2022 on behalf of pronova BKK. Nationwide, 1,000 adults over the age of 18 were surveyed online.

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