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Buggingen, May 17, 2022 – With the ELESION-compatible fitness bracelet FBT-47 with color display from newgen medicals, you not only have an overview of your fitness values ​​and messages, you can also control your smart home directly from your wrist!

Keep an eye on fitness and news and easily control the smart home.

  • Smart Home Control: Trigger up to 5 scenes by pressing
  • Displays steps, heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, push notifications
  • Accurate evaluation thanks to 6 adjustable sports
  • Large IPS touch color display with 1.8 cm / 0.69 “screen diagonal
  • Free “ELESION” app for evaluation, stage control and more
  • Fully compatible with devices with the Smart Life and Tuya app

With fitness bracelet from newgen medicine you have everything important on your wrist: fitness, sleep data, smart home scenes and social life! The all-rounder is a wristwatch, fitness trainer and control center in one!

Maintain full control worldwide with the “ELESION” app: Up to 5 scenes in the smart home can be easily controlled from the wrist. You can turn on the light or lower the shutters at the touch of a finger.

Do not miss more important messages: You receive push messages from your iOS or Android smartphone directly on the watch’s display via Bluetooth and the app.

Train intelligently and efficiently: You can read your steps on the touch color display and keep track of time and date. So you can see in real time what you are doing in sports! For an even more accurate analysis, you can choose from 6 sports. This determines whether you are jogging, cycling or climbing.

Listen to your heart: You train especially effectively when your heart rate is optimal. The optical sensor provides accurate measured values, of course in real time. The bracelet also shows blood pressure and body temperature. That way, you can better assess how stressed you are.

The success is evaluated on the smartphone: Analysis of the fitness values, comparison of different days and observation of the training course.

Extension of the existing Smart Life and Tuya system: If you already have smart home devices that you control via the relevant app, there is good news. Our ELESION devices are compatible with Smart Life and Tuya devices. This way you can operate all devices together, if you wish – also via automatic functions!

  • ELESION-compatible fitness bracelet with bluetooth and app
  • Fitness Options, Health Overview and evaluation of the data via a free app for iOS and Android
  • Free app “ELESION” for iOS and Android: for settings, evaluations, Control of up to 5 smart scenesadditional smartphone features and more
  • Compatible with the Smart Life system: ELESION, Smart Life and Tuya devices can be combined into a smart home system if desired
  • Displays push notifications from your smartphone or tablet PC
  • bluetooth 5: for wireless connection with mobile devices
  • IPS touch color display with 1.8 cm / 0.69 “screen diagonal
  • Optical sensor for dynamic heart rate display
  • Shows steps, heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature with sleep recording
  • Integrated thermometer for measuring body temperature
  • Setting for 6 sports: outdoor running, outdoor walking, outdoor cycling, indoor running (treadmill), climbing, plank (strength training)
  • sleep mode: records sleep and analyzes how long and how well you sleep
  • Individually adjustable dial
  • Numerous other accessories: e.g. Alarm clock, appointment reminder, stopwatch, find smartphone, remote camera shutter release
  • Connection to Google Fit possible for Android devices
  • Dust and waterproof housing made of robust ABS plastic: IP68
  • Durable TPU strap
  • Power supply: Integrated Li-Ion battery with 90 mAh for up to 7 days operating time / 14 days standby, charged via USB (charging connection integrated in the housing, please order the power supply unit)
  • Display unit dimensions: 20 x 50 x 12 mm, weight: 22 g
  • Smart fitness bracelet FBT-47 including German instructions
  • EAN: 4022107401456

Price: 23.99 EUR

Order number. ZX-5252-625

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