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The high school would like to have its sports facility renovated – and then there must be room for a multisport arena as a gathering point for young people, agrees with the youth, sports and social committee. © Wenck

Langwedel – It is well known in the Langwedel area that young people have long looked up to the plastic area next to the high school and behind the observatory as an outside meeting place. In fact, basketball and other things are also played here. Last year, WGL submitted an application to build so-called multisport arenas next to the multihall in Langwedel and Cluvenhagen as gathering points for young people who are not connected to club sports. The application was now a topic in the Youth, Social Affairs and Sports Committee.

According to WGL, these systems should cost between 25,000 and 60,000 euros by 2021, depending on the equipment, and be suitable for handball, football, basketball and more. Under certain circumstances, you can also obtain funding from the Land of Lower Saxony for this system, for example through the Lower Saxony financing program “Startklar in die Zukunft”.

“I am also privately involved in sports,” says head office manager Rolf Korb. “I think the proposal is good, I admit it.” At least in terms of the location of a multifunctional arena in high school. In the morning, the space could also be used by the school. “Such dual use would be charming,” Korb said. But adult club athletes, such as football players, could not really train on such a court. “They are all too small for that.” In Cluvenhagen, however, there were already problems. Where today there is a shelter and a basketball hoop, there was also a skate ramp – and notoriously stressful with neighbors. “When an attractive multisport arena is built in Cluvenhagen, the conflicts and problems are likely to increase due to the proximity to residential properties,” the administration describes its position in the resolution.

About the time, the template says: “If a multisports arena is to be built at the high school’s outdoor sports facility, the subsoil must be examined, a building application submitted, an emission control report prepared, the subsoil prepared and the tendered measure possible. In this respect, implementation in 2022 is not realistic. ” The same process will also apply to the location at Cluvenhagen sports hall.

According to the advisory proposal to the council, the municipal administration must be tasked with checking which location at the upper secondary school is at all suitable for a multisport arena. The high school has applied for the sports facility to be remodeled or renovated.

Rolf Korb pointed out that the total cost of constructing such a system should also be in the six-digit range. As soon as the cost is determined, the administration will inform you about it. The Committee on Youth, Social Affairs and Sport spoke unanimously in favor of this approach.

According to the Lower Saxony financing program “Startklar in die Zukunft”, which, among other things, provides grants to promote the creation of youth places in the municipalities, 90 percent of the eligible expenses, but a maximum of 35,000 euros, are eligible. This program is the result of the federal program “Catching up after Corona”.

According to the relevant guidelines, only the Verden district can apply, the administration continues. In addition, the district receives only a total of 35,000 euros, with which a maximum of three initiatives in the district are eligible. So far, a measure that has been planned by a municipality for a long time has been registered for the district, so there is only a maximum of 17,500 euros available. The operation must be completed during 2022. According to the administration, however, this time frame can hardly be achieved due to the preparatory work described above.

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