Fortuna Dusseldorf – Captain Adam Bodzek should lead Zwoten in the regional league

No longer leading for 2nd division teams
Bodzek now has this new role at Fortuna

Adam Bodzek’s departure from the professionals was on its way. The 36-year-old would have liked to have stayed longer, but sports director Klaus Allofs now wants a change. “Bodze” should now fill a role as some other well-deserved actors before him. What do those involved say about it?

At the end of a typical Fortuna season, which of course did not come without an extra serving of drama, the captain was asked on the fence. As Düsseldorf’s captain, Adam Bodzek is rarely seen in the role of frontman. He usually performs without much fanfare. This is how he keeps it with the work on the field, where he manages without the usual frills and runs for three in the defensive midfield – even in the biblical football age of 36 years. And in his role as leader in the locker room, he prefers to keep quiet.

The fans had a sharp sense and once again offered a player a stage to thank him. Because for Bodzek, it was the professionals. His 203rd appearance for Fortuna in the second Bundesliga in the 0-2 match against FC St. Pauli was probably his last appearance. From now on, he was to remain a leading player, but with the club’s second representation in the regional league.

From next season, Bodzek will fill a role that Jens Langeneke, Christian Weber, Andreas “Lumpi” Lambertz and most recently Oliver Fink have already had in other long-standing fortunes in recent years. In addition, Fortuna gives him a contract after his active career, so Bodzek also after his football career stays in the traditional club from Flingern.

“We had confident and goal-oriented discussions with Adam Bodzek and are very happy that his time in Fortuna is far from over. Our young players can use him as a guide and he will be very valuable for their development,” said sporting director Klaus Allofs. “We are very grateful to him for everything he has done so far in our professional team. He’s Fortune all the way through. “

“Bodze” was only rarely able to intervene this season. After breaking his ribs twice, which he was hit by in the second division match in Darmstadt 98 in early December (3-1), it took a long time before he could return to the training ground. After a season like this, there would be arguments for a player in his life phase who could speak out against continuing his career.

But Bodzek still feels fit enough to do his job at the highest level – and makes no attempt at all to think more intensively at the end of his career. Why?

“Fortuna has become my sporting home in recent years. We have achieved a lot together in the last decade. I would like to thank the fans for the support over the years and also my teammates – it was an honor for me to play at this stadium with the boys and be captain of this club for the last two seasons, “Bodzek said in a statement from the association. “I still have sporting ambitions and will give my all on the pitch. In recent years, however, I have always tried to help the young players on our team and take them with me. I will now continue to do so in the U23s.”

Frank Schaefer, director of the youth academy, is also pleased with the significant addition: “We are very pleased that Adam has decided to go this route – especially after the positive experiences we had recently with Oliver Fink and his predecessors. “It’s important to keep such personalities in the club. Our young players will enjoy Adam immensely and we are really looking forward to spending time with him.”

Bodzek would have liked to have stayed with the professionals. But this is where the change is finally announced. Daniel Thjonen will have to reorganize the hierarchy in the team and distribute the responsibility to other shoulders. Which one? You will first be able to tell when the squad is fairly stable. As an experienced coach, Thjonen will listen to the team and then decide whether the team should develop its own structures or make specifications about who should be the leader and sit on the team council. And if he needs advice – Adam Bodzek still works for the club within shouting distance.

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