Bautzen: Bautzen district: Everything important from day one

District Bautzen: Everything important from the day

+++ Bautzen: This verdict is important for savings bank customers +++ This is what the rescue for Kirschauer Körse-Therme looks like +++ New sirens for Bautzen +++

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May 4 is a special date for Bautzen consumer advice and for many savings bank customers. Because then a lawsuit must be negotiated against Kreissparkasse Bautzen in Dresden. Consumer advocates accuse the regional bank of paying too little interest to certain customers. An average of 3,000 euros per. customer. Not exactly a penny amount. Sä reporter David Berndt explains which contracts are in question and how those affected can still join the trial.

As a 24-year-old, you are still really young as a person. A 24-year-old swimming pool, on the other hand, is already showing its age. Especially if over time too little has been invested instead of too much in maintaining the system. And then the Körstherme in Kirschau was recently on the verge of collapse. Because the necessary general overhaul was to cost 15 million euros. Too much for the four support communities. There is now a rescue plan approved by the district council this week. Our reporter Bettina Spiekert tells how things are going from now on.

On Wednesday at one o’clock in the GDR no one needed a clock to know what time it was. At this point, the sirens sounded all over the country: test alarm! Most firefighters are now alerting their emergency services directly. And for the population, there are radio, TV and warning apps for mobile phones. Therefore, many sirens were dismantled. But what sounds good in theory does not work in practice. As recent years’ floods show. And then the siren is on its way back. Three of them must e.g. installed in Bautzen. Our reporter Theresa Hellwig reports where and why there.

Most corona restrictions will be lifted over the weekend – so this is a good time to take stock of what has gone well since the spring of 2020 and what may not have gone so well. The mayor of Kamenz had invited two interlocutors: including Karsten Hilse of all, the AfD member of the Bundestag, who vehemently denies that Corona is a dangerous disease at all. Why this conversation partner? And how did the audience in the Stadttheater react? Our reporter Reiner Hanke on an evening where common sense and facts often had a hard time.

You can also read with us today: Why is there a surveillance camera on the Reichenturm? Easter riding with fewer corona requirements. And: What Kamenzer Sausage Market has to offer this year I wish you a relaxing evening with exciting reading.

Sincerely, Ulli Schönbach, Editor-in-Chief

Today’s most important thing

Bautzen: This ruling is important for savings bank customers

The Consumer Advice Center has sued Kreissparkasse Bautzen because they should have paid too little interest to premium savers. Now the court decides.

This is what the rescue of the Kirschauer Körse-Therme looks like

Now it is clear: The district Bautzen joins the special association that runs the pool. However, one condition must still be met.

New sirens for Bautzen

So far, there are no more permanently installed sirens in the Bautzen urban area – now three are being procured. Only: why are they all coming to Spreetal?

There are no trains between Bautzen and Löbau for days

Deutsche Bahn has renewed points in the area of ​​the Bautzen train station. Travelers will have to switch to buses and it will be noisy for the locals.

Bautzen: Why was there a camera on the Reichenturm?

A camera was attached to the railing on the viewing platform until recently, but it is gone now. What was it about?

Kamenz: Unilateral debate on compulsory vaccination

The mayor of Kamenz had invited to a forum on Corona. When only two out of four politicians had come, the discussion was rather one-track.

Easter riding this time with fewer corona requirements

In 2020, the Easter riding was canceled, in 2021 it took place largely without spectators. What applies this year is in the News Blog.

Bischofswerda has got a new gym

As a trained scaffolder, the boss would only work temporarily in the gym. Now he is helping to arrange the new location of a large chain.

This is what Kamenzer Sausage Market offers

Sausages, music, fashion shows and stall magic for the kids: a lot happens in Kamenz city center on Sundays.

Haselbachtal: The new mayor will address this

From 1 May, Tobias Liebschner will be in the executive chair at the municipal office. In an interview, he talks about his plans – and defends a controversial project.

The Kamenzer children’s book premieres

A booklet about the world trip of two Kamenzer sausages will be published at this weekend’s sausage market – two years later than planned.

Bautzen: “Spring magic” tempts to shop

Street performers and musicians provide entertainment in the city center on April 2nd. stores also open; also the DDV restaurant.

Alleged fundraisers rob pensioner

An 80-year-old from Königsbrück has lost jewelery and money. She just wanted to do something good.

Ohorn: Baby brought to hospital after accident

Two cars collided at the motorway exit in Ohorn on Tuesday night. An eight-month-old baby was also in one.

Accident between Neukirch and Bautzen: Man seriously injured

Tuesday afternoon, an Opel driver left the road. The police have a number of questions and an inquiry about the course of the accident.

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