What the descent means for Frankfurt Skyliners

Eno matter how it goes, it goes “- this is the message from Frankfurt’s major shareholder Gunnar Wöbke. Fraport Skyliners will not say goodbye to professional basketball after 23 years and the upcoming relegation to second-tier Pro A for the first time. But: It can not continue as before, even though the Skyliners were to stay in the Bundesliga using a wildcard.Because the German champion in 2004 and cup winner in 2000 has become a restructuring affair.

The club even brought the relegation in view of the errors and the lack of performance. Two head coaches have worn the Frankfurt team out this season full of mishaps and mishaps: Diego Ocampo from Spain and Italy’s Luca Dalmonte, who is completely inexperienced in the Bundesliga. The former did not provide stability to his crew as helmsman. Ocampo sometimes trained so hard that many players suffered muscle injuries.

A “complete misjudgment”

Nevertheless, the club’s management still gave him a three-week national team break in February and March to reverse the trend. A mistake. After three more failures, Ocampo’s time was over. Dalmonte’s started in Frankfurt with six defeats in six games before the Skyliners won 88-69 in Oldenburg on Easter day. Yet they will not be able to prevent the descent. On his rescue mission, firefighter Dalmonte was unable to extinguish the source of the fire.

Even when putting together the team, mistake after mistake followed. Wöbke admitted the club made a “complete misjudgment” when point guard Donovan Donaldson was signed. Successor Will Cherry had not played for two years. The physical strain on the American at the time was so great that he was injured twice. Center Jamel McLean came to Frankfurt with an injury; therefore, it took some time to get started. Most recently, its performance curve pointed downwards again.

In all foreign positions, the players could not meet the high expectations. It was a major cause of Skyliners’ death, whose budget was still large enough by league standards to survive in the league. However, due to the many construction sites, the team was never able to grow into a powerful force. And this time, the Hessians did not have an individual talent like Matt Mobley, who compensated for the weaknesses in the structure with his precision last season.

Management must take a new path. If Frankfurters play in Pro A, then they need a coach who has experience in the two best divisions. As a 1st division club in the future, they should also hire a sports director who has a good network and has new ideas. The cloud lines definitely need to rethink their scouting system. “There is a need for a fresh start in Frankfurt – no matter in which league,” said Wöbke. External impulses are needed.

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