Werder Bremen madness: get up! The Werder day of joy in the feature film!

Bremen – The last day of play is always time for great dramaturgy in football, because in case of doubt, a single goal can turn it all upside down. SV Werder Bremen did not have to worry about the results of the other matches on Sunday, because the team did their job in the home game against Jahn Regensburg, won 2-0 and made the direct return to the Bundesliga perfect. Last match day in the feature film:

15.30: Kick started.

15:32: Darmstadt leads early 1-0 against Paderborn through Skarke and pushes past Hamburger SV to relegation place, but can not displace Werder from second place.

15:36: Weiser scores 1-0 for Werder, Weser Stadium explodes – in vain. The goal is rejected for offside.

15:39: But now! Füllkrug made it 1-0 for Bremen with a powerful shot from the edge of the penalty area, making promotion much more likely early in the match. As a reminder: Werder can only take second place if they lose.

Niclas Füllkrug puts Werder Bremen in front against Jahn Regensburg – Weser Stadion trembles!

15:43: Nico Neidhart gave Hansa Rostock a 1-0 lead against Hamburger SV, which greatly tarnished the prospects for Bremen arch-rivals in fourth place to advance to the Bundesliga.

15.45: Schalke presents in Nuremberg – 1: 0 by Zalazar from 58 meters! The Royal Blues, who have already been promoted, are clearly on their way to the 2nd division championship.

15:55: Darmstadt increased to 2-0 against Paderborn through Luca Pfeiffer, so it seems to make the homework confident.

16:08: And again Darmstadt and again Pfeiffer – 3: 0.

Werder Bremen lead at the break – HSV are behind and have to worry about relegation

16:16: Break whistle in Weser Stadium.

16:33: The beginning of the second half in Bremen.

16:39: Werder now with almost both feet in the Bundesliga! Ducksch increases to 2-0 shortly after the restart. Shortly after, the deafeningly loud “No more 2nd league!” for the first time through the exuberantly celebrating Weser Stadium.

16:39: HSV equalizes in Rostock to 1: 1, scores Glatzel. In light of Darmstadt’s and Bremen’s clear lead, the goal initially does not give Hamburg any improvement in the table.

Marvin Ducksch increases the score to 2-0 for Werder Bremen – Weserstadion sings: “SVW is back”

16:48: Weser Stadium is already getting ready for the big promotion party: 42,000 spectators sing “The SVW, the SVW, the SVW is back!”

17.00: Luca Pfeiffer’s third goal of the day is disallowed for offside, so Darmstadt continues to lead 3-0 against Paderborn.

17:05: HSV is suddenly back in business! Schonlau turns the match around in Rostock – 2: 1. Thanks to the better goal difference, the hamburgers take the relegation spot back from Darmstadt.

HSV are back and turn the match around in Rostock – Werder can hope for a short time in first place because Schalke 04 collected the equalizer

17:14: Nuremberg equalize at Schleimer against Schalke to 1: 1. Thanks to the better goal difference compared to Werder, the Royal Blues remain in first place in the table.

17:15: Kaufmann gives HSV a 3-1 lead in Rostock, which should secure Hamburg’s relegation spot.

17:16: There is the Schalke answer in Nuremberg: Goal scorer Terodde scores 2: 1.

17:19: The first fans – a group of children from the western curve – are already storming the pitch in Bremen. Toprak and Pavlenka bring them back behind the band again.

End! Werder Bremen defeat Jahn Regensburg and advance to the Bundesliga! HSV is in the relegation zone

17.20: Ex-Bremer Lukas Fröde reduced Rostock’s lead to 2: 3 against HSV.

17:22: Final whistle in Darmstadt.

17:22: Final whistle in Rostock.

17:23: Final flute in Nuremberg.

17:23: Final whistle in Bremen! Werder climbs up to the Bundesliga as number two in the table!

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