Unusual celebration of promotion: Großkreutz’s super team tears the competition apart

Unusual ascension celebration
Grosskreutz’s super team tears the competition apart

While Borussia Dortmund stumble emotionally but a bit with losses from the Bundesliga season, a black-and-yellow cult footballer is in the best mood: Kevin Großkreutz and his club, TuS Bövinghausen, are moving up to the Oberligaen after an excellent season.

When Kevin Großkreutz found out that his current team, TuS Bövinghausen, had moved up, the 2014 world champion actually let it break for another reason. The former cult footballer from Borussia Dortmund, who ended his professional career after last season, is in Cologne with his friends, including singer Pietro Lombardi, to celebrate his bachelor party. As the icing on the cake, the news of the blunder from competitor DJK TuS Hordel flickered into the party.

Now the promotion of Dortmund Vorstadtklubs to the Oberligaen, the fifth highest division, is anything but a miracle. The 33-year-old’s team was too dominant in the competition, in 31 matches so far there have only been three defeats, 24 matches have been won and 89 goals. Describing Bövinghausen as FC Bayern in Westfalenliga 2 comes very close to the truth, but should not meet much recognition from Borussia Großkreutz’s eternal heart. So be it. TuS, which was already clear before the season, is too big for this league. And everything was aimed at ascension.

In addition to the world champion, David Odonkor, among others, had joined the team, but primarily to promote the areas of marketing and management, on the field he worked as a right winger, who wrote his story at the 2006 World Cup, only as a part-time employee. This also applied to the former professional Baris Özbek (among others Union Berlin, MSV Duisburg and Galatasaray are active), but who had already said goodbye to Turkey during the season for family reasons.

A few years ago, “Bövi” played in the district league, in the future in the fifth highest division. Opponents including SG Wattenscheid 09, Sportfreunde Siegen and FC Gütersloh. It sounds like a touch of the big football world. Not as big as BVB, who dropped out of the season very emotionally last Saturday. The man behind TuS ‘success is Ajan Dzaferoski. He made this top team possible with many Grosskreutz friends. Many stories are told in the Westphalian League about the patron’s financial resources, not all of which flatter the hotel owner and club president.

Großkreutz raged against critics

Großkreutz, who after the last few difficult years in the professional industry is now making good headlines again, celebrates the promotion with an emotional message on Instagram: “We did it, promotion to the Oberligaen. Huge respect for our coaches and the team – you deserve it , “he wrote, and then angered the critics of the football project, which was extremely controversial in the competition in Dortmund:” Statements like ‘this is not a team’, ‘they can not do it’ and so on: Nobody knows us, because we liked together and always kept us calm. That’s just the reward we deserve. “

Sebastian Tyrala, who replaced Sven Thormann as coach in November and thus caused quite a stir in the football scene in Dortmund, told “Reviersport” after the success: “You can not take promotion for granted. Everyone has always said that we must definitely move up “And of course it puts a lot of pressure on the players. We fought a lot in every match. The whole village was always against us and every team gave even more against us.” Meanwhile, it was always peaceful and fair that Grosskreutz thanked in his Instagram post.

The club manager was also happy: “The promotion from the Westphalia League is of course a unique feeling, and I also believe that we rightly became champions. Such an achievement is not achieved from one day to the next, and the team must remain constant and work hard “We managed to move up and it fills us with pride. Next season we have to play in the Oberliga, and of course we have to find our way around first, “Dzaferoski confessed to” Reviersport “.

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