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More than 100,000 fans in Seville, the state of emergency in Frankfurt: Eintracht’s Europa League final against Glasgow Rangers breaks all records. How and where do you celebrate? Are there still tickets? And who falls from? The most important questions and answers.

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Europa League final in Seville: Eintracht PK on media day

Oliver Glasner at the press conference

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Eintracht Frankfurt meet Glasgow Rangers in the Europa League final on Wednesday (21.00) in Sevilla. So far the sober facts. However, you can already feel that there is almost nothing normal and sober about this game. The most important questions and answers about the big playoffs.

what it is okay once again?

Eintracht Frankfurt and Glasgow Rangers are vying for the Europa League title at the Estadio Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán in Seville on 18 May. For Eintracht, it would be the second international success in the club’s history – and the first in 42 years. For the Scots, it would also be the second international success in the club’s history – and the first in 50 years. There have probably been teams with less greed after a trophy in a European final.

Is there versionwhat about the teams?

Eintracht must definitely do without defender Martin Hinteregger in the final. The Austrian suffered a hamstring injury in the semi-final second match against West Ham and will miss the showdown with Rangers. Tuta and Makoto Hasebe are available as alternatives. There is also a question mark over offensive force Jesper Lindström. The Dane’s thigh muscles are also screwed on, but there is still hope for him. “He’s painless, it could be a precision landing,” said sporting director Markus Krösche.

The opponents from Glasgow survived the grueling semi-final duels with RB Leipzig without much pain, but there are still a few personal problems: The Colombian striker Alfredo Morelos, with 19 goals the most productive professional in the squad, will definitely miss. the final. Jamaican striker Kemar Roofe, the third most successful Rangers player with 16 goals, is also an issue.

How will the agreement accrue?

It is clear that coach Oliver Glasner will not change anything in the system. 3-4-3 with a back three in possession of the ball and a back five in defense has proved its worth, the team is well rehearsed. In terms of staff, there are also only a few question marks. At the Armed Forces headquarters, Glasner has the choice between Tuta and Hasebe. Should Tuta play, which is the more likely option, Almamy Touré would take the position in the right half. At double six, Djibril Sow and Sebastian Rode are in the lead. Should Lindström drop out, Jens Petter Hauge can play again.

Which one shirt will device carry?

As in the brilliant 3-2 victory in Barcelona and the 2-1 victory in London against West Ham United, Eintracht will also appear in white in the Sevilla final. “We shook Europe in white. We are called Bestia Blanca,” stressed board spokesman Axel Hellmann. “We just have to play in white.” The white beast should get the title in front of the white fan wall.

When travel the unity?

The closest parallel to the successful performances in Barcelona and London is the order of departures. As before the quarter-finals and semi-finals, Eintracht will complete the final training session on Tuesday afternoon at home, before the Frankfurt entourage leaves for the airport and the final city. In the evening there is a press conference, a brief tour of the square and the official Eintracht reception. The rest is the last day.

As many Are fans expected in Seville?

No one can predict this number exactly. But it is clear that Sevilla will be solidly in German-British hands for a few days. Rangers are expected to have at least 70,000 to 80,000 followers in Andalusia, while other estimates assume up to 100,000 Glasgow fans. Relatively few, but still a board, there are the expected 40,000 to 50,000 Frankfurters. “It’s going to be a bustle that this city has not seen before,” Hellmann said.

Is there another place tickets?

It goes without saying that this mass of fans will not quite fit into the stadium, that the demand for tickets will also cause black market prices to skyrocket. At a three-digit price, there is no more in the various and more or less serious portals. If you did not get anything through the official channels, dig deep into your pocket and pay well over 1,000 euros. Per person, per ticket, for 90 minutes of football.

What do fans do without Tickets?

Either way, well over 100,000 football fans from Scotland and Hesse, depending on the calculation, will still not be able to follow the match at the stadium in Seville. The crucial question for the city and those affected: where to go with people and emotions? The good news: In consultation with the clubs, UEFA is currently planning two XXL public appearances in two key areas for up to 50,000 fans each. Eintracht has also planned a fan festival at the Prado de San Sebastian. The most prominent acts: Tankard, Celo & Abdi as well as Roy Hammer and Pralinées. where are the hands

What expected the fans at the stadium?

Unlike the Frankfurt fan festival or the warm-up in Seville – either the most beautiful or the most touristy – tapas bars, there is a strict ban on alcohol at the final stadium. Although UEFA again allowed the consumption of beer a few years ago, the taps remain dry in Spain’s stadiums.

What is it like weather in Seville?

The already mostly unquenchable thirst of traveling football fans will be further intensified in Seville by the weather. Temperatures in the city on Tuesday and Wednesday will rise above 30 degrees. Eintracht, Rangers and all fans need to get ready for midsummer. So: Drink a lot (especially water) and do not forget the sunscreen.

Where watch fans in the Frankfurt final?

In addition to the happy Frankfurt fans who could get a ticket to the final, and those who watch the match in Seville at a public viewing or at a pub, there are also tens of thousands of people who stayed home. Option number one for many: public viewing at Frankfurt Stadium. But since it’s already sold out, there should be a smaller version for 5,000 to 6,000 Eintracht fans in front of the arena. “There will be more than 50,000 people in and around the stadium,” Hellmann summed up the euphoria. Remember: “There is no match at the stadium, there is a screen.”

Should Eintracht bring the pool to Hesse, there will be a big title break the day after the final, including a reception for the team at Römer. The plane from Seville will land at Frankfurt airport early in the evening, from there it will take the convertible towards the city center, just like the 2018 cup triumph. A traffic chaos in Frankfurt’s finishing work would be inevitable, but tolerable. Since Eintracht expects more than 200,000 people to celebrate on the street if they succeed, it’s probably better to leave the car standing anyway.

The nine bridal couples who wanted to celebrate their civil wedding on May 19 in Römer may have cursed the togetherness from time to time over the past few days. In light of the expected haste from fans, all weddings were canceled and moved by the city at short notice. But in order for these 18 Frankfurters to continue to be on good terms with Eintracht in the future, the team has already promised a few gifts and invitations to games as compensation. “We’ve come up with something,” promised Ansgar Knauff. “A gift, sweaters, anything. Or they’re just celebrating with us.”

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