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Sun, family and 90 exhibitors: thousands of visitors to paradise

14/05/2022, 21:30

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Nine-year-old Fabienne tried his hand at the trumpet at the stand of the brass association Carl Zeiss Jena and managed to play some notes.

Photo: Jördis Bachmann

The event “Your day in paradise” is so successful because it is so diverse. The whole of Jena meets this day on the lawnmill island.

Thousands of visitors came on Saturday to the children and family festival “Your Day in Paradise”, which was linked to Environment Day. At more than 90 stands you could play sports, handicrafts, play, try your hand and various dance, martial arts and music clubs presented themselves in a colorful stage program, which advertised for members and wanted to show what their members could do.

“Day in Paradise” is organized by Jenakultur, Jena Alliance for Families, Stadtwerke Energie Jena-Pößneck, Barmer and the Department for Urban Development and the Environment. For the past two years, the event has had to be canceled due to the pandemic. At the last “Day in Paradise” in 2019, between 8,000 and 10,000 visitors came, says Anna Fuhlbrügge from Jenakultur.

Usually, the Jena Children and Youth Environment Prize is also awarded at the event, says Mayor Christian Gerlitz, who helped open the event on the stage on the south side of the lawnmill island. This year, however, the application deadline for the award is June 20th. Together with the Stadtwerke Energie Jena-Pößneck, the city of Jena is now awarding the prize for the fifth time, this time with the motto: “Who saw the brown bear?”.

The idea of ​​sustainability spread in paradise

The next time you go for a walk in the Jena Forest, however, you do not have to worry about the “brown bear” being harmless: with an eight-centimeter wing span, it is one of the largest native moths. Today, the beautifully drawn moth appears to be fluttering toward extinction. It is therefore symbolic of the death of insects. And that is why the children’s and young people’s Environmental Prize projects this time were about insect protection.

Byskoven, Jena beekeepers’ association, the local orchid working group and the food sharing association: There were a total of 27 stands at “Day in Paradise”, which was directly about sustainability and environmental protection in Jena. And sustainability and biodiversity have also always played a role at the other stands. For example, visitors to the stand of the Heimstätten Genossenschaft Jena could rummage around and make their own little seed bombs, which could lead to many new flowers in paradise and in Jena’s gardens in the future.

The Heimstätten Genossenschaft had also organized the so-called “Spacetrainer” especially for the family festival, where people could walk around, and which was extremely popular. One of the highlights of the festival is always the balloon for Ballonsportclub Jena eV. It is inflated with a fan and can be walked on.

Barmer and Sparkasse redesigned the bike ride after 30 years

Nicole Kappitz from Sparkasse Jena-Saale-Holzland and Maria Alletsee, regional manager in Barmer, were able to welcome many guests to the joint family sports course. Here, together with Ronald-Mc-Donald-Haus, they searched for the most sporty family in Jena. But it was not meant to be taken so seriously – participating was all here. Everyone who passed the slackline at the individual stations, hit balls in the basketball hoop, hit badminton balls over the net, showed reaction speed in a light show, had good chances of getting VIP tickets to a basketball match in Science-City Jena or to a handball match in HBV Jena 90 to get hold of.

Barmer, Sparkasse and Ronald-Mc-Donald-Haus had started the day with “Maikäfertour”, a cycling trip for families leading from Lobeda to Rasenmühleninsel. For 30 years, the health insurance has now arranged a bicycle trip together with Sparkasse Jena-Saale-Holzland. In 2019, 147 participants drove from Lobeda to Wolfersdorf – over 37 kilometers. “We are now in the process of conceptually re-planning the trip,” says Maria Alletsee, Barmer’s regional manager. According to Alletsee, the tour will in future be more aimed at the interests of young families.

The youngest guests also enjoyed themselves in the mobile music workshop of the brass band club Carl Zeiss Jena. The brass band association’s veteran Ulrich Richter was present and gave an introduction to how the extraordinary instruments work. In the rolling sound laboratory, you could try your hand at creating special sounds – whether it was a blowing machine or a rubber boot organ.

Application: The Children and Youth Environment Prize

You can still apply for children and young people’s environmental award with a campaign on the subject of insects or with observations until 20 June. The application is informal with a description of the project. A brief description of the project, the number of participants, the age or grade of the children, the full address of the applicant and at least one contact person for questions are required.

Application via e-mail to: environment [email protected] or in writing to Jena’s city administration, environmental protection department, Am Anger 26, 07743 Jena

All Jena children and young people in kindergartens, schools or clubs can participate. Both individual work and group work can be handed in.

The Jena Children and Youth Environment Prize has a total of 2,500 euros and can be shared between several prize winners. The prize is donated by Stadtwerke Energie Jena-Pößneck GmbH and the city of Jena.

The employees in the environmental protection department are happy to support the project.

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