“Men sent me death threats due to pandemic weight gain – fat combing must stop”


Social media star Taya Christian has opened up about being “fed-shamed” to gain weight during the pandemic.

The influencer and medical student, who has more than 1.6 million followers on Instagram, has always enjoyed sharing his life with his fans.

However, she said she has been “harassed and ridiculed” by many male supporters during the pandemic for gaining considerable weight.

It got so bad that she even received death threats.

The blonde beauty exclusively opened up to the Daily Star on the subject and said: “I used to be what people would call ‘really fit’ and I have built my following on social media based on that.

Trolls sent her death threats due to her weight gain (Image: thedoctorbae / Instagram) Read more Related articles Read more Related articles

“But when the pandemic hit, school and that, I gained a lot of weight.

“When you’re on the internet, it’s clear when you’ve gained weight and people tell you right away.”

She continued: “When I gained a little weight, some people said ‘it suits you’, but others told me I had ‘lost shape’.

“But when I first received a significant amount, it became bullying.

“I could not post anything without having at least 10 weight-related comments.”

She said she was “harassed and mocked” by many male followers (thedoctorbae / Instagram). People even tracked her weight gain in a Reddit thread (thedoctorbae / Instagram)

Taya said people were sending swear words and there was even a Reddit threat tracking her weight gain.

She continued: “People accused me of having a child without telling anyone.

“Others asked if anything medical had happened to me.

“These were mostly men, women rarely have a problem with how they understand.

“I got death threats and people asked me to stop eating so much.

Taya has lost 40 pounds so far and plans to lose another 40 pounds (Photo: thedoctorbae / Instagram)

Taya said she would block anyone sending such disgusting messages.

She told us, “I would never get involved as I think they would get that attention.

“I do not understand why they just did not stop following me.

“There were so many women on Instagram who stayed slim during the pandemic that they could have just followed them.”

When we talk about the subject, Taya admits that some people have hidden the weight gain of the pandemic by posting old pictures of themselves instead of showing what was really going on.

Taya was a trimmer long before the pandemic (Photo: thedoctorbae / Instagram)

She commented: “I did not, as my account is based on body positivity.”

Taya revealed that she is currently trying to escape the weight gain from the pandemic.

She has lost 40 pounds so far and wants to lose another 40 pounds.

The influencer says she has done this by returning to the gym every day “to get really tough with weightlifting and cardio.”

She also says she has improved her diet and enjoys “seeing where my body is going.”

She said she built her original fan base based on being “fit” (Image: thedoctorbae / Instagram)

Taya says the weight loss has given her a boost, saying: “My confidence has improved and so has my sleep.

“I also have a lot less pain and feel much more productive in the gym.

“Of course, my clothes fit me much better. It was good.

However, she would like to make it clear that she is on a weight loss journey for herself – not for the trolls.

I wanted to make changes for myself and allow other women to do the same, “she said.

“As a medical student, I understand the implications of being as heavy as I am.”

Although she’s feeling better, she’s worried that she’s going to lose new followers that she’s gained because of her larger size.

“It’s very important to me,” she admits.

“I built my followers based on a fit body, then I gained weight so I lost a few followers.

“But now I get people who like plus size, but now I leave that field.

“Sometimes I feel like you’re never good enough – I’m not fat enough for big society or thin enough for others.

“But do not be embarrassed to want to change your body – it’s 100% up to you.”

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