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For the sake of the staff of all the Bundesliga clubs, there is a good ban on gambling, which right now means that Felix Magath must have lost a fortune. Magath, 68, took over as coach at Hertha BSC in mid-March. And since then, he has often expressed his firm belief that Hertha will end up relegated after the 34th matchday.

Well, voilà: On Saturday, his team gave up their last chance to stay in class within the normal working hours of 34 match days. The 1-0 lead at Borussia Dortmund turned into a 2-1 defeat shortly before the end when BVB again pressed the accelerator. And because VfB Stuttgart won over Cologne at the last minute, the Swabians overtook the Berliners in the table. Hertha must go down in relegation as table sixteenth. The ten-year-old precedent could hardly get worse for the Berliners: In 2012, Hertha was relegated to the then second division team Fortuna Düsseldorf – also with a veteran coach (Otto Rehhagel).

“If only he had kept his mouth shut …” Hertha manager Fredi Bobic told the Magath oracle as he stood in front of the team bus long after the Dortmund drama. Bobic meant it half in fun and half seriously. Who likes to shake?

Hardly anyone was more scared than Ingo Schiller, Hertha’s CFO. If he was only preoccupied with the numbers, he should actually be happy. A well-filled stadium brings money into the coffers on Thursday (20.30), which is quite empty despite the well-established 374 million euros from investor Lars Windhorst. As Schiller stepped out of the cabin tunnel and walked over to his car, he looked pale, one might think that Magath, the Prophet, had looked into a glass sphere in the cabin and then commented on questions about the apocalypse.

“We have a legitimate prospect of staying in the league against those who are third in the second division,” said Magath.

There was no evidence of that, on the contrary. According to Magath’s own statement, he even appeared cheerful in the Hertha dressing room. He saw players with drooping heads and spoke all the more energetically against defeatism.

“Our team presented itself here in Dortmund as a Bundesliga club. That’s why I’m sure. We have a legitimate prospect of staying up in the second division against the third – placed team,” Magath trumpeted. Especially since you worst case avoided: “We at least managed to improve from 17th to 16th place. Therefore, we reached our first goal and avoided direct relegation,” Magath stressed.

Until this moment, Hertha had played with the feeling of directly securing their place in the class: Youssoufa Moukoko (right) scored to make it 2-1 to BVB.

(Photo: Dennis Ewert / RHR-Photo / Image)

His mood seemed as if he had just discovered that Elvis was alive and that he was in the mood for rock ‘n’ roll. “I’m looking forward! Two good fights again, full house again, more pressure, more stress. Just wonderful!” he exclaimed at ARD when asked if he was worried about the mental state of the worried Hertha. How convinced he was that his eleven would withstand the pressure of relegation, it still had an effect overplayed, as they say in the world of acting. Magath smiled a little too mischievously and too casually.

It was only when the language turned to another prediction he had once made, namely that his beloved Hamburger SV, whose fans Magath is considered a legend, would become Hertha’s relegation opponents, his gaze darkened. “The thought always made me uncomfortable,” Magath said the day before HSV won in Rostock. It will be “obviously a difficult battle for me”. And for Hertha.

Because: She specializes in giving match points: only on the third to last match day in Bielefeld (1: 1), then on the penultimate against Mainz (1: 2); Summary of the match in Dortmund also fit well into this series: Hertha had led 1-0 through a penalty kick by Ishak Belfodil and could continue to play until the 84th minute – despite the equalizer from Erling Haaland, who was sent to Manchester. to ensure class retention directly. One point would have been enough for Hertha. Then BVB Youssoufa Moukoko came on and the 17-year-old striker’s first shot landed on the inside of the post and then in the goal to make it 2-1.

“Of course, something like that also suits our situation,” said manager Fredi Bobic about the billiards goal – although he knows Hertha has done a lot this season to be left in a good mood in key moments. “If we had always shown a performance like today, we would not be talking about relegation,” said Magath – although BVB also took it depressingly badly in the first half. Loud whistles erupted at the break.

“It has nothing to do with sports anymore. Certainly not with football,” Magath said of the penalty to BVB

That Dortmund came into play with a penalty kick that was as controversial as today’s hand penalties is also suited to Hertha’s situation. When Dortmund kicked a free kick from the edge of the box, Hertha’s Santi Ascacíbar deflected the ball, the ball flipped from the Argentine’s shoulder to Marvin Plattenhardt, and the fact that he had his arm out and touched the ball took the whole south stand and half of the Dortmund team true. , but not Judge Stieler. The judge still whistled because his colleagues in the Cologne cellar, according to the photos, found that he should impose a sentence must.

Bobic was teased, but he knew how to distinguish, he did not blame Stieler: “It’s an insane rule. The ball was deflected, the player can not react,” the manager complained. Magath also expressed a lack of understanding: “It has nothing to do with sports anymore. Especially not with football,” said the man, who has been on the bench for more than 500 matches as Bundesliga coach. To make matters worse, at least from Hertha’s point of view, Ascacíbar saw the yellow card. He is thus blocked for the first relegation battle.

In the weeks under Magath, Ascacíbar was always put on the defensive midfield, guaranteeing aggression and ball safety. On Saturday, the coach still guessed who could replace him. It was also uncertain whether goalkeeper Marcel Lotka could play in the relegation, he literally kissed the post during a rescue operation before the break and played, as Hertha confirmed on Sunday, for 45 minutes with a slight concussion and a broken nose.

Hertha only had security in one respect: “We still have two games left and we have to sort it out in the two games. This is the last chance, the last glimmer of hope we have,” manager Bobic said truthfully.

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