GAMWEEK: Back on track

For two established AFL teams, this weekend is about finding (back) the path that the Giants left two days ago and that the Raiders have not yet found.

After two sensitive defeats against Mödling and Prague, the Graz Giants welcome the Znojmo Knights on Saturday, a team still looking for its first victory in the AFL. Should the check find him in Eggenberg, Steirerhut will burn. In Graz, before the start of the season, people thought they were in the role of favorites. After three matches, the burden is gone. Prague and the two Viennese clubs seem more determined.

Znojmo’s head coach is known by the Giants. Martin Kocianlongtime head coach of Grazer, has taken over the position at the Knights.

The new Giants head coach Doug Adkins also saw positive things in the defeat in Prague: We need to correct some of our mistakes. Last week, things went in the right direction. We know the Knights have a very good football team and a great, solid D-Line. So it will be a challenge for us. ”

The football flag in the western part of the country is held up by the new number 1 in Tyrolean football: the Telfs Patriots welcome the Vienna Vikings after a strong away win in Znojmo. This is not only a holiday from the club’s treasury point of view, you also have a chance to win the game. It meets with Nick Kleinhansl (HC Patriots) and Ivan Zivko (HC Vikings) two colleagues from the national team’s coaching team.

“The course of the season so far has been sensational for us as a promotion team and a small club. We were hoping to keep the matches open as long as possible to show that we belong in the AFL sportingly. A big compliment to the entire coaching staff around Nick Kleinhansl and the players. Even though we play the underdog role again on Saturday, we will still annoy our favorite guests a bit with our amazing fans behind us. “- The Patriots Referee David Mariani.

The “second Tyrolean team” is defending champion Raiders Tirol, and they historically started the AFL season 0-3. Two of the three defeats also came against promoted teams from Division 1, and with the Danube Dragons, the table leaders come to the Innsbruck American Football Center on Saturday night. It’s actually THE opportunity for that Florian Grein trained teams to substantiate the unpredictability of the league with a win over the current number 1 in the table. Why not?

“The Dragons are a very difficult task for us. They are undefeated this season and will go into the match very confident. A victory is extremely important for us to be able to reach a possible playoff participation.” – Raiders Head Coach Florian Grein.

The Dragons start with a newly formed head coach duo, with immediate effect on the sidelines Florian Pos and Michael Honey. “We’re proud of the team, how they get more motivated and work harder week by week. That’s exactly what’s important to us now that we have a long way to go.”says the Pos responsible for the offense.

Two matches are scheduled for Sunday

The Salzburg Ducks are like Znojmo and Innsbruck: played three times, lost three times quite close. The opponent knows both quite well. Wins against Telfs and Graz, defeats against Prague and Floridsdorf. Rangers play on the full keyboard in the Surprise AFL and are like every week a little grab bag. Salzburg lost not only the battle in Vienna, but also an American import Hunter Smith and the # 1 wide receiver Noah Toure.

New game, new luck my ducks head coach Nick Johansen: “That becomes an interesting and physical match against a solid Rangers team. What we have done in our previous matches was not enough to win. We will do well, expand further and correct the mistakes that will make the difference. ”

“We always play very well, but in the end we still lose. A first win would really give the team a boost again.”adds the chairman Christine Gappmayer.

After Graz in the previous week, Traun starts the difficult away trip to Prague. Along with the Dragons and Vikings, the Panthers are still undefeated and have only allowed 40 points in three games. So what we’ve seen from the Black Panthers so far has been strong. Even very strong. All wins were won by two or more goals. Apart from the rainfall in Salzburg, they seemed almost overwhelmed. It is very possible that the state champion of American football for the first time in the history of Austrian football in 2022 will be safe after the playoffs when the Czechs move into an Austrian bowl for the first time.

“Steelsharks play good football these days. It will be a big challenge for us. We have to take the next steps as a team and act as one.”reveals Prague’s head coach Taylor Breitzman cautious.

Austrian Football League WEEK 6

Graz Giants (1-3) vs. Znojmo Knights (1-3) 26:28
(0: 14/19: 7/0: 7/7: 0)
SAT 7 May 2022 at 14.00 Eggenberg Graz Stadium

Telfs Patriots (3-1) vs. Vienna Vikings (3-1) 49:42
(14: 14/0: 7/21: 14/4: 7)
SAT 7 May 2022 KL. 18.00 Telfs Sports Center

Raiders Tirol (0-4) vs. Danube Dragons (5-0) 0:42
(0: 14/0: 7/0: 14/0: 7)
SAT 7 May 2022 18:00 American Football Center Innsbruck
»To the livestream

Salzburg Ducks (0-4) vs. Rangers Modling (3-2) 26:28
(0: 6/12: 16/0: 0/14: 6)
SUN 8 May 2022 at 14.00 · Max Aicher Stadium Salzburg
»To the livestream

Prague Black Panthers (4-0) vs Steelshark Traun (1-3) 38: 7
(14: 0/10: 7/14: 0/0: 0)
SUN 8 May 2022 15:00 · SK Prosek Prague
»Announced livestream on the facebook page

The top match in Division 2 takes place in southern Styria. To be precise, in Tilmitsch, where the local Reavers receive the Gmunden Rams. In two direct duels, Styria and Upper Austria duel for second place in the playoffs behind Rhinos, unless Ried comes up with something else this season. This is also the only game in Conference A.

In Conference B, things get old in Schwadorf when the Legos meet the Spartans again (in the livestream). Currently, none of them play (yet) a significant role in the playoffs. If the Blue Hawks beat the Pannonia Eagles on Sunday, it will remain so after the week.

AFL Division 2 WEEK 5

Carnuntum Legionaries (2-2) vs. Weinviertel Spartans (0-4) 29:22
(0: 16/0: 6/19: 0/10: 0)
SAT 7 May 2022 at 15.00 Richard Gebert sports facility Schwadorf

Styrian Reavers (4-1) vs. Gmunden Rams (3-2) 34:20
(7: 6/20: 8/0: 6/7: 0)
SAT 7 May 2022 at 15.00 Tillmitsch sports field

Blue Hawks (2-1) vs Pannonia Eagles (1-2)
SUN 8 May 2022 at 15.00 Thousandflower Arena Schönfeld
CANCELED due to unplayability on site
Alternative date 21 May 2022 at 15.00

There are also three matches in the lowest division. On Saturday in Steyr, a team will celebrate the season’s first win when the Predators and Bastards meet as two 0-3 programs. In Vienna, the Vikings and Mustangs are two teams that suffered sensitive defeats against Klosterneuburg and Schlöglmühl last week, and in Bischofshofen, the Ravens and Grizzlies are two 2-1 teams. Although the newcomer was able to surprise against the Bastards and Predators, they had no chance against Wels in the previous week. The host must therefore be favored here.

AFL Division 3 WEEK 6

Predators Steyr (1-3) vs. Mostviertel Bastards (0-4) 35: 6
(7: 0/14: 0/14: 6/0: 0)
SAT 7 May 2022 14:00 LAC Steyr

Vienna Vikings DT (4-1) vs. Ebenfurth Mustangs (3-1) 5:27
(2: 7/0: 13/3: 0/0: 7)
SAT 7 May 2022 at 16.00. Football Center Ravelinstraße Vienna

Pongau Ravens (3-1) vs. AFC Grizzlies (2-2) 35:20
(9: 0/13: 12/7: 0/6: 8)
SUN 8 May 2022 at 15.00 BSK 1933 Bischofshofen

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