“FITBOOK Beach Camp” coach in an interview

Whether Ju-Jutsu, Kickboxing or Krav Maga: Tim von Fintel is a martial arts professional. At FITBOOK Beach Camp, he wants to show that it’s not just about technique and speed, but also about fitness and fun.

The 48-year-old started judo as a child. Meanwhile, he specializes in various styles of martial arts. He is the founder and leader of the martial arts school Zanshin Dojo in Hamburg. In an interview with FITBOOK, Tim von Fintel tells what the participants in his courses at FITBOOK Beach Camp in Crete can expect and why martial arts is a must for any fitness fan.

This is Tim von Fintel – FITBOOK Beach Camp Trainer 2022

Last name: Tim von Fintel
Age: 48
Place of residence: Hamburg
Education: 6. Dan Ju-Jutsu (DJJV), 1. Dan Kickboxing, Black Belt Requirements Maga / Master Instructor (DKMV), Instructor License Ju-Jutsu (DJJV), Brown Belt Brazilian Ju-Jutsu, Representative Instructor Combat Submission Wrestling under Erik Paulson, Boxing Instructor License, Federal Referee for DJJV, Official Hyrox Coach
Sporting performance: 1st place at the European Championships in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu in Purple Belt Master Class 3 (-94 kg) 2017, 2nd place at the European Championships in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu in Purple Belt Master Class 1 (-94 kg) 2006, 2 × German Champion Ju-Jutsu, 3 × German Deputy Champion Ju-Jutsu, 7 × North German Champion Ju-Jutsu, 9 × Hamburg Champion Ju-Jutsu, 2nd place World Cup in Copenhagen 1992 as a member of the German national team

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»Martial arts make you confident

FITBOOK: How did you get into martial arts?
Tim von Fintel: “I took judo as a preparation course in 5th grade at school, and I thought it was good. Then I was allowed to participate in a tournament and I won it right away, even though I did not have much control over it. But obviously talent. That’s why I would continue to practice martial arts. I wanted to practice karate because I wanted to defend myself. But my dad would not because he was afraid I would become a bully (laughs). Then I found a book about Ju-Jutsu at home. It said the police would also be notified. So I chose Ju-Jutsu. ”

What fascinated you so much about martial arts?
Tim von Fintel: “I just realized I was really good at it. It suited me. It was interesting. Being able to defend myself in an emergency was absolutely important in the parts of Hamburg where I lived at the time. It also makes you more confident. ”

‘No one will get a black eye from it

What courses will you offer at FITBOOK Beach Camp?
Tim von Fintel: “I will definitely offer fitness boxing and fitness kickboxing, an injury-free boxing training for all participants. In other words, a fun, exhausting, but feasible boxing training – without getting a black eye for it. Self-defense training and Krav Maga are also being considered. ”

What are you particularly aware of as a coach?
Tim von Fintel: “FITBOOK Beach Camp brings together not only athletes from all walks of life, but also people who want to get back to the sport, or who just want to go on an active holiday. A lot of tact is required. You can not just get out of the club with the standards one has to adapt to as a coach.It is important that everyone feels they are in good hands.Everyone should have fun.You must also make sure that the pairs are compatible.Otherwise the balance of power will not be right.If a group is disharmonious, it is important to change partners regularly – also to get to know each other. ”

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Is fitness boxing for everyone?
Tim von Fintel: “Fitness boxing is a sport that puts a lot of strain on the heart. The pulse is running. Everything must be in good health. If you have foot injuries, wrist problems or back problems, you should also avoid it. So it’s only health reasons that can keep you from fitness boxing. “

“It’s about fun, movement and motivation!”

Why is fitness boxing an effective workout?
Tim von Fintel: “Boxing and kickboxing can be compared to HIIT. The training consists of elements where you go for full throttle and then calm down again. You have two minutes of effort where you ramp up and then another minute of rest. One holds the sandbag, the other hits it, then they change. So you have alternating peak loads and relaxation. This is an integral part of the training. It’s not about performance, it’s about fun, movement and motivation. Maybe the participants will also find new approaches to their training. at home.”

What are you most looking forward to at FITBOOK Beach Camp?
Tim von Fintel: “What I look forward to most is getting to know all the different people. Especially after this stupid Corona time. It’s important to me that people enjoy sports and socializing. “

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Where else will you be found at FITBOOK Beach Camp?
Tim von Fintel: “I like being in a social group no matter where. But I also like cycling and enjoying the sun.”

What phrase do you not like to hear when exercising?
Tim von Fintel: “Either: ‘Technology does not work at all!’ Or ‘What if he does?’ “

Do you have a fitness motto?
Tim von Fintel: “In sports, I like to do the things that I am particularly happy about first, so that I can motivate myself. And then the holes that I still have to close. For me, it’s relaxation. Meditating, doing yoga – it’s hard for me. Therefore, my motto is: First of all, do what’s fun!

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