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62 years ago, Adolf Schmidt was part of Eintracht’s 6-1 win over Glasgow Rangers. Now the 80-year-old is also going to the Europa League final in Seville – with children and grandchildren.

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80-year-old Adolf Schmidt’s incredible fan family trip to Seville

The Eintracht fan family: 80-year-old Adolf (left) and his son Martin Schmidt

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It all started around midnight in the parents’ living room in Gelnhausen. Eintracht had just won the first semi-final match furiously 2-1 at West Ham United. The Schmidt family shared the excitement in front of the television. The optimism was enormous. The two brothers Martin and Benjamin used to search the internet for flights to the last place in Seville. And suddenly there was this plan: The 80-year-old father Adolf was definitely going to go to the finals.

Spontaneous acceptance after a few beers

“I was quite surprised at how my two sons presented me with a fait accompli. They said, ‘Dad, you have to go to Seville.’ When Eintracht had played so well and I had had a few beers, I spontaneously promised.” , Schmidt described in an interview with hr-sport the situation that had taken place in the parental home in late April. His wife was still a bit surprised, but Adolf Schmidt’s final decision was clear.

After Eintracht also won the second match against West Ham, the road to the final was clear, also for the family from Gelnhausen: for the two sons, the 17-year-old grandson Hannes and for the 80-year-old Adolf, for whom a formed circle ends. For he has already been to a memorable European match between Eintracht and Glasgow Rangers. In April 1960 in the semifinals of the National Champion Cup.

Reminiscent of the glorious 6-1 victory over Glasgow Rangers

Schmidt still remembers the first match against Glasgow well. At the age of 18, he was there in the sizzling Waldstadion. The 6-1 victory swept everyone with: “The whole city messed with it. The stadium was sold out with 72,000 spectators.” Back then, there was almost only standing room in the stadium. But the spectators on the seats would also have stood then. The game was so furious. “The euphoria was huge, especially in the second half, where goal after goal came.”

Eintracht Frankfurt on 13 April 1960 against Glasgow Rangers

But one thing was different: there was no uniform fan attire in 1960 in the grand semi-final against Glasgow. “Back then, not everyone was in the stadium in white, as they are now for the matches. Everyone came in normal clothes.” There was hardly any fan equipment such as scarves or sweaters. The semifinals against Glasgow were won 6-1 in the first match and 6-3 in the second match. Eintracht then only failed in the final in another memorable match against Real Madrid with 3: 7.

The 80-year-old travels to Seville without a ticket

Now the 2022 final is in Seville. The arrival of the three-generation Schmidt family is extremely adventurous. Late Tuesday afternoon we fly via Basel to Malaga. From there by rental car along the coast to Jerez. The Schmidt family has their hotel there, the rooms in Seville are simply prohibitively expensive. On Wednesday, the final day, we take the train to Seville. After the fight, I took a taxi the 90 kilometers back to Jerez.

Not all Schmidts have tickets yet. They want to try their luck on the spot in Seville. No problem for the 80-year-old father: “I’m happy when we’re in Seville, with or without a ticket. was at the Stadium would be and we are just as happy for the victory. “

About the victory. This is how a real fan thinks. There is no doubt. Otherwise, the Schmidt family from Gelnhausen would not even have to travel here. However, one thing is already clear before the kick-off: For 80-year-old Adolf, his sons Martin and Benjamin and grandson Hannes, the trip to the Eintracht final is probably the best family outing of their lives.

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