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It should not be. SV Darmstadt 98 does not advance to the Bundesliga, in the end the lilies became number four. Although there is frustration in the beginning, pride wins in the end. And there is also a declaration of war.

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Highlights: Darmstadt – Paderborn

highlights Darmstadt Paderborn

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They needed a little boost. The walk was not easy at first. SV Darmstadt 98 had just played against SC Padeborn, clearly winning 3-0 (3-0) in the end, but missed the big goal. Fourth place, no promotion, no relegation, no party, long lily faces. Therefore, someone was needed who gave the initial spark after the end of the game. And Torsten Lieberknecht went on, ran into the basket, pointed at his team and let thunderous applause break out in front of his team, who then after a bit of hesitation picked up the affection in the fan basket. And that even though Lilien’s football heart had been broken just two minutes earlier.

In the parallel game, Hamburger SV drew 0-1 against Hansa Rostock for a 3-2 victory in the second half. The match in Darmstadt was over before the match in Ostseestadion, the Lilien players, who had previously delivered a furious match against the overwhelming Paderborn, experienced the last few minutes live on the pitch. It was just a little more than a minute of waiting until at 5.23pm the big dream of climbing was finally shattered.

“It was a stab in the heart of football”

“It was pure disappointment, it was a stab in the heart of football,” goalkeeper Marcel Schuhen gave an insight into his inner life after gathering a little. The Lilien goalkeeper was also the first to walk into the corner after the match, grabbing the microphone and speaking for the whole team: “We are incredibly grateful for what you did for us. We left our hearts on the pitch. Have always stood up, and we will rise again. “

Everyone in the stadium hung on to Schuhen’s every word at that moment. “The walk was difficult and easy,” the goalkeeper reported afterwards about the 20 meters from the team circle to the microphone, giving a further insight into his emotional world. “It was easy because we did everything today. But of course it was also difficult because you could see the disappointment on people’s faces.”

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Drama in Darmstadt – just missed promotion! | Hessenschau from 15.05.2022


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The only thing missing was the crown of the work

It was an extremely emotional moment. A moment when everyone in Böllenfalltorstadion, even in the moment of disappointment, once again realized what a season of the lilies had ended so bitterly. This Darmstadt team had not only torn with its own supporters. She had annoyed the big ones and put them under pressure until the last day of play. “We drove these teams ahead of us with our performances,” Lieberknecht stressed. The only thing missing in the end was the crown of the work, the great feeling of happiness on the last day of the game.

These minutes after the final whistle showed once again how much the lilies had been looking forward to the big surprise, the big goal, yes, had hoped for it. “The boys live for something. They play football with a soul,” coach Torsten Lieberknecht explained with a touch of pathos appropriate to the day. “It’s okay for a heart to be broken. It shows me the boys are alive.”

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Pride comes quickly

After these bitter minutes, all the inhabitants of Darmstadt quickly felt a different feeling: pride. Proud of what we have achieved, proud that we finished in fourth place after the three absolute heavyweights in the league. Although this was precisely the place Lieberknecht, whom he repeatedly emphasized, under no circumstances wished to reach.

“I did not want this fourth place in the table, and now we are right there,” explained Lieberknecht, who could smile a little – and explained with a look at the planned celebration in the evening. “It’s important that we laugh today, even though we’re actually disappointed.”

“Then it continues”

With which the Southern Hessians had arrived at the third feeling after frustration and pride that afternoon: aggression. Yes, this season it was nothing with the great success. But there is also a new season.

“I will leave the boys alone for now. But then we will continue,” Schuhen announced. And Lieberknecht stressed: “We will try to surprise again next year.” And there it was – at the end of this bitter day – yes, the impetus for a fresh start. So next year.

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