“Clear ideas”: How Werder Bremen are planning the new Bundesliga squad!

Bremen – Frank Baumann had been looking for a quiet place somewhere at Wohninvest Weser Stadium, because otherwise he would have been hard to understand on the phone so soon after the final whistle. Tribute to the spectators in the middle of the pitch, effervescent players, first outside, then in the locker room – and from everywhere this loud party music, which did the apartment all justice: After a year absence, Werder Bremen had a 2-0 victory in the home game against Regensburg made it live return to the Bundesliga perfectly – and made sure that after the final whistle only the moment, here and now, the pure joy spoke. In other words: on Sunday afternoon, very, very few people at Osterdeich should have thought about the next day. Frank Baumann was certainly one of them.

Asked about the long party night, which should now also be in front of him, the sports director said in SV Werder Bremen in his quiet place in the stadium: “The players can now celebrate with the fans, but I have to go back to work tomorrow, because we will continue immediately. I will be back in the office from noon.” With the clear goal of putting together a strong squad for the new season in the Bundesliga as soon as possible.

“We have clear ideas in mind about how the team can continue and what positions we need,” he said. Frank Bauman – and highlighted: “Now that it is clear that we are back next season Bundesliga play, we will continue to work on these ideas. We want to get the core of the squad together much earlier than last summer. “

Werder Bremen sporting director Frank Baumann after promotion via Bundesliga squad planning: “Financially a little easier”

As a reminder: After the bitter relegation in May 2021, there were months of great uncertainty around Weser Stadium. Top artists had to continue to be severely hampered by the corona pandemic transfer market initially be abandoned for financial reasons before the club could even buy it itself, which led to troop was not quite finished at the start of the season. It must and will be loud Frank Bauman not repeated in the summer of 2022.

The leader of sports SV Werder Bremen and his teammates have been planning on two pitches in recent months, for both leagues, and are said to have come quite a long way with some players. “Basically, it’s easier now as a 1st division club to convince a player,” Baumann said, but would not have too high expectations associated with this statement: “Of course it’s a little easier financially, but it’s well known that we can no longer match the budget from times before relegation. ”

Werder Bremen sporting director Frank Baumann on transfers: “We are optimistic that we can convince interesting players”

According to information from DeichStube, there is currently a salary budget of 30 million euros plus X for new team intentional. In the last first division season 2020/21 it was 47 million euros. Besides Werder Bremen again dependent on achieving a transfer profit, just this does not have to be as high as last summer where a plus of over 20 million euros was generated, which contributed significantly to the club’s financial survival. Baumann sees squad planning as “a challenge” again this year, but on Sunday afternoon added a phrase that many fans liked: “We are optimistic that we can convince interesting players to join us.”

The Bremen exchange scheme is clearly outlined: on the one hand, experienced professionals must come, ie “players who have already experienced and seen a lot”, as Baumann explained. A candidate there Werder Bremen have considered for a long time is Pascal Grosswhose contract is with the Premier League club Brighton & Hove Albion expires in the summer. There had already been initial talks between the players and the club this winter, which could now become more concrete after promotion. After five years in England, the 30-year-old ex-Ingolstadt resident is expected to return to Germany. It is also said that other Bundesliga clubs have their eyes on him.

Transfers after promotion: Werder Bremen also want to sign other potential players such as Augsburg’s Dikeni Salifou

On the other hand, searching Werder Bremen also for players who need to strengthen the quality of the squad across the board to increase competition. “Potential players who may only play an important role in a year or two will be among newcomers,” said Baumann, the Augsburg U19 player Dikeni Salifou such an actor already in April contract train.

A lot happens in the staff planning of SV Werder Bremen of course, also depends on what happens to the professionals whose contracts expire in the summer. The future of goalkeeper Jiri Pavlenka as well as of defenders Ömer Toprak and Milos Veljkovic is currently still open. “We will deal more intensively with the subject next week,” Baumann announced Sunday. In addition, players like Marco Friedl (contract until 2023) should have piqued the interest of other clubs a long time ago. Frank Bauman however, remain relaxed. Sunday afternoon, when everyone around him was celebrating, he dropped two sentences that are not necessarily after large-scale construction on troop read: “We already have a certain basic framework. So the upheaval will not be as great as it was last year. ” (dco)

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