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Munich (ots)

Favoritterror Chemnitz has no chance in Munich, must hope for the home advantage. For in the first two BBL quarter-finals, FC Bayern dominates and already leads 2-0 after 93-76 in the playoff series. “They play very well,” confirmed Chemnitz coach Pastore, and with a view to quarter-final 3 on Friday (live on MagentaSport from 8.15pm): “We will give it our all in front of our fans.” FC Bayern coach Andrea Trinchieri knows what to expect: “We are good, but I know it will not be enough on Friday.” The nine-time champion Bamberg is trying hard to break through Berlin’s dominance. But that is not enough in the second duel either. Thursday (live from 18.45 on MagentaSport) the champions of Bamberg can make the semifinals ready. But beware, ALBA coach Israel Gonzalez warns: “If you rest for a second, they will fight back.” In Bonn, Parker Jackson-Cartwright aka “PJC” towers over everything and everyone with 41 points! The Hamburgers enter the half with a lead and lose focus in the second half. Coach Tuomas Iisalo was anything but happy with Bonn’s performance in the first half: “It was incredibly bad, we were very undisciplined.” On Friday (live from 18.45 on MagentaSport) the motto for Hamburg is: wind or fly. “See you in Wilhelmsburg – with 3,000 fans,” said a combative coach Pedro Calles. The Ludwigsburg derby against Ulm keeps its promise: Ludwigsburg needs 2 overtime in game 1 (83: 83/90: 90) to win. “It was one of the best games I’ve seen,” excited coach John Patrick. The Swabian thriller continues on Tuesday: live on MagentaSport from 18.45.

Below are the main voices and clips from the playoffs quarterfinals – if used, please name the source MagentaSport. The game continues on Tuesday with the second match in the Swabian thriller Ludwigsburg against Ulm – live from 18.45 on MagentaSport. On Thursday, it will be galactic for basketball fans: Final Four as a free TV offer with the dream semi-final between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona from 20.45. Piraeus and Efes Istanbul will meet in Belgrade from 17.45. All live on MagentaSport, as well as the 3rd round of the BBL quarterfinals on Thursday and Friday.

FC Bayern Munich – NINERS Chemnitz 93:76 – Serie: 2: 0

Bayern show impressively that they are no longer burdened by the 3 defeats in the main round against Chemnitz. Coach Andrea Trinchieri’s team got off to a brilliant start and went to the break with a lead of 23 points. Bayern, however, did not keep their legs on the gas for a full 40 minutes. The NINERS fought their way back to 11 points in the final quarter. In the end, however, the force is not enough to get dangerously close again.

Rodrigo Pastore, coach of NINERS: “They are a strong team. We tried everything we could. We were aggressive, it did not work. We tried to switch, it did not work. We tried zone or match-up. They play very well. Maybe we did. not play like we should play today to compete with such a team, but we keep fighting.We will give everything in front of our fans.Hopefully on Friday we can do better and play a closer match.Our fans deserve it and we will try. “

Andrea Trinchieri, Bayern coach: “It’s not about criticizing, which is one of my tasks, to make the boys better. The game shows everything. When we are focused, in the game, offensively and defensively, we are a team. When we are not there mentally is we the team that gets an 11-0 run without enough will to mentally control the match, that’s exactly what we get on Friday … We’re good, but I know it will not be enough on Friday. We must raise our level as we continue to make small mistakes. “

Jonas Richter, 13 points Chemnitz: “The problem was definitely the first half. I do not know how high we lost it. In any case, too high. Then of course it is difficult to come back somehow in the second half. We will now focus on the match. 3 We are strong at home and we want to prepare for it … At times it seemed to me that we played without confidence when the first shots did not go in. In the second half we grabbed ourselves, but it must be the case from the beginning of the work to have a chance here. “

Deshaun Thomas, 22 points FC Bayern: “I’m happy with my performance and also with my teammates, but it’s a series here. We have to prepare for the next match and we can not be too happy here. We will learn from the mistakes and be ready for 3 . Game.”

ALBA Berlin – Brose Bamberg 97:85 – Serie: 2: 0

Can Bamberg really stop the Berliners? The champions have been undefeated in 12 matches. Also in the 2nd match in the playoffs, the albatrosses are the better team and lead 2-0 in a row. Bamberg is only a minute ahead, Berlin is simply too dominant. Nevertheless, Bamberg fought back and reduced the lead by 22 points to 9 points.

Oren Amiel, coach Bamberg: “First of all, we lost. We look at the result on the board and it says defeat. But I think we showed a reaction. It took the boys a little bit. The moment they react to us, we know that something can be done But I say it again – in my opinion they are by far the best team here.The way they play looks very happy and it is not easy to play against them.I think we have fought, the mentality was there.was a different approach than in the first match. “

Martinas gives, 21 points Bamberg: “In the first match we were not there physically. Our attitude was also reflected on the scoreboard. They scored 38 points in the transition. It was unacceptable and we had to put more match into the match. We did too, maybe too. “as you can see from the mistakes. The positive thing is that we fought a lot more. ALBA is still a strong team, every mistake is punished. We have to show the same attitude in Bamberg.”

Oscar Da Silva, Alba Berlin on Bamberg’s physics: “It’s the playoffs. It’s clear that the teams are playing there physically. That’s how it will continue to be. We can’t start complaining about anything there. I think there were a few scenes in the beginning that were over. “For me. But it’s also part of it. Everyone wants to win here. The judges did a good job too. It remained physical to the last, thank God we defended well.”

Israel Gonzalez, coach Berlin: “I think both teams could not score as in the 1st game. We played better in defense in the 1st half. In the 2nd half I was not happy that we got a lot of pick and roll curve. Now it says “We know Bamberg is a proud team and a proud club. We have to stay fully focused. Because if you rest for a second, they will fight back.”

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Telekom Baskets Bonn – Hamburg Towers 89:81 – series: 2: 0

The people of Bonn are expanding their lead in the series and can reach the semi-finals next Friday (live from 6.45pm on MagentaSport). In the first half, it looked like the Towers could equalize the series. But in the 3rd quarter, Bonn played big around MVP Parker Jackson-Cartwright and turned the match around. In particular, “PJC”, as the superstar from Bonn is called, once again showed an excellent performance with 41 points. The Hamburgers simply did not have enough strength to keep up with Bonner’s strength in the second half.

Tuomas Iisalo, coach Bonn: “Was it our best first half? No! Was it our worst half this year? Maybe. It was incredibly bad, we were very undisciplined. We did almost everything wrong, had very few offensive rebounds. But our team has very, very much of character we were very clear at the break – we need the 4 things 2 in attack 2 in defense and then we have a chance if we go from possession to possession and the players are good at it in defense and then have we have confidence up front with players like Jackson-Cartwright. “

Parker Jackson-Cartwright, 41 points Bonn: “The coach came into the locker room at the break, did not shout, was not worried, remained calm and said we should play much better to win the match. Everyone took it to heart and we did.”

Pedro Calles, Coach Hamburg Towers: “It was 2 different halves. We simply forgot in the second half that it is important to play physically and to score. What I want to say now: 3000 people in Wilhelmsburg because the players give everything they can. Our fans have to give their all now too. Well, see you in Wilhelmsburg with 3,000 fans. “

Link to the game: MHP giants

Ludwigsburg – ratiopharm Ulm 104: 99 OT Series: 1: 0

Ludwigsburg starts successfully in the playoff series against Ulm. In the end, however, it takes 2 overtime hours to decide the winner. Among the teams, Jonah Radebaugh stood out with 20 points and 9 assists and Jaron Blossomgame with 41 points. Annoying for Ulm, who was in the lead most of the match. On Tuesday, after the exciting thriller, we continue with game 2.

John Patrick, coach Ludwigsburg: “I’m goalless. It’s great! How we found a way into 1st and 2nd overtime against Blossomgame, I think he scored over 40 points. I’m very proud! It’s 1-0 now. It was a of the best matches I’ve seen. “

Justin Simon, 11 points Ludwigsburg: “A derby in the playoffs. The intensity is high and the stakes are high. We just wanted to step on the gas here and win at home. We have home advantage for a reason. We fought our way through and deserved to win.”

Link to the game:

After the match, Ulm left the field as one and went straight into the locker room. On Tuesday (live from 18.45 on MagentaSport) things should go better for Ulm.

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