Bautzen: Do fitness centers in the Bautzen district pay money back?

Do fitness centers in the Bautzen district pay money back?

According to a ruling, the fitness centers must repay membership fees from Corona’s closing times. Such is the situation in the Bautzen district.

Ramona and René Wagner run their power plant studio in Sohland. As part of the corona restrictions, they had benefited from being able to offer fitness courses outside as well.
© SZ / Uwe Soeder

Bautzen. Ramona Wagner and her husband René experienced both sides of the hard Corona closing time. Although they never even reopened their power plant studio in Bautzen, business on the Sohland site is up and running again. “Here we have an outdoor area and have received an emergency permit for use. That was the big plus, and we could open earlier than others, ”says Ramona Wagner. This possibility did not exist in Bautzen.

On the other hand, the Federal Court’s ruling of 4 May does not affect the “power plants” more than most other fitness studios in the Bautzen district, which Sä asked about. is obliged to refund the membership fee during the Corona closing times that were debited – if customers so wish.

Ramona and René Wagner had already left it open to their members during the closing times whether they would continue to pay despite the closure or not. “It was then that we noticed how different the relationship between rural and urban areas is. Here in Sohland, it is family-like, and many have continued to pay because they wanted to support us. ”

Monthly termination and individual solutions

In My Gym in Kamenz, the BGH verdict does not matter, study director Maurice-André Panitz confirms. “We do not notice much of it, as we have contracts that can still be terminated monthly.” In the most recent closing phase, My Gym no longer charged, so the contribution payments primarily relate to the first and second corona lockdown, the study leader continued.

Maurice-André Panitz runs My Gym fitness studio in Kamenz.

Maurice-André Panitz runs My Gym fitness studio in Kamenz.
© Matthew Schumann

We discussed individually with each customer what solutions were possible. In addition to the repayment, vouchers were offered for certain services to set off the previous payments, ie to compensate. A term that appeared in almost every conversation with the operators of gyms. According to Maurice-André Panitz, everything was already settled in My Gym in June 2021.

The members of the Bautzener Clever fit could also, long before the BGH judgment, decide whether they wanted their contribution back. “Many have used it,” says owner Stefan Lasch. Therefore, the judgment is not decisive. Like other studies, he still lost customers because of the consequences of the corona pandemic.

Operators lack regulation of contract terms

According to Rudi Eisenblätter, there were 150 in his FIB sports studio in Bischofswerda. Only in the beginning, during the first short closing phase in 2020, would the study have continued to withdraw the contingents, but not subsequently. “So the verdict does not affect me at all.”

In addition to the manageable number of redundancies, it is problematic, “that we have not been able to get new members for almost two years.” The contracts are automatically extended with the duration of the closing times. ”

Frank Pfützenreuter, CEO of the Pulsnitz Health Center, agrees. “If the contracts are not extended, we will practically be missing sales for eleven months.” For here in Pulsnitz, no contingent was charged during the Corona-related closures either. Frank Pfützenreuter is still investigating what the legal situation with regard to the terms of the contract will look like.

Bautzener Studio receives claims following the BGH judgment

After all, he welcomes the fact that the layoffs were moderate. “You can now see that many members want or even have to do something.” In his health center, many are involved in rehabilitation sports. The average age is 54 years, and the forced break is noticeable on the health of a number of members.

The only fitness studio that has been studied with experience in the BGH verdict is Bautzener Go In. ‘So far, based on the verdict, two clients will have their positions back. And of course they get it, ”says Norbert Rössel.

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During the recent closure, Go In no longer charged. Previously, it was about compensation. Accordingly, there were consumption vouchers on contributions already paid, or members could bring some for free. Another option is to transfer paid months. “So if you have paid for a seven-month closing period, you do not have to pay anything for the first seven since the reopening,” explains Norbert Rössel.

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