Basketball Bundesliga: What Skyliners Frankfurt can learn from relegation

Skyliners Frankfurt have been relegated from the basketball Bundesliga for the first time in their history. Although there is still hope for a wildcard, the treatment of the season has already begun.

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46’s bankruptcy seals Skyliner’s relegation

The Giessen 46ers players were disappointed.

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So there it is. What has been visible for several weeks is now sad security: Skyliners Frankfurt have been relegated from the basketball Bundesliga for the first time since their founding in 1999. Although there is still a possibility that the Hessians will also play in the basketball upper house in the coming season thanks to a wildcard, the problems that led to the sporting relegation must in any case be worked through.

Lack of consistency in the squad

Skyliners made too many mistakes when it came to listing. CEO Gunnar Wöbke recently mentioned in the Magentasport Point Guard Donovan Donaldson’s podcast a wrong purchase that the Frankfurters made again in February. But the American is not the only one who did not live up to expectations.

The skylines still do not have a real shooter from the outside, a shooter worthy of the name, in their ranks. They only got a real playmaker with the signing of Will Cherry, and a center, if you will call it that, only with his signature of Jamel McLean. Brooks de Bisschop has failed to qualify for the Bundesliga. Matt Haarms occasionally hinted at his potential, but the man of 2.21 meters lacked consistency.

Where was the development?

That was, for example, Len Schoormann’s problem. The 19-year-old started the season quite well after recovering from an injury, but then had to take too much responsibility for his age and ended up falling into a hole. In the victory in Oldenburg on the 31st match day, he was not used at all. But the young man can not be blamed.

“Our club DNA is that we need to develop players from the region,” said Wöbke at Magentasport. The Skyliners did not manage that at all this season. Sure, with Bruno Vricic and Richard Freudenberg missing Frankfurt’s two young hopefuls all season due to injury, but the fact that there was no real development to be seen with non-regional talents like Lukas Wank (25) or Lorenz Brenneke (22 ). ) speaks not only for the concept of Hesse – let alone the coach.

Too hard training

It was perhaps a brave step to bring in Diego Ocampo, a coach for Frankfurt, who lacked a lot of experience as head coach, but who is said to have a talent with young players. In hindsight, that was a wrong move. Ocampo never lived up to his early praise.

Instead of playing fast, exciting team basketball, Skyliners’ play was dead-static for most of the season. The Spaniard’s hard training led to some muscle injuries at the beginning of the year, Wöbke said. The Hessians could not use it at all in the relegation battle.

The descent is not a product of chance

There are many excuses for why so many things went wrong this season: accidents with injuries, Corona, less sponsorship money, new coach … But it would be too easy to describe relegation as a result of a long series of unfortunate events. “It could have happened last season. But we got the basket in time,” Wöbke admitted.

Skyliners held a season like this. The club’s top priority is to develop young players. “And if you risk relegation for that, then that’s the way it is,” says the manager. On the other hand, the Frankfurters must not become an elevator team. “It can and should not be the claim. Our viewers would not appreciate that either.”

Do not tear down new structures again

To avoid exactly that, the Skylines need to work on their structures. The good news is that they started doing it before this season. With Yannick Binas, the Frankfurters have hired another CEO, with Marco Völler finally a sports director, even though his official name is Sport Manager. It would be fatal if the Hessians tore this new structure into the background due to economic difficulties.

Skyliners must not only be able to develop young players, but also be an attractive place for talent. And so attractive that these talents then want to take the second or third stage of development together with the inhabitants of Frankfurt. If they fail to do so, they face exactly the fate that Wöbke will avoid at all costs: the skylines can become the lift team.

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