Werder Bremen: Live ticker against Jahn Regensburg! Campaign finals LIVE!

SV Werder Bremen in live ticker against SSV Jahn Regensburg: All goals, news and information from the promotion final – all live in the live ticker on DeichStube.


14.50: Regensburg, a top team at the start of the season, have not done well lately as Mersad Selimbegovic’s team has only won once in their last 14 matches.

14:46: Werder got back on track with the 3-0 victory in Aue, having previously won only once in five matches. Important: Ole Werner’s team has everything in their own hands today. A simple points victory against Regensburg would be enough today to leave both Darmstadt and the other blue and whites. With a victory, the championship would even be possible if Schalke lose at the same time in Nuremberg. But we agree: 2nd place would also be ok.

Werder Bremen in the live ticker against Jahn Regensburg: the lineups are there!

14:36: Jahn coach Mersad Selimbegovic has committed to the following starting XI: Weidinger – Saller, Breitkreuz, Elvedi, Wekesser – Best, Gimber, Boukhalfa, Besuschkow, Shipnoski – Albers. Curious: Goalkeeper Weidinger is actually the regular goalkeeper for the second team Regensburg in the Bayernliga, fifth division. But the goalkeepers hierarchically above him are all unable to play.

14:28: The lineups are here! Ole Werner relies on the following eleven: Pavlenka – Weiser, Veljkovic, Toprak, Friedl, Jung – Bittencourt, Groß, Schmid – Ducksch, Füllkrug. Werder starts in the same starting lineup as in the 3-0 away win in Aue last week. Zetterer (ET), Assalé, Schmidt, Rapp, Mai, Agu, Gruev, Woltemade and Dinkci take their places on the substitutes’ bench.

14:26: We are waiting for the line-ups for the match. They should arrive at any time. We are excited to see how coach Ole Werner will act against Regensburg today.

14:20: Before that, Werder had already played twice in the cup against today’s guests from Bayern. in April 2021, Werder won 1-0 in the quarterfinals with an Osako goal. The very first meeting was a long time ago: In the first round of the 2004/05 Cup, Micoud and Klasnic shot the defending champion to a 2-0 away win over the then third division. Jahn’s coach at the time: Mario Basler.

14:10: Some of the visiting fans will surely remember the first match, which Werder won 3-2. Bittencourt, Friedl and Ducksch then scored for Bremen. It was a match with an exciting final phase and the first league victory against Jahn.

13:59: The fans enter the stadium and the guest block is also being filled up. Most of it turns red – not only because Jahn’s club colors are red and white, but also because Regensburg fans have called for red.

13:39: We take a first look at the sporty. The referee in charge of today’s match is Felix Zwayer. He is assisted on the sidelines by Marco Achmüller and Richard Hempel, fourth official is Florian Exner, VAR is Timo Gerach and Oliver Lossius is by his side.

13:12: The full length of the fan march has now arrived at the Weser Stadium, two and a half hours before the kick-off, everything is already filled with cheerful Werder fans.

13:05: The front part of the fan march arrives at the Weser Stadium quite punctually. However, it will probably take a while before everyone is there.

12:58: The police keep making announcements and point out, for example, that the fans’ big flags sometimes come dangerously close to the overhead lines. The fans dutifully lower the flags a bit. It is orderly up to this point, but full of atmosphere.

12.50: Werder fans are currently moving through St.-Jürgen-Strasse. There are so many that those behind cannot see the beginning and those in front cannot see the end!

12:29: The police correct a little in their estimate: about 12,000 people are said to have come to the Weser Stadium together. The giant elevator has just arrived in Sielwall.

12.20: According to police, there should be about 5,500 Werder fans at the fan march, but our man on site estimates there are significantly more.

Werder Bremen in the live ticker against Jahn Regensburg: The fan march is underway!

12.10: You have to imagine this. There are three and a half hours to the match and the fans are already getting the mood high!

12:00: The fan march sets off punctually in the direction of the Weser Stadium!

11.50: Fans are now waiting (also for the police announcement) for a few hundred survivors to approach the rest of the main station. Then it should start right away!

11:45: Request number two: “Stop using pyrotechnics.” The latter works so half well …

11.40: With so many fans, of course, there are plenty of police present. And she’s taking advantage of the moment to pass on some safety information via speakerphone messages. Please number one: Beware of the big flags! Do not get on the tram’s overhead lines, otherwise there is a risk of death.

11.30: The atmosphere in the marketplace is already deafening – thousands of Werder fans sound the alarm half an hour before the march to the stadium!

11:15: The Bremen ultra group “Infamous Youth” had one for Sunday during the week fanmarch called to Wohninvest Weserstadion. The meeting was at 11 a.m. at the Bremen Market Square, Corteo, which Ultras calls the train in Italian, starts at 12 noon. And the city center is already packed. Photos and videos follow …

11 o’clock: Hello and a warm welcome to the big showdown in the 2nd Bundesliga from DeichStube! Decision day: Today is about everything. Of SV Werder Bremen refuses its major promotion final against Jan Regensburg. We’re going in!

Bremen – Werder Bremen in live ticker against Jan Regensburg. Kick-off in housing investment Weser Stadium is today at 15.30 live ticker starts here much earlier with first-hand impressions of fanmarch Werder fans. The lineups for both teams, all of them Portenews and information from the campaign final – all here Direct in live ticker that DeichStube.

Werder Bremen v SSV Jahn Regensburg – preliminary report:

Ole Werner icy cold: Werder Bremen coach exudes stoic calm before the promotion final against Jahn Regensburg

It’s snowing! For SV Werder Bremen it goes against in the promotion final Jan Regensburg (Sunday at 15.30, DeichStube live ticker) about the direct return to the Bundesliga – but coach Ole Werner stays absolutely cool despite the pressure! The preliminary report from DeichStube.

Nervousness to start this text directly with the state of mind that many fans of SV Werder Bremen according to ordinary dictionaries, is defined by two main things. 1.) Removal from silence and 2.) Loss of serenity. If these phenomena occur visibly, one will generally seem nervous to others. If they do not, you see instead: like Ole Werner.

Deeply relaxed, in peace or North German sober – there are many qualities that the Werder coach’s appearance during the press conference before the crucial home game in SV Werder Bremen against SSV Jahn Regensburg (Sunday at 15.30, DeichStube live ticker) can be rewritten. They would all be appropriate. And yet the word “ice-cold” probably describes it best, for something else had mingled in Werner’s almost colorless objectivity on Friday afternoon: a large dose of cool determination.

Werder Bremen promotion final against Jahn Regensburg: But coach Ole Werner is icy cold

“You can not play 0-0 for 90 minutes, because in football, individual situations can always decide a match,” said Werner, if the Bremen team on the last day would be enough – a 0-0, a point – to win Bundesliga promotion to make perfect. But because it would be quite risky to rely on it, and because Werder still makes very different demands on himself, the coach’s route was: “We will win our last home game!” Period. From the pure paper form, this must exist Werder Bremen be possible in a duel against table 13., Jan Regensburg, for whom sport is no longer important and who has been waiting for a victory in six matches now. However, something else will be important on Sunday: The head. After all, Bremen can not only win a lot, there is also a lot at stake for them.

“Of course we are aware of the importance of the game,” he said Ole Werner, who had tried to achieve a mix of “concentration and expectation” within his team during the week. Take things seriously anyway. On the other hand, just do not strain. It is important to stay focused, but also to have fun with what you are doing. Somewhere in between Werder Bremen settled according to Werner. Anything that could have caused a distraction was systematically ruled out by the club. No training in front of fans before the match. No media appointments for the professionals. The team’s traditional bus arrival before important home games, which is always celebrated by several fans, is also canceled on Sunday.

Werder Bremen’s promotion final against Jahn Regensburg – Ole Werner: “Hide everything else”

“It’s about concentrating on the things we can influence and ignoring everything else,” explained Werner, who for that reason was also aware of particular features of the preparation with SV Werder Bremen has given up: “It is more about having certain processes and interacting with each other for over a year, which provides security when special moments occur. And that’s what we need now. ” Sudden innovations that reflect the special significance of the game against Jan Regensburg In Werner’s view, the need to take this into account may also have a negative effect: “Perhaps the question then arises: Why do we not continue to do what has brought us to this good position?”

This good position – it secures it Werder Bremen on Sunday will be in a direct promotion spot in the Blitz table until the team comes back. As I said: one point is enough. The last day of the game can still have dramatic moves, for example if the rivals from Hamburg (in Rostock) or Darmstadt (against Paderborn) take the lead and thus increase the pressure on Werder. in Weser StadiumAccording to Werner’s plan, it should not matter. Results from the other sites will not be displayed on the video screens this time. If all goes well for Werder, they are still irrelevant because the team is doing its job, scoring and making promotion clear. Ole Werner, the thesis eventually, in this case will still 1.) move away from the resting state and 2.) lose composure. It can also happen when you are in a state of euphoria. (dco)

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