St. Pauli – Düsseldorf: Live ticker for the match in the 2. Bundesliga

FC St. Pauli broke their negative streak in six games without a win on the final day and ended the season on a conciliatory note with a 2-0 win over Fortuna Düsseldorf. Marcel Hartel put Kiezkicker on the road to victory with a dream goal (65th), Dzwigala marked the final result in the final phase (83rd).

However, the game only really took off in the second half, there were only a few notable scenes in the first half, and the sporting insignificance of the game was evident. Ritzka had the best opportunity with a long shot (38th).

After the restart, Kiezkicker, who had had a little more of the game before the break, showed more commitment on the way forward and was rewarded with a nice flick in the corner by Hartel and the lead (65th).

After a while, it got emotional. First Philipp Ziereis, then Christopher Buchtmann, was replaced and said goodbye to loud applause from the brown-and-white audience. After many years at Millerntor, both are over at FCSP.

Dzwigala finally made the final score after a corner from Hartel (83rd), with which Kiezkicker says goodbye to the 2021/22 season.

The game in live ticker

last whistle

90. + 2 min Three more changes at St. Pauli: Makienok, Becker and Lawrence come after Dittgen, Daschner and Amenyido.

89 min It comes dangerously, but the header at the first post ends up in Vasilj’s arms.

89 min The people of Düsseldorf are coming again, they will at least shorten this. There is a corner.

86 minutes Irvine sees the yellow card again.

85 min So all indications are that Kiezklubben is preparing a dignified final game day at Millerntor for its players who are about to say goodbye.

83 min That’s probably the decision! A corner from Hartel is taken advantage of by Dzwigala on the fifth and executed to the left against Wolf’s running direction.

83 minutes Goal for St. Pauli! Dzwigala steg!

76 min Next goodbye to a deserved player: After ten years at FCSP for Buchtmann, the midfielder leaves the pitch in tears and once again loudly applauded by the fans. Benatelli, who also denies his last minutes in the brown dress, comes in for him.

74. min Thjoner uses the break for another double change. Prib and Klaus make room for Iyoha and Peterson.

74. min The defense giant is back and can probably continue.

72. min Medic gets something in a head-to-head duel with Hennings and needs to be treated.

68 min Buchmann takes the free-kick from the edge of the box, but his attempt is blocked by the crossbar.

67 min Fortuna is also changing gift and hard-hearted come after Narey and Koutris.

67 min Immediately after, there is an emotional farewell to Philipp decorative ice. To St. The thunderous applause of Pauli fans leaves the longtime captain to replace him Dzvigala.

65. min There’s a well deserved trip to Kiezkicker! Amenyido is played in the middle and puts the heel down for Hartel. The midfielder pulls away from almost 18 meters and puts the ball perfectly in the right turn. Wolf can only look backwards.

65 minutes goal for St. Pauli! Hartel chases the ball into the fold and makes it 1-0!

63 min Narey takes care of the matter, but Hennings does not get the ball under control in the middle, but he was also shot.

62. min Irvine puts Piotrowski in the left corner of the box. Good free kick chance for the guests.

60 min Amenyido has a lot of green in front of him on the halfway line and is being played by Koutris stopped by a tactical error. It brings yellow with it.

58 min Especially with Kiezkicker, there is much more momentum after the restart than in the first round.

55. min Buchtmann takes care of the matter and circles the leather over the wall, but also a good meter above the goal.

54. min Daschner is released about 25 yards from the penalty spot and gets a free kick from a promising position.

52. min Wolf belaster St. Pauli with a pass right at the foot of Irvine nearly 35 yards from goal. The Australian immediately tries the ball through to Buchtmann, but the pass is too inaccurate. Somewhat hasty action by the Australian.

50 minutes Piotrowski comes too late against Ritzka and kills the left-back. You get a clearer kind of yellow card for that.

47 min Koutris is nicely staged with a pick to the left and gets a corner after all. This beheads Medic out of the danger zone.

46 min Düsseldorf has started, second round running.

Kick-off of the second half!

The first half is over. It is clear to notice that neither team is still preoccupied with crucial points. The poor passing rate is high for both teams, the offensive spirit low. Therefore, it goes into the locker room with a fair 0: 0, even though Kiezkicker has a little more of the game.

First half whistle!

45. + 2 minutes After a free kick by Hartel, Irvine heads the ball but puts it over goal.

45 min Klaus’ post from the right gets longer and longer and eventually reaches Koutris at the second post, who tries to hit it directly from a narrow angle, but sends the ball well over it.

42. min Irvine puts the ball up once in front of the penalty area and sends it off. The shot sinks, but does it too late – well over it.

40 min Amenyido is held in midfield and awarded a free kick.

38 min Ritzka! If a little goes in a playful way, then the hammer should come: After a corner, the ball comes in a central position to Ritzka, who tries from almost 30 meters and forces Wolf to make an ingenious action in the lower left corner.

36 min The game currently lacks the great offensive will on both sides. It is clear to notice that no one is so worried here anymore.

33 min Amenyido enters from the left, where Ritzka joined. However, the crossing comes at the back of the left back, which is why he does not finish.

31 min Irvine plays a nice pass through the interface and gets Amenyido with a little silly. His post lands on Zander, who is a bit surprised that he gets the ball and can not control it.

30 min Hennings brings a corner into the middle, but Vasilj is there and slams the game machine out of the danger zone with one hand.

25 min First really good chance for Fortuna! Klaus first comes to an end after a blocked attempt by Narey, but is blocked. Shortly after, Koutris gets a shot in the penalty area, but his attempt with the outside of the foot is too slack and easy prey for Vasilj.

24 min Great action by Hartel, who pulls in from the left and gives a fine shot to the second post with his right. However, Amenyido is two steps too late.

23 min Amenyido is down after a duel with Tanaka, but is able to continue after a brief shake.

20 min Buchmann comes too late towards Hennings and keeps his foot on it. For this he sees the match’s first yellow card.

17 min For the first time, Fortuna gets a little stuck in the hosts’ penalty area, but can not cause any danger. A bad diagonal ball finally sails into the side.

15 minutes Daschner chases the proper standard into the wall.

14 min clearer must go before he comes Piotrowski. Hartel, on the other hand, seems to be able to play on.

13 min The game is still interrupted. While Klarer was able to leave the field with support, Hartel is still on the ground.

11 min Hartel is clear on the road, Jöllenbeck gives a free kick from a good position. But first both protagonists must be treated, the collision happened at full speed.

9 min Daschner gets away nicely to Amenyido, who puts it all the way back to the edge of the penalty area. Daschner lurks there again, but just misses the pass. That would have been an excellent endpoint.

8 min St. Pauli had more of the game in the first minutes, but apart from the opportunity in the fourth minute, it was no big deal.

5 min First offensive by Düsseldorf, but Koutris’ post is cleared by Irvine.

4 min First really good opportunity for St. Pauli! Zander hits the ball from his own half of the field behind Fortuna’s defense, where Hartel picks the pass down, but is then pushed aside and thus no longer gets a pressure behind the shot.

1 min Let’s go, St. Pauli starts all the way in brown from left to right.


  • The players go in, it’s about to start.
  • And this is how the guests start: Wolf – Zimmermann, Hoffmann, Klarer, Oberdorf, Koutris – Tanaka, Prib – Narey, Klaus – Hennings.
  • Compared to the last match against Schalke, this means seven changes: Vasilj, Ziereis, Ritzka, Buchtmann, Daschner, Amenyido and Dittgen replace Smarsch, Beifus, Paqarada, Aremu, Benatelli, Kyereh and Matanovic.
  • Timo Schultz sends this starting student into the race: Vasilj – Zander, Ziereis, Medic, Ritzka – Irvine – Buchtmann, Hartel – Daschner – Amenyido, Dittgen.
  • The referee of the match will be Dr. be Matthias Jöllenbeck. The 35-year-old has led four St. Pauli matches so far, the record for Kiezkicker is negative with three defeats and only one win.
  • During the week, St. Pauli that it would say goodbye to six professionals. The long-time goalkeeping coach Mathias Hain will also be leaving. Schultz expects similarly emotionally charged moments before the match.
  • The form of Kiezkicker has been completely different in recent weeks. The boys in Brown have not won in six matches and have only scored three points during this period.
  • It would actually be “the first defeat in a long time”, after all, Fortuna have been unbeaten in twelve games since Daniel Thjonen took office in February. Since then, Düsseldorf has had six wins and six draws.
  • From a sporting point of view, however, Schultz is aware of the challenge, saying: “It will be a real task against a very homogeneous squad with a lot of quality. But maybe we will succeed in inflicting their first defeat in a long time. “
  • After missing out on promotion to Schalke, St. Pauli not too much at stake on the last day of the match. Coach Timo Schultz is still looking forward to it, however, because the opponent sees a nice reunion for the coach.
  • Hello and welcome to MOPO live ticker of the match between FC St. Pauli and Fortuna Düsseldorf! Kick-off is at 15.30 at Millerntor Stadium.

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