MHP giants Ludwigsburg win first play-off cracker against Ratiopharm Ulm

Ludwigsburg. “It was a completely crazy match, just crazy,” the head coach breathed a sigh of relief after the two and a half hour long play-off marathon, adding: “I’ve been the head coach for 22 years, but I’ve never experienced anything so crazy. It makes you think that at some point a break would be necessary. ” In fact, the dramatic nature of the game would probably fill an entire history book, so many turning points, so many small crucial things, so much pause in breathing after spectacular theft and rebounds, and just as dramatic errors in one text go beyond the scope of a conventional game report. the game-defining protagonists under the magnifying glass:

Jordan Hulls: Solid as a Rock. With almost 43 minutes of play, the playmaker was the calming influence throughout almost the entire match and was always there when it came to crucial stages. Although his throwing attempt did not always work (5 out of 13), he gave the game important momentum and kept the Giants at 45:57 (the highest deficit) with a theft and two important threes to 56:57 (25th) and later 79:73 (36th) in the fight.

Tekele Cotton: The returnee’s comeback is complete after a couple of fights where he ran under the umbrella. Cotton was also pushed to the extreme with over 40 minutes of play. Patrick put him on Ulm’s Jaron Bloomsgame after just a few minutes because Justin Simon could not get hold of the unstoppable top scorer (41 points / 16 rebounds!) After two early errors. As usual, Cotton took on this task calmly and yet contributed decisive throw-ins. An exclamation point; At the end of the third quarter, Cotton grabbed momentum thanks to the buzzer beater-quick break plus layup and closed the gap to 61:63. And yet the 28-year-old, who signed with the Giants as a BBL rookie in 2015, became an almost tragic figure: With the score 90:90 in overtime, Cotton broke after a missed free kick by Sindarius Thornwell, which definitely in favor of Ulmer would have meant the ball and could have hit the decisive self. But then he dribbled, and the chance to decide the match was postponed for the second time.

madness and genius

Justin Simon: Madness and genius coincided once again for the league’s best defender. The sunny boy from California, who was taken out of the game early, played only 8:49 minutes until just before the end of regular playing time. But then he was substituted when the score was 80:83, thwarting Ulm’s last attack and Jonah Radebaugh sent the match into overtime with a perfect three-pointer to equalize 83:83. Simon, who was now present as usual, increased his points account to eleven and was one of the most creative players in the final phase. “This is Simon. He comes back with action, is full of energy and scores important points,” Patrick said afterwards.

Jonah Radebaugh: Once again a guarantee of success and the Giants’ match winner: with almost 40 minutes, the top scorer (20 points / 9 assists, 7 rebounds) had to be on the bench after the first overtime due to 5th error, but by that time he had lost the game already several times torn from the fire. His three-pointer to a 90-88 lead almost ended the match, but then the period ended after a wild two-point sequence from Thornwell and Cotton’s subsequent mishap.

Tremmell Darden, Jonas Wohlfarth-Bottermann and James Woodard: The routine of the 40-year-old Darden and Captain Wobo as well as Woodard’s carelessness gave the game the right spice and the certainty that there was always an opportunity, even in difficult phases. While Woodard came over trump in the beginning and in the final phase, Wobo was always ahead in the derby match. With a PIR of 19 and a plus / minus of 10 after his long injury, Darden emphasized his irreplaceability in the upcoming playoffs.

Ulm coach Lakovic: We’ll be back

Conclusion: Ludwigsburg won an incredibly intense opening match in the quarter-final series. In the end, they lost the rebound duel and sent Ulm too often on the free-throw line, but had significantly more shot attempts and fewer ball losses. “With 19 turnovers with us, they made easy points. That was the key for them and too much to win, “said Ulm’s coach Jaka Lakovic, summing up what was probably the wildest and best match in BBL’s history, adding: We are back in match two on Tuesday.”

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