Klopp also wins the English Cup with Liverpool FC

JAt the moment of the great triumph, ürgen Klopp also thought of the losers. Liverpool had just defeated Chelsea in the FA Cup final, and just like in the February Liga Cup final, the decision between the two sides had to be decided on penalty kicks.

It was quite nerve-wracking, said Klopp, who had little visible and audible. “My nails are gone, but I really feel for Chelsea,” the coach whispered hoarsely in a TV interview, while his players celebrated: “120 minutes, for the second time, and they get nothing. It’s too hard.”

Knowledge has never been more valuable

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In an exciting final at Wembley with several chances for both sides and several hits on the post and the crossbar, no goals were scored either in the regular 90 minutes of the match or in extra time. First in the penalty shootout Liverpool won 6: 5 – and in the end it was fair. It is Liverpool’s first FA Cup victory since 2006; and it is the first time in the 150-year history of the world’s oldest national football tournament that a German coach wins the trophy.

Klopp’s success is becoming more and more a weekend for Liverpool fans. In the autumn of 2015, he took up his new position at the club, which at the time was not nearly as strong as it is today. Klopp has led Liverpool back to the glory of the 70s and 80s, first winning the Champions League in 2019 and Liverpool’s first English championship in 30 years the following year.

Two more titles

The domestic FA Cup and League Cup doubling this season means Klopp will go down as one of the club’s best managers. Klopp also has his admirers beyond Liverpool’s city limits. Klopp is a cult, also in England. Former England international Alan Shearer wrote in a post to the BBC after the cup final: “There is so much to admire in Liverpool at the moment and there is one man behind it all – Jurgen Klopp.”

And the season is not over yet. Liverpool have already won two titles, and two more can follow: It would be the so-called quadruple, which no English club has managed to do so far.

In the championship, Liverpool leaders Manchester City lead in front of them, and as in 2019, the decision could only be made on the last match day. City only drew 2-2 against West Ham United on Sunday and are now four points ahead but have played one more game. Liverpool travel to Southampton FC on Tuesday and must win to stay with a chance of winning the league.

And on May 28, the next final on the program for Liverpool: in Paris from kl. “It was an incredibly intense match against Chelsea, they deserved it, just like they did in the League Cup – the differences are so small,” Klopp said in praise of his opponent: “It was just a penalty kick. Chelsea played excellently, but in the end there has to be a winner – and that was us today. ” He, his team and the fans should be encouraged that the tight decisions are going in their favor at the moment.

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