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Green and white madness in Bremen! Werder is back in the Bundesliga. In the season final on Sunday, the Hanseatic League beat Regensburg 2-0 (1-0). The starting signal for a noisy promotion party in Bremen.

by Matthew Heidrich

The bass roared at Osterdeich and the green and white crowd celebrated their heroes. The promotion team took a tour of the Weser Stadium in a large truck with an oversized music system. “SVW is back” was written on a large banner. And in the first division.

“I hope this is the last promotion we celebrate with Werder Bremen – because we will be in the first division.”
Werder Bremen’s CEO Klaus Filbry

After the victory against Regensburg, Werder announced that the celebration of Monday in the marketplace would be avoided in consultation with the city of Bremen for the sake of “safety, common sense and short-sightedness”. With the truck ride, the club made it possible for the thousands of Bremen fans to celebrate with the team, which everyone enjoyed.

Space attack on Weser Stadium

The big promotion party had already taken off with the final whistle. The fans rushed to the pitch, the players danced on the pitch, Weser Stadium in a state of emergency: there was no restraint. Werder fans flocked to the pitch, giving free rein to their delight at advancing again after a turbulent second division season. For some spectators, however, the storm of the square – which was eventually heavily criticized – came to an ugly end. According to Bremen police, more than 20 people were injured, some of whom were taken to hospital.

Werner: “The audience carried us today”

Right in the middle of the cheers stood Werder coach Ole Werner, the architect behind Bremen’s promotion coup. Sober North German was passé for the 34-year-old who danced exuberantly with his team. “I’m really happy with the players because they invested so much and went through so many difficulties this year,” Werner said. “Today it was no matter how. We had to withstand the pressure, and we did it with the support of the audience that supported us. That’s all that matters.”

Former Werder professional Clemens Fritz even fought back tears after the triumph. “I’m extremely relieved. It’s a very emotional moment for all of us,” said the head of professional football and scouting. “I thought I had seen it all at this stadium and was surprised again today.”

Duo Füllkrug / Ducksch delivers again

The atmosphere in the Hanseatic city was ready for the first division already before the kick-off. About 12,000 Werder fans marched from City Hall to the Weser Stadium, transforming Bremen into a green-and-white party zone. Also in the arena, the green and white wall stood behind their team as one from the start.

Niclas Füllkrug set the course early for the victory against Regensburg with a 1-0 lead after ten minutes. “Lücke” sympathetic strike partner Marvin Ducksch shone as a preparer. In the second half, he scored himself to make it 2-0 (50th). Füllkrug 19 goals this season, Ducksch even 21 – the goals from the dream duo prepared Bremen’s way back in the Bundesliga.

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Werder unstoppable on the way

Regensburg did not give the game away at all, held back well. But Werder were unstoppable on the last few meters of their long journey back to the first division.

Weak start to the season, the vaccination passport scandal surrounding coach Markus Anfang including separation, happiness strike Werner and now the resurgence: This is how a memorable season goes, which ended happily on Sunday at Weser Stadium.

The fans and the team did not care about the past at that time. Only the moment and the spontaneous green and white Werder party spoke for them. “I have no idea, we have not planned anything. I’m not interested either, I’m following along a bit,” Fritz said. Werder coach Werner had more of a plan, or rather, had enough confidence for the upcoming celebrations on the truck: “I trust I will not disappoint.”

Match day May 34, May 15, 2022, at 15.30

Werder Bremen


J Regensburg



Werder Bremen:
Pavlenka – Veljkovic, Toprak, Friedl – Groß (90. Gruew) – Weiser (90. Agu), A. Jung – R. Schmid (56. N. Schmidt), Bittencourt (79. Rapp) – Filling jug, Ducksch

J Regensburg:
Weidinger – Saller (85. D. Otto), Breitkreuz, J. Elvedi, Wekesser – Gimber, Besuschkow (85. Faber) – Best (68. Makridis), Shipnoski (68. Yildirim) – Boukhalfa (75. Zwarts), Albers

41000 (sold out)

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Werder striker Karl-Heinz Riedle (center) is celebrated by fans © picture-alliance / dpa

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A football table in front of a football motif © Colourbox Photo: Pressmaster

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