Eintracht Braunschweig – Viktoria Cologne: Defeat – still celebrating

Receives on the last day of play in the 3rd division Eintracht Braunschweig FC Viktoria Köln.

While FC Viktoria Köln secured relegation, it was allowed Eintracht Braunschweig celebrate promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga on the last match day. Therefore, there will be celebration in Eintracht Stadium after the match on the 38th day of play. Before the match, Löwen fans have planned a fan march.

Eintracht Braunschweig – FC Viktoria Köln in the live ticker

We accompany the game Eintracht Braunschweig – FC Viktoria Köln in the live ticker and give you the most important information before and during the match.

Eintracht Braunschweig ends the season with a 0: 1 home defeat against Viktoria Köln. The frustration quickly disappeared. Even before the official final whistle, many fans gathered behind the boards, thus ensuring even an earlier end to the game. After the whistle, there was no detention. The fans are now completely stormed onto the pitch. It only took a few minutes before the green lawn was completely tinted with blue and yellow. Braunschweig is going to meet one loudly the rest of Saturday.


Game Information – Eintracht Braunschweig vs FC Viktoria Köln

  • Kick-off: Saturday, May 14 at 1:30 p.m.
  • Stadium: Eintracht Stadium
  • Transmission: MagentaSport, NDR


The lineups:

Brunswick: Bangsow – Wiebe (74´Kobylanski). Behrendt, Schultz (47 ‘Strompf), Kijewski -, Henning, Krauße, Zauner – Multhaup, Y. Otto (74’ Müller) – Lauberbach (74 ‘Girth)

Victoria: Bördner – Heister (46’Siebert), Höck, Greger, N. May – Fritz (67’Rossmann), Sontheimer – Marseiler (46’Philipp), Handle (72’Buballa), Palacios (46’Amyn), – Jastremski


FC Viktoria Köln 0: 1 (0: 0) – Eintracht Braunschweig

Goal: 0: 1 Jastremski (63 ‘)

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15.30: Despite a difficult season, the graduate Kobylanski is overjoyed: “You can see the charisma that Braunschweig has.” The Disney classic “Let it go” from the movie Frozen plays in the background. But the fans changed the lyrics. “Let it Be” sounded through the stadium with an incredible volume. Goosebumps.

15:25: There is almost no grass to see now. The green area is colored yellow-blue. The atmosphere is indescribable.

15:24: Maurice Multhaup is absolutely thrilled. In a post-match interview, he says, “It’s just so cool, try to enjoy it as much as possible.” He was overjoyed, even for the fans.

15:23: Sports director Peter Vollmann is mentally much longer: “Now comes what really matters: staying up.” Now the big work begins for him. In a short time he will form the squad for the 2nd Bundesliga.

15:21: “Despite the defeat, coach Schiele is happy:” We are proud of the team. When I think about what was on earth here 12 months ago. It was a great season. “I’m proud of the promotion,” Schiele said immediately after the match. “

15:19: Eintracht players do not escape into the locker room. Instead, the team is on the field with their fans celebrating their great performances of the season.

15:16: Eintracht ended the season with a defeat. Ultimately, the fans and the team should be able to do well. Yellow smoke hangs over the square. The fans hug each other on the lawn.

90´: Referee Müller whistles the game. The ecstasy is enormous. Fans storm out onto the lawn and celebrate their boys.

87 ‘: The ball no longer rolls. The stadium announcer warns of the consequences.

86´: Hammer! Even before the final whistle of the match, some fans storm onto the pitch. The fans throw themselves over the gang.

85 ‘: Eintracht can attack again in five minutes. A defeat would be a shame, but not a broken leg.

77 ‘: Good chance for Braunschweig. After a corner kick, Müller slips right past the ball.

74´: Another change of BTSV. Kobylanski gets a few minutes of play in his farewell game. Girth and Müller also enter the field. Lauberbach, Otto and Wiebe have finished their work

71´: Excitement at the stadium. Should the lions have been punished there? After a cross, a player from Cologne strikes his arm while crouching. Referee Müller decides on a corner kick. There is no VAR in the third division.

70´: Eintracht still has 20 minutes left. Coach Michael Schiele’s team can still say goodbye with points.

61´: Goo! Out of nowhere, Cologne suddenly takes the lead. After a Braunschweig corner, the guests change well. Bangsow can only parry, then the ball hits the post. At the end of the food chain is Cologne Jastremski and pushes the ball in.

60´: Early starts in yellow! A couple of Eintracht fans try to run onto the pitch a little too soon. The directories know how to prevent this.

58 ‘: There’s a little movement coming in. However, both teams lack the necessary consistency.

47´: First shift by the lions. Stocking replaces Schultz.

45 ‘: Let’s continue in Braunschweig!

As expected, both clubs are taking it easy. The atmosphere is great, but the match could well use a little more target area scenes. There are a few chances, apart from Lauberbach’s offside goal, the big chances are still a long way off.

45 ‘: And that’s it. Judge Eric Müller whistles on time.

41´: The visiting team is always looking for an end. Substitute Bangsow can still easily fend off all attacks.

40´: “We definitely let it go,” Jan-Hendrik Marx describes the team’s promotion celebration on the NDR microphone. “It went out at night,” the right-back said.

36´: Another conclusion of the lions. But Multhaup gets no power behind the ball.

31´: Another chance. Henning wins with a powerful dribble. The midfielder pushes his way through to the outside, but Zauner’s post goes nowhere.

20´: Both teams take it easy. The game has more of a friendly character. Still, the atmosphere is great. Both camps are in a festive mood. BTSV due to ascent, Cologne due to relegation. There are about 23,000 fans in the stadium.

18 ‘: The first corner goes to Cologne.

16 ‘: Before the match, the guest from Cologne was hailed for having helped. The carnival classic kölsche Jungs ran at the entrance. The team lined up for thunderous applause. A guest does not experience this every day.

8 .: Goals for Braunschweig, but that does not count. Lauberbach runs in, gets the cross and pushes in. But the striker was offside.

1: Less than a minute played and Multhaup is already in front of the Cologne box. Keeper Bordner can calmly parry.

1 minute: Here we go. 90 minutes stand between the lions and the big promotion party.

12.45: The line-up is out! As expected, Schiele rotates slightly.

12.10: Will the Lions soon lose their traditional stadium name? The association, with your help, wants to prevent this! (Read more here)

11:11: Although Eintracht’s last match is not about nothing, Eintracht coach Michael Schiele warns. It will not be an easy game. “Still, it should be a football festival with a great atmosphere. We enjoy it, but we also want to say goodbye, “Schiele said.

9.15 kl: A beautiful good morning! Today is the last match for Eintracht Braunschweig. The Lions want to end the season on a positive note.

18.00: Eintracht Braunschweig are hoping for a full cabin on Saturday. In theory, audience capacity can be fully utilized.

17:07: Last weekend, Viktoria Cologne gave the Lions a helping hand in the promotion battle. Eintracht Braunschweig therefore wants to show his gratitude and possibly give the fans a gift (find out more here).

14.11 klr: Eintracht coach Michael Schiele explained at the pre-match press conference that Jan Hendrik-Marx will not play for safety. Jannis Nikolaou has a problem with his neck, his task is still open.

13:49: Last game for the Ascension hero? A Löwen professional can leave the club this summer (more information here).

12.30 kl: After the match against Cologne, fans of Eintracht Braunschweig are planning a march from the stadium to the city center, reports Autobahn GmbH from the Federal Northwest Branch. On Saturday from around 16.45 to 18.45, the exit from the A 392 shortly before Celler Straße in the direction of Hamburger Straße (high-flyer) will be closed. Traffic in the direction of the city center will be diverted via the Celler Straße junction. It is also not possible to take the A 392 in the direction of Hamburger Straße.


messages to Eintracht Braunschweig:


11:19: And Viktoria Köln also has reason to celebrate: After beating Eintracht’s rival Kaiserslautern 2-1 on Sunday, the Cologne team will play in the 3rd division again next season.

10:14: Even before the last day of play, Braunschweig is the second promoted team. Despite the 2: 3 defeat against Meppen, Eintracht finished the season in second place. After three years in the 3rd division, the club returns to the 2nd division.

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