A tolerable defeat – BVB-U19 moves in the DM final against Schalke

Borussia Dortmund’s U19s are aiming for the title hat-trick. After DFB and Westfalenpokal, BVB also reached the DM final. The narrow defeat against Schalke can be overcome.

Despite a 1-0 defeat to FC Schalke 04, Borussia Dortmund’s U19s have qualified for the final of the German championship. After the 5-1 victory in the first match, a solid performance was enough for BVB to qualify for the final in Gelsenkirchen on Sunday. BVB Hertha BSC will meet on May 29 (13.00) in Berlin.

Substitute Gideon Guzy secured the S04 victory in the 69th minute on Sunday. “I am satisfied and have to admit that I had to raise my voice a few times during training. After the success of the first stage, the boys were perhaps a little further ahead with their heads. Nevertheless, they played with concentration today. It was not an easy task – on the contrary, “BVB coach Mike Tullberg told Sky. Played in the ticker to read:

BVB-U19: Ostrzinski – Collins, Kleine-Bekel, Hussek – Semic (73. Ludwig), Cisse, Walz (90. Blank), Rothe – Gürpüz – Fink, Rijkhoff (56. Bynoe-Gittens)

Goal: 1-0 Guzy (69 ‘)

Schalke-U19 vs. BVB-U19: The game in ticker to read

last whistle Schalke wins second game in the semifinal against BVB 1-0. Nevertheless, Borussia Dortmund’s U19s easily advanced to the final – because they laid the groundwork in the first match.

90 + 2: Chance for Schalke! Gyamfi gets the ball nicely down and shoots. A little over, Ostrzinski was still there. Dortmund can defend the following corner.

90 minutes:
Four minutes are played again.

90 minutes: Dortmund change again. Walz leaves the place, Blank comes after him.

88 minutes: It hurt! The ball ticks in Schalke’s penalty area and Fink rushes into Schalke goalkeeper Treichel. The powerful attacker catches the guard with the shoulder to the chest. Breathe, let’s continue.

87 minutes:
Gyamfi shoots again from a distance. But the ball misses the Dortmund goal.

85 minutes: Dortmund changes again. Gürpuz goes down. Mengot is new to the game.

82 minutes: Corner kick to Dortmund. Kleine-Bekel goes over it.

81 minutes: Schalke make a change. Aliu comes after Kurt.

78 minutes: Now there is a free kick on the other side. Rothe brings the ball in – far too imprecise. Schalke goalkeeper Treichel catches him.

76 minutes:
Free kick for Schalke. Sane is stopped roughly – quite centrally and close to Dortmund’s penalty area. Guzy takes the ball directly, but hits it into the wall. He chips the second ball behind the line – and the ball lands in the goal after a header from Weichert. The line judge hoists the flag. Offside. Lucky for Dortmund.

73 minutes:
BVB is also changing again. Lion Semic leaves the field, Michel Ludwig is new.

71 minutes: Schalke switch again. Mfundu goes, Gyamfi comes.

69 minutes: Goal for Schalke! BVB-U19 is sleeping. Anubodem takes the lead and he replaces Guzy holding his body forward. BVB goalkeeper Ostrzinski dives under the ball and S04 takes the lead. The whole black and yellow ambush did not look good at all.

69 minutes:
Schalke have to switch due to an injury. Shubin grabs his left thigh. Rotundo comes into play for him.

66 minutes: Chance for Dortmund! Bynoe-Gittens dribbles and shoots. The shot is blocked, but the return lands on Fink. He also pulls away – and puts the ball on goal. Schalke goalkeeper Treichel parried. Probably the best option for BVB-U19 so far.

65 minutes: Schalke make a change. Top goes, Guzy is coming.

63 minutes: BVB puts Schalke under pressure on their own half of the field and puts the miners in order. The crucial breakthrough is still missing.

59 minutes: Chance for Dortmund! Free kick to BVB in the left half of the field. Rothe and Gürpüz are ready. Rothe finally puts the ball in on the right post with his left foot – Collins misses straight with his head.

56 minutes:
Dortmund changes. Jamie Bynoe-Gittens, who was still on the field with BVB pros against Hertha BSC on Saturday, comes after Julian Rijkhoff.

54 minutes: Chance for Schalke!
Sane breaks through on the right after a pass from Kojic. Anubodem is waiting for the farthest post – which just barely crosses. It almost rang in the Dortmund box.

52 minutes: Corner kick to Dortmund. Gürpüz hits the ball, Schalke goalkeeper Treichel is there with his fists.

51 minutes: Gürpüz and Cisse win the ball in midfield. But the steam forward is missing. Dortmund breaks off and builds deep again.

49 minutes. Against Dortmund! Rijkhoff drives and walks forward. He wants to go over to Fink – too imprecise. Schalke has the ball again.

48 minutes: The fire in this lot is still missing. Real derby atmosphere does not arise.

46 minutes: It continues at Schalke. S04 is adjacent.

+++ The teams are back on the field. It continues in the same way.

+++ BVB junior manager Lars Ricken on Sky: “So far everything is fine. The boys are awake and active. The front lacks a bit of precision. At the same time, you also have one or two scenes that show you why you should stay awake. “We are entering the second half now and we want to win in the end. Schalke have to make a big effort. We can still catch up. So I’m pretty optimistic.”

half time! Judge Marcel Rühl whistles for a break. Not much has happened here in Schalke. Let’s see what the next 45 minutes bring.

45 minutes: Everyone wants to take a break here. Schalke now hold the ball in their own ranks for a long time.

44 min: Gürpüz brings in a stationary ball from the left. But Schalke have the air sovereignty in their own penalty area.

41 min: Bradley Fink has to help at the back. Finally, it continues with a BVB throw-in.

40 minutes: Free kick to Schalke from the right. It gets a little confusing in Dortmund’s penalty area, but then Semic is there and bolts the ball out.

35 minutes: Schalke are now a little more lively. A long ball behind the chain looks great – but BVB goalkeeper Ostrzinski is attentive and intercepts it.

30 minutes: Chance for Schalke! Sane pulls in from the right and plays one-two with Kojic. Schalke starts – and hits the crossbar.

29 minutes: Both teams are in good shape and can hardly find ways or means. BVB is better in the game, but the right pace is still lacking.

25 minutes: BVB work their way back to Schalke’s penalty area via a standard situation. The miners are doing well.

23 minutes: Schalke drives the ball forward via Kojic. Kleine-Bekel is alert and stops him in the penalty area.

21 minutes: Naughty! Rijkhoff sees that Schalke goalkeeper Treichel is far ahead of his own box and he is simply pulling from midfield. The lob / shot is then no problem for the S04 goalkeeper.

18 minutes: Dortmund are the better team, but Schalke are now quite compact. The blacks and yellows build an attack deep on their own half of the field.

15 minutes: Sane pulls immediately, the black and yellow wall blocks. Corner kick for Schalke – BVB also defends it.

14 minutes: Schalke against, Collins brings Anubodem down. Free kick to S04. Not a bad position, quite central and quite close to the penalty area.

11 minutes: Gürpüz is looking for the long Kleine-Bekel again. Schalke goalkeeper Treichel is down in time and catches the ball.

11 minutes: Corner kick to BVB!

9 minutes: This time the ball hits the nearest post. Kleine-Bekel’s header does not pose a danger.

8 minutes: Corner kick to BVB!

5 minutes: Gürpüz takes the corner and pulls the ball in the direction of the far post. Schalke defend, and Dortmund can not use the other ball either.

4 minutes: Corner kick to BVB!

Min.4, Dortmund has gone down, with pain written all over his face. Schalke will change quickly, but BVB is awake. Black and yellow left in ball possession.

2 minutes: Bradley Fink is looking for a long ball. He gets pushed too far and has to stop. The ball goes back in their own ranks via Gürpüz. Take a deep breath. Launch a new attack.

Min.1, Dortmund have gone down, with pain written all over their face.

11:00: The game begins!

10.58: The game is about to start …

10.54: BVB coach Mike Tullberg on Sky: “Every match starts 0-0. That is not changing today either. Things happen very quickly in youth football. I hate to talk about danger. I have faith in my team that we will win here today. ”

S04 coach Norbert Elgert on Sky: “It’s about attitude and learning. We are in training and we are competitors. First place is always better. But you can take a lot with you from a defeat. We want to make these things better today. It is important to us that we defend in a tactically very disciplined and self-sacrificing way. We also want to play bravely going forward. ”

If BVB manages to reach the final, it would go against Hertha BSC. In the second semi-final, the Berliners won safely against FC Augsburg (3: 1, 2: 0).

10.40: Welcome to our live ticker for the semi-final in the second round of the U19s about the German championship. After BVB’s 5-1 victory over Schalke in the first match, the roles before the second match are clearly divided.

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