With Jarvis Landry, the Saints are on their way to the playoffs

Munich / New Orleans – The New Orleans Saints cause a free agency bang for the second time in a week.

After signing safety tyrant Mathieu quits, Jarvis Landry joins the Saints. Not only do they both fill gaps in the team’s positions, they also return to their home country. Mathieu comes straight from New Orleans, Landry also grew up in southern Louisiana.

Both played a season together at LSU in 2011. Over a decade later, they will once again line up together for a team in their hometown. Especially the fans in the area will be happy, for they have for years complained that the Saints are picking up too little talent from the local university. The franchise’s front office has lived up to this reputation.

More importantly, despite a few departures, including Heach coach Sean Payton, the Saints suddenly have a list that should be considered playoff challengers. “We knew we had to do something about our offense. We thought, what are we going to do to win games?”, New head coach Dennis Allen admitted to the obvious.

Jarvis Landry, the luxury staff

Landry even appears as a luxury addition. Michael Thomas, the actual number 1 recipient, returns after an ankle surgery last year. In addition, the Saints appeared relatively aggressive in the draft, traded up to eleventh position and secured Chris Olave of Ohio State. Judging by how much the Saints needed as a receiver, there will be room and playing time for all three.

In 2021, New Orleans finished at the bottom in passing yards – only 187.4 per. fight – in an injured year. Thomas missed the entire season and quarterback Jameis Winston missed the last ten games injured. The four main players on the offensive line were missing 32 games in total.

Nevertheless, the Saints managed it with the three receivers Tre’Quan Smith, Marquez Callaway, Deonte Harty and a total of 58 different starters to a record of nine wins and eight losses. The playoffs were just over despite four different quarterbacks. It was thanks to the excellent defense of former defensive coordinator Dennis Allen, who was promoted to head coach for the upcoming season. In 2022, he will even be allowed to work on a recovered offense.

Saints offense for 2022

Yet the future of the saints is questioned. Thomas has often struggled with injuries and has only played eight games since the record year of 2019. However, Allen was positive about his development: “We have a good sense of what Mike did in rehab.” Landry has just finished his weakest season of his career with the Browns and missed four games with injuries. He finished with 52 catches, 570 yards and just two touchdowns.

If both are in shape, Winston has two experienced and reliable goals. In addition, there is another glimmer of hope for the Saints offensive with rookie Olave, who can learn from the two veterans. The new head coach talked a lot about the newcomer after the draft: “It feels like getting Mike back. It’s like we had two first-round picks from wide receivers.”

Now it just has to click between the quarterback and his passing stations. Because Winston was only on the lawn with Thomas for a few snaps. In theory, however, the team has a great future ahead of it. If the O-Line continues to be consistent and gives the 28-year-old enough shooting time, opponents’ defenses will have legitimate concerns. On the floor, the Saints also have Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram II for the running game.

Winston will have to deliver

Above all, the former No. 1 pick himself must finally grow beyond status as a maximum average quarterback in the coming season. In five years with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he never reached the playoffs, but in 2020, he went to New Orleans as a backup for Drew Brees. Above all, his susceptibility to wiretapping repeatedly caused discussions about him. He threw 91 balls into the hands of opponents in his career – compared to just 135 touchdowns.

In 2021, however, Winston’s trend was upward. In his seven games, he led the Saints to five wins and threw 14 touchdowns with just three interceptions – with significantly worse receivers.

The factors are in place for the Saints to become secret favorites next season.

Luca Ostermeier

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