Why Darmstadt coach Lieberknecht does not want to be a fortune teller

Even a win against Paderborn would not necessarily help SV Darmstadt 98. On the final day of the game, the lilies, who are number four in the table, are also dependent on the competitors making a mistake to intervene again in the promotion race. Still, coach Torsten Lieberknecht is optimistic.

Darmstadt’s head coach Torsten Lieberknecht sees the pressure in Hamburg and Bremen.
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“Something extraordinary can happen because we are capable of it,” the Lilien coach said Friday. His team gave up the small advantage with 1: 2 in Düsseldorf and slipped from second to fourth place, and everyone was a bit beaten after the defeat.

But you pulled yourself out of this low point, preparing for the season’s final league game with fun, yet calm and focused. The pressure is now on Hamburg and Bremen. They wanted to know that they could achieve something big, but could also lose a lot. “We’re still there as Klette.”

Patric Pfeiffer is injured

It happened what he said, namely that the decision was made on the last day of the match. On another point, though, he does not hope for his visionary abilities: “I also talked about the stupid fourth place before I started here,” he said. “I do not hope I would be better off as a fortune teller.”

The lilies are still missing Fabian Schnellhardt (torn muscle) and Aaron Seydel (calf problems) against variable and strong players from Paderborn, as well as Klaus Gjasula after his yellow-red card in Düsseldorf. In the case of Schnellhardt and Seydel, however, Lieberknecht did not rule out that they could be available again in the event of a relegation. There is a question mark over the use of Patric Pfeiffer, who injured himself while straining during training and was still being investigated on Friday.

Different options for Gjasula replacement

According to Lieberknecht, no decision has yet been made on how Gjasula will be replaced in the defensive midfield. This situation has often had to be intercepted, the coach said, in view of the Albanian’s various exclusions and illness-related absences this season. Tobias Kempe and Marvin Mehlem would be an opportunity for an attacking tandem in central midfield.

Gjasula is most reminiscent of the type Nemanja Celic, who is free again after a kidney injury. Fixed central defender Jannik Müller would be the more defensive option for the position in front of the defense. But the young Clemens Riedel (18) has already shown his abilities in this position. “Everyone who walks the field has 1000 percent confidence, just like everyone else on this amazing team,” Lieberknecht said.

“See you in the first division”

On Sunday against Paderborn, they do not want to show intermediate results from the other places – unless “dramaturgically there is a moment where you have to do something”.

There will also be no goodbye to players before the match. “Every player in the squad will be taken along when we move up. One can assume that it will continue,” Lieberknecht said. He explicitly named Leon Müller (no season appearances) and Adrian Stanilewicz (three appearances). “They will all be taken to the Premier League. I gave them that promise.”

Although Lieberknecht was deliberately relaxed during the entire press conference on Friday – he would have preferred to return the last question first. “In which league should Darmstadt 98 play next season?”, A journalist wanted to know. “They can choose. Where they think we belong.” But the questioner did not give up until Lieberknecht finally replied: “Then see you in the first division, for that is their wish, and ours too.”

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