UFC favorite Tony Ferguson is planning big moves after the fourth defeat in a row


Getty Tony Ferguson

UFC fan favorite Tony Ferguson is in the worst crisis of his career, but he is far from finished. And “El Cucuy” is now looking for a new gym to call home.

That’s what Ferguson said in a recent interview with MMA Junkie. El Cucuy suffered his fourth straight defeat at UFC 274 on Saturday night after his opponent Michael Chandler brutally kicked him in the jaw.

It was the first time in more than 30 fights as a professional that Ferguson had finished this way. And despite being eliminated in the second round, El Cucuy is happy with the work he did in the first picture.

He hurt and lost Chandler, and Ferguson told the business that if he had done a few things differently, he would have been the one holding out his hand in the middle of the octagon.

“I got the hell KO’d,” Ferguson said of the outlet. “I do not want that shit to ever happen again. First, it could have been prevented, and second, I should have finished him in the first place. As soon as I knock him over. The little basic things I could have done to make sure I could have come out in the first round and everyone would kiss me.But God works in mysterious ways and he is not ready, my son.

“He let me sit down and take a nap and rest me for a moment because I’m working my ass out of this camp with this humility that people want to show me. I’m a new man I do not care. I’ve been to hell and back, and now I’m here, reborn, and I’m here to take over.

“There’s only so much humility a man can go through. I’ve been through everything, right? I got my belt torn off – I do not have to go back and dig all those things up. But when I look back and look at that, then I did not do badly at first.I had fun in there, I had a good camp week.

“I started to loosen up more towards the match, which was fun. It was really good to be back, I have to be honest. Except for the second round. At second, I still have some doubts about why I went back. ”

El Cucuy plans to find a new gym to work out

Ferguson has been training with select coaches and training partners for years. He was not part of a large gym as most top mixed martial artists usually are. Well, Ferguson told the business that he plans to change that.

From Jackson Wink to Syndicate, El Cucuy said he has a lot of options and is “ready to be part of a team again.”

“I have to open up again to be trained at a high level,” Ferguson continued. “Especially in my sport.”

Ferguson will tell the UFC when he’s ready to make his comeback

The former temporary UFC lightweight champion said he will contact the UFC when he is ready to return. First, he needs to find a new gym to work out at.

And while he describes himself as a “shot-caller,” El Cucuy also considers himself a “businessman,” and he expects the promotion to have a good idea of ​​who will fight when the time comes.

“What I’ve always done is tackle the UFC,” Ferguson said. “I’m a shot caller in the UFC. Every time I want a fight, I always make myself presentable. My relationship with Dana (White) is decent. I might say a few things and act on them, but it’s not mine. revenge. How I defend myself. It’s that I can talk and have balls. Be a man. For a while I felt I should keep quiet and earn my respect and worth, but I stopped worrying. about all that shit.

“When I’m ready to fight, I’m going to let the UFC know, and I guarantee you they’ll also let me know, ‘Hey, that’s what we have. I was ready for (Islam) Makhachev in Abu Dhabi if some things were a little different.

“But I try to take those opportunities and present them, so I’m there for the company. They know I’m a businessman, so they said I should not go anywhere. “


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