State elections in Hückeswagen – what to consider

State elections 2022
Hückeswagen votes in the state parliament

On 15 May, the state parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia is elected for the 18th time. Around 2,850 voters have already cast their ballots in Hückeswagen – by postal ballot. The rest can do it tomorrow Sunday from 8am to 6pm in their respective polling station.

Around 11,500 Hückeswageners were called on Sunday to cast their ballots in the election for the 18th state parliament in North Rhine-Westphalia. For the first time in more than 30 years, none of the direct candidates in constituency 23 (Oberberg-Nord) came from Schloss-Stadt after Justice Minister Peter Biesenbach (CDU) no longer ran as a candidate. Our editorial staff has gathered all the necessary and important information. Those entitled to vote must adapt to the following with regard to tried and new.

Who is eligible to vote? Anyone who is at least 18 years old and has German citizenship can vote.

How do I find the right polling station? The polling station responsible for the voters appears on the ballot papers. In Hückeswagen, there are again 15 polling stations for the state election – almost identical to the federal election in September. According to Ursula Thiel from the city’s election office, the relocation, which first came into force in the local elections in September 2020, has proven its worth and must largely be maintained.

However, there are three changes: The Injoy fitness center (constituency 030), which was hit hard by the flood disaster in July, can still not be used, which is why Ursula Thiel has chosen Realschule, Kölner Straße 53, for this constituency. again. Instead of going to the Citizens’ Office (130) in the building at Bahnhofsplatz 14, whose designated area in the glass hall is still occupied by the district vaccination center, voting takes place in Raiffeisenbank’s counseling center at Bahnhofstrasse 14 (the entrance is at Etapler Platz).

Constituency 140 remains in the Johannesstift senior center. Due to the renovation of the “Haus am Park”, the polling station will no longer be located there, but in the room used for day care. Access takes place through the sensory garden, says Ursula Thiel.

With the exception of the fire station on the Straßweg and the ATV hall on Fürstenberg, all polling stations are now barrier-free.

Which constituency does Hückeswagen belong to? Like Gummersbach, Lindlar, Marienheide and Wipperfürth for constituency 23 – Oberbergischer Kreis I. Radevormwald forms a constituency with Remscheid, as in the state elections in 2017.

Who are the candidates to be elected in the first ballot? It’s hard to pick a favorite. Since 2000, when he entered the state parliament for the first time, it has always been Hückeswagen CDU politician Peter Biesenbach. The 74-year-old is no longer running – Christian Berger from Wipperfürth is now running for the CDU. His SPD opponent, Thorben Peping from Lindlar, is also a novice. As in 2017, Uwe Söhnchen from Engelskirchen is running for the Greens and Annette Pizzato from Radevormwald for the FDP. Following the Bundestag candidacy, Oberberg’s AfD constituency chairman Bernd Rummler is now aiming for a seat in the state parliament. Wiehler Marko Wegner is lined up on the left in the northern part of town. The seventh direct candidate is Peter Wittfeld from Wipperfürth, listed as an applicant for the party “Die Basis”. In fact, he is an individual candidate with no party affiliation. After disputes with the state association, the former deputy constituency chairman left the party in mid-April.

Which parties can you vote for with the other vote? The multiple ballot paper is 67.5 centimeters long and 21 centimeters wide. In addition to the seven direct candidates in the left column, there are 29 parties and groups to choose from in the right column. A party or a list association is elected by a second ballot.

How many votes do you have? Two – one each for a direct candidate and one for a party or a group. This means: In each of the two columns, only one cross may be made in a circle, otherwise the ballot paper is invalid.

When are the polling stations open? From 8.00 to 18.00. Everywhere in the Hückeswagen polling stations, there is a hygiene concept with a one-way street rule, so that entry and exit are at different points. It is recommended to wear a mask. There are disposable coolers. Ursula Thiel, however, suggests that everyone bring their own pen. Pencils, on the other hand, are taboo.

How and where can you apply for a postal vote?? It has not been possible to vote by mail since Friday evening at 6 pm – unless you suddenly get sick on the weekend, so you can not go to the polls on Sunday. In this case, you can still apply for postal voting at short notice in the election office at the Citizens’ Office: Saturday at 8.00-12.00 and Sunday at 8.00-15.00. However, the certificate and the proxy of the person entitled to vote must be presented.

On Friday morning, Ursula Thiel and Diana Buchholz had received 2,835 postal voting applications – twice as many as five years ago.

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