So she had to gain weight again

Sophia Thiel now talks openly about how much her weight weighed on her in the past.Photo: Instagram / Sophia Thiel

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After Sophia Thiel withdrew from the public eye for almost two years, she started her brilliant comeback in February. She gave the reason for her break: “The balance between athlete, fitness model, online trainer, public figure and influencer eroded more and more of me and my energy reserves.” In addition, she needs to be very disciplined because she is not naturally slim.

She later said openly why the withdrawal was so important to her. “I do not want to keep it a secret anymore. Yes, I have an eating disorder. I am super proud of myself that I can say it today. It will be very important for me in the future to educate myself on the subject of eating disorders, but also on psychotherapy and to remove the inhibitions and fear of contact. “, explained the fitness blogger. Therapy helped her find a way out of the disease.

On Instagram, the 26-year-old teased a new YouTube video about why she needed to gain weight to get well. “My body has always been the thing that has been commented on, criticized and judged the most, no matter what ‘form’ I’ve ever been in. One of my biggest personal successes since I’m back: accepting my body as it is and giving it the appreciation it deserves, “says Sophia. She also explained how hard the road was and what helped her.

Sophia Thiel in honest words

When asked how she managed to accept her weight gain, Sophia first answered: “I think it’s a general social problem that you build up a real panic about taking on. And it was the same for me, because it’s always a good thing to lose weight, and putting on weight is always a bad thing, which is actually complete nonsense. “She openly said that she had previously been involved in bullying very often. feels pretty quickly that she did not feel right as she was.

“It all developed so fast for me that very early on I had the deepest, deepest desire: I have to lose weight at all costs. Why was that my reason? So I simply could not be hurt anymore. I wanted to build myself a protective muscle armor so to speak, so that no one judges, assesses and comments on me anymore.I would also belong, because everyone longs to belong to a place and also recognition.And so I got into the sport pretty quickly at the time, came in in nutrition for the first time and then went to extremes pretty quickly. “

Later, Sophia also participated in competitions. With her first, she weighed 58 kilos, everything that was over would not have been acceptable to her, the athlete reported. “This is an extreme condition of the body and nothing that is permanent.”, she clarified. For her, gaining weight meant a decline to her old form, which she again associated with bullying and nasty comments. “So the panic slowly started to build up for me,” Sophia said.

It all intensified with social media, because if her body had changed only minimally, there were also comments that she had been put on again. “It was actually the worst thing for me that made me deal with myself more and more extreme. That means I would make extreme adjustments to my diet with restrictions, would train a lot. And from this initial lightness, from this fitness-lifestyle change, just out of panic of not gaining weight and losing my shape, a real diet mania for me “she said.

So Sophia found a way for herself

She also gave her followers five tips, which she learned during her therapy: “Define self-esteem correctly, talk to those around you, do not compare yourself with others, build a real body awareness, always focus on the positive.” Today, she can proudly say that she is a loving person, very hardworking, helpful and empathetic. “I always have it with me, and it doesn’t matter what shape I have on the outside, because my true worth lies in me”according to Sophia.

Having a good connection to food and exercise is therefore particularly important, “then it is, so to speak, a beautiful body or how the body is formed the beautiful by-product,” she explained. As long as you do not lose the panic of putting on weight and do not let go of your compulsion to exercise, the worse it is for you to recover, stressed the influencer. Looking back, Sophia had been messing up the weight for days and she revealed:

“When I started, every woman would never weigh more than 60 kilos. Which is complete shit. Because all people are different. Every body is individual. Two people can weigh the same identical but look completely different.”

It is very dangerous to imitate things and compare oneself, she finally clarified. Besides, you can never please everyone. According to Sophia, the only important thing is to be happy, to live here and now and simply enjoy life. In the end, she never felt like she had a sixpack.


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